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GOP Senate Primary Cheatsheet

While people may not remember the road traveled come September, the traveling circus known as the GOP U.S. Senate Primary campaign has seen many twists and turns.

In less than one year, the NJ GOP has gone through or proposed 15 candidates, experienced many false starts, had calls for resignation of the State chair and for candidates to drop out all while giving us tons of fun to watch.   Here’s a recap, in case you haven’t been following along…

  • 4/26/07- Assemblyman Mike Doherty became the first candidate to join the show.
  • 5/2/07- A blog aimed at encouraging former baseball player Al Leiter to seek the nomination was started.
  • 7/11/07- Anne Estabrook dipped her toes in the water forming an exploratory committee.
  • 8/9/07- Assemblyman“Jersey Joe” Pennacchio said he was mulling a Senate bid.
  • 8/10/07- Assemblyman Doherty ended his short lived Senate bid leaving only Estabrook and Penachio as candidates expressing interest.
  • 9/10/07- Pennacchio tapped Morris GOP chair to oversee his then exploratory bid.
  • 10/22/07- Anne Estabrook let people know she would run for the Senate seat.
  • 11/13/07- Al Leiter crushed the hopes of conservative bloggers by saying he had his eye on a Senate seat just not Lautenberg’s in ’08.

    This is only the beginning of the ridiculousness.  There is MUCH more below the fold…

  • Roman Holiday, Jersey Style

    Promoted by Santa Jay

    Here are some parting shots from Rome where the NJ death penalty repeal was the big story bouncing around old Europe this past week. And that’s just the beginning of the story.

    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.  It’s better than Cats.