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The Ferriero Story Continues

Now I know why some FOJ (Friends of Joe Ferriero) keep stalking me on Blue Jersey. Because right around the time the Freeholders are trying to bring back the bad old days of Pay to Play in Bergen County under Joe – including his minion Freeholder Ganz, THIS story comes out.


It appears that Mariner’s Bank which was run by the developer Diabes – who has been a big player in construction and who got the boondoggle bid for Overpeck Park – loaned – unsecured mind you – and at 6% – $350,000 to Joe Ferriero, as well as other questionable loans to Dennis Oury and former Dumont Mayor Matthew McHale.  

This story is the gift that keeps giving.  I would not want to be Joe Ferriero when his bill of $387,000 comes due for that loan in July.  This story just keeps reminding everyone just how messed up things were in Bergen County during the Reign of Boss Joe.   And there are a lot of his best buds that really want folks to forget what happened – like Freeholder Ganz. Ganz reminds me of the minions in Harry Potter, who wish for nothing more than the return of he who shall not be named.  Hence this diary to remind everyone.  I highly recommend you read the full article.  It is pretty fascinating.  Even the Bergen County Prosecutors office was involved – parking their money at Diabes’ bank.  What a tangled web.  

Weekend Roundup and Open Thread for Saturday, January 15, 2011

We start the weekend off on a sad note:

One of Lakewood's finest shot “execution style”
Authorities seeking a “person of interest” in the killing of Police Officer Christopher Matlosz Friday afternoon

More layoffs in Camden
Including up to 170 police officers

NJ revenue intake exceeds expectations
The state took in $12.61 billion – almost $600 million more than was projected, according to state Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff.
Some key items of interest:
 > Some high-income taxpayers, expecting the Bush-era tax cuts to expire in 2011, took their income in 2010
 > Corporation business taxes came in 21.7 percent above projections
 > Collections from the state lottery were down 3.3 percent.

New funding for NJN
Three-month budget approved that includes $2.1 million in new state aid; Christie still calling for privatization
The battle over school superintendent salary caps continues
A lawsuit  by the NJASAand two Morris County superintendents alleges a moratorium on contract approval until the DOE completes an “inventory” of those contracts is illegal.

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Don’t Go Into the Water

Not to cause alarm here, but if I lived in Paramus I’d be thinking twice before going to the municipal pool.  A new report has found elevated levels of PCBs and pesticides at that site.  But, not to worry, the Mayor’s spokesman can talk out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously:

However, Keith Furlong, a borough spokesman, said Mayor James Tedesco and the borough council are now considering how to best clean up the pool.

“It doesn’t matter what the levels are,” he said. “This is something that’s proactively being taken care of. These are levels that have been there for tens of years.”

Um, yeah.  If the problem has been there for decades, then “proactive” really isn’t the word of choice I’d use to describe the problem.  In fact, the tests were only conducted in reaction to a similar test that found contamination at West Brook Middle School.  I applaud the Mayor for taking swift action to further study the problem – it’s better than burying the report.  But given that the source of the contamination hasn’t been identified, I’m going to say it isn’t really proactive enough.

The Cure for Pay-to-Play? Lower Paying Jobs

Blue Jerseyans are probably familiar with the name “Dennis Oury”.  He’s the guy that donated something like $800,000 to the Democratic Party in Bergen County and then miraculously managed to get a job as legal counsel in several Democrat-run cities.  When reform-minded Democrats objected to Boss Joe’s buddy sucking up all the taxpayer dimes in sight, Solicitor Oury actually said he would sue to defend his pay-to-play positions.

Well, no law suit has materialized.

But Paramus decided that they had had enough of being the poster-child for patronage pay-to-play perfidy.  Last night, they threw Oury out on his ear – they fired him from his $291,000 (in 2006) job as borough attorney.  Then they decided they felt sorry for Boss Joe’s boy and put him on a strict allowance as the borough’s labor attorney with a paltry $79,000 (in 2006) to $91,000 (in 2007) payday .  

Problem solved, right?  Right?