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Loretta Weinberg and the Campaign for Change

I am a Bergen County Resident who wants to volunteer for Barack Obama for President only one problem, my state Senator is attempting to use his campaign for her personal vendetta.

It is my understanding that she has held the Obama Campaign for Change in NJ hostage with idle threats if they were to coordinate with the Bergen County Democratic Organization.

I just don’t understand why she feels that her personal vendetta is more important than electing Barack Obama the next president of the United States.

Today I walked into the suposid headquarters at 36 Bergen St. and they did not have ANY PHONE LINES I guess she wants us to call with our hopes and dreams.

Luckally, I knew the BCDO was only around the corner so I went there instead.

There I was greeted by a smiling organizer that put me to work right away to help Elect Barack Obama.

Please Senator Weinberg put your personal vendetta aside until after the election just like you agreed to.