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My Winter vacation in New Hampshire

I drove to NH with a few friends from NJ, to go see the candidates in the environment that is only New Hampshire. Leaving friday afternoon we made it in time to see 2 republicans,

Photobucket Photobucket

Rudy and Romney.

At the rudy event a College student asked a health care question and by the end of Rudy’s answer, he made it about 9-11, the Rudys sentences were disjointed and convoluted. Basically what one would expect from a batshit crazy Mofo. Anyway, we took some pics, and left early, The crown was thin, about 80 people in a room that could hold 150, and there was only one TV camera.

So my friends and I are walking back to the our truck, and my pal Barry, BJ user “The Wizard” picks a flyer off a cars windshield. Barry says out loud, “holy shit, the Negro problem, is this the Klan” ?

I was walking ahead of Barry, and saw a flyer on the next car, so I grabbed it. OMG, he was right.


Actually the flyer was from Randell Terry who is a right to lifer, it was not about the Negro Problem… or was it… ?

Sensing we were watching a candidate bomb big time, we left for the Manchester Senior Citizen Center to catch Romney, a small venue, also with about 120 people attending, the difference was big media, TV cameras, print press. I saw EJ Dionne at the press tables.

Mitt Romney spoke with no passion, monovolume, his speaking manner was like day old flat soda, nearly every answer to each question was about getting experts studying the problem and fixing it, just like he did with the Winter Olypmics. Asked about energy independence Mitt never used the words “solar power”, or “wind power”. Funny… some countries thought solar & wind was the way to go in the late 1970’s, apparently Mitt needs to study the problem a bit more. He also thought we should get the French to build us some new nukes. Must be the special underwear.

Visit Blue Hampshire Today!

It's 30 days until our Presidential Primary, but for folks in New Hampshire it's just 24 hours.

Fortunately we can get a look at how progressives up there in the Granite State are seeing the race through our kissing-cousin site, “Blue Hampshire.”  

It's a great site that has a ton of information on what is happening on the ground.  Their front pagers are actively working on the campaigns and are posting in their free time about what they are seeing.  Diarists are putting up information that you will see nowhere else, not even on the big blogs like Kos and MyDD.

So visit Blue Hampshire to see how things are shaping up for this first in the nation primary, and to get the post-mortems after the results are out there.