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Will Republicans “Recapture” $250 from Seniors?

Senators Menendez and Schumer are pointing out that

One of the major goals of the Affordable Care Act is to close the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap, better known to most as the “donut hole.” The law will fill that hole over a decade, and in 2010, that meant many seniors received a $250 rebate check.

“Richard Foster, the Chief Actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has said that “in theory,” seniors would have to return the checks if repeal becomes law,” the letter reads.

Yes, Leonard Lance, Jon Runyan, Frank LoBiondo et al. literally just voted to take $250 from seniors with large prescription drug bills. And since the elders of their party — LoBiondo, Smith, Frelinghuysen et al. — created the “donut hole” system in the first place it’s obvious they really do want those seniors to owe the $250.  

Here’s Cantor’s unreassuring response:

“If a repeal bill passes and there’s any uncertainty as to whether those checks would have to be recaptured, we can speak to that then,”

I don’t see how they will “recapture” 2010’s check, but they sure want the ones for 2011, 2012, and especially 2013.  

Rep. Rush Holt talks to Blue Jersey about the Health Care law and House vote

Late yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Rush Holt about the then-upcoming vote in the House to repeal the Health Care bill passed and signed into law last year.  In addition to thanking the Congressman on behalf of Blue Jersey, we discussed a few things about the vote to repeal, and also noted that it was a good day for New Jersey Democratic Congressmen – Rep. Pallone took a high profile role in denouncing the political theater that the House Republicans were performing and Rep. Andrews not only spoke out as well but also had a very entertaining discussion with a Republican Congressman on Tuesday night’s Hardball.  

Rep. Holt’s floor speech from yesterday afternoon can be seen here, and below the fold is a flavor for what we discussed during a roughly 20 minute discussion (I tried to get exact quotes but since I couldn’t type that fast, assume that below is roughly what was said but maybe not exact):

13.8% of New Jerseyans had no health insurance for at least part of 2009

I’m a big fan of NJ Spotlight and their stat of the day.  Usually they are able to find some number that I’ve never seen before and yesterday, they took a look at healthcare and who hasn’t had it in the past year:

A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 13.8 percent of New Jerseyans under the age of 65 had no health insurance for at least part of 2009. Of those that were insured, 72.4 percent had private insurance, while 14.9 percent were covered by a public health plan such as Medicaid or the military.

Their statistic notes that it’s actually good news because NJ is among the highest in terms of citizens covered by health insurance:

Nationally, 17.5 percent of persons under the age of 65 lacked health insurance.

And all the people who are covered by insurance are absorbing the cost of those without it in their own coverage. Nope, no need to have that healthcare reform. Meanwhile, the Governor still won’t say if he is going to join a lawsuit to repeal that new healthcare law.  

Deep Thought: No wonder they need more time with Medical Marijuana

Rosi posted State Party Chair Wisniewski’s response the other day to the fact that the Governor is using the funding benefits of the new healthcare reform law, but still refuses to rule out joining a challenge to the law itself. The Governor says that his Health Department is reviewing things.

On the same day he said they were reviewing a potential challenge, the Christie administration tried to justify delaying the implementation of the new medical marijuana law because they say it will take time to get it right. As Senator Weinberg reminded us, it is in fact the law.

Maybe if they stop spending time researching a lawsuit to placate the right wing base, they could get the new law implemented. It would be great if they focused on enforcing existing state law, rather than trying to overturn existing federal law.

Roman Holiday, Jersey Style

Promoted by Santa Jay

Here are some parting shots from Rome where the NJ death penalty repeal was the big story bouncing around old Europe this past week. And that’s just the beginning of the story.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.  It’s better than Cats.

Death Penalty Repeal, a global sensation


As I gaze out at the Colosseum — where criminals were fed to wild animals after their eyes were gouged out as punishment — I am reminded that the momentum to repeal  we feel RIGHT NOW is a long, long time coming.

So in addition to the history-making law signed by Governor Corzine, movement is happening world-wide.

In fact as I slept, the United Nations voted on a non-binding referendum to end capital punishment.  Roughly 2/3 of the member states voted to repeal. Sadly the United States joined Axis-of-Evil homeboys like Iran to stay on the current uncivilized path.  Also voting to execute: China and Pakistan.  No disrespect, but is that the company we really wanna keep?It’s worth remembering that the United States is represented in the UN by a Bush appointee so perhaps the vote is not entirely surprising.

But the trend on this issue is pretty clear.  And New Jersey is leading the way.

In fact, the global media reports covering the UN vote repeatedly cited Our Fair State as proof that the machinery of death is not necesarily a foregone conclusion in America. I saw footage of last Monday’s bill signing on BBC, German-, French-, Italian TV, and  Al Jeezeera.  But especially here in Italy — where this movement is so robust — is the topic on everyone’s mind.

Never EVER have I been so proud for my Jersey pedigree as I am in this moment.

Now if you excuse me, it’s one more day of vini, vede, cappuccini for me.