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Chris Christie & Voter Turnout

The Barbara Buono campaign for Governor made this a few days ago, on Christie’s cavalier attitude toward voting rights, and the impact his scheduling a Senate special election 3 weeks before the November election has on the vote itself.

Could low voter turnout give NJ the blues

Leading up to election day has been rather quiet. Is the GOV, licking his chops (maybe they pork chops) at low voter turnout giving him big wins in the Legislature? If NJ has their typical 30%, we might have plenty of crying going on Wed. With nothing in his way we will be wishing we were Wisconsin after he’s done. GET OUT AND VOTE!

Americans have more opportunities to vote… but we’re oblivious to it

Did you know we have a primary tomorrow? If so, you’re a part of 14% of the people who know they have the chance to vote tomorrow:

New Jersey voters are barely aware that they have chance to vote the bums out-or in again, as they wish-on a balmy Tuesday in June, according to the most recent poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind™. In that survey, fourteen percent correctly noted that the next time the public would have an opportunity to vote would be the state’s June primary election.

Most voters (48%) thought the next time would be in November. A few (4%) figured they’d have to wait until the 2012 presidential election. Many said they just didn’t know (30%).

Republicans are more aware of the chance to vote tomorrow with 20% of them knowing the next opportunity, compared to just 13% of Democrats and 6% of independents:

“Americans have more opportunities to vote than any other people in the world,” said Peter Woolley, a political scientist and director of the poll. “But we’re oblivious to it.”

In low turnout elections, it comes down to the campaigns that are able to motivate people to the polls. You wonder if any of the estbalishment challengers will be taken by surprise from the enthusiasm behind some of the tea party candidates. It’s becoming increasingly clear that not being as crazy as the tea party activists is not a good enough message for Democratic candidates to use to get their people to the polls

A Solution to Primary Madness

Back in August I wrote this post about fixing the primary system.  After reading the round up I thought there might be some interest in talking about it.

Here's my solution for 2012 and beyond. However, part of it starts now.

– Iowa and New Hampshire go in mid-January.

– The remaining states are split into four groups of 12, with a geographic distribution so that each region of the nation has 3 representative states in each group.

– Then, the second Tuesday of February, March, April and May one group has a primary.

– This primary rotates every four years, so that the group that goes last one year goes first the next.

(ex. Year 1: 1234 Year 2: 4123 Year 3: 3412 Year 4: 2341)

– The initial order would be determined by overall eligible voter turnout percentage in the GENERAL election of 2008 for the group. The group of states with the top turnout goes first in 2012, with the group coming in second going 4th so they get to go first in 2016.

– Finally, in 2024, after everybody has had the chance to go first, the order is redrawn based on the voter turnout percentage over the last four elections (2012-24), and the process begins again.

It really isn't that hard, and I would think the parties and states could come to some kind of agreement before their conventions in August 2008.