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QoTD #2: Chris Christie should resign

We rarely pull Quotes of the Day from mass email campaigns. Why? We get a ton. Every day. They’re usually to provoke the readers to send funds with an easy click or sign some petition designed to collect emails. Nothing wrong with either of those things (and we’ve done both), but there’s an element of organization-building we let slide right over us most of the time.

This one’s a little different. This afternoon, NJ Citizen Action, which has a long history of good work in this state, is calling for Gov. Chris Christie’s resignation. It’s signed by NJCA’s ED Phyllis Salowe-Kaye. Do you agree, Blue Jersey?

Yesterday, Chris Christie’s handlers leaked the news that he would announce his candidacy for President this coming Tuesday. But none of us are surprised. In reality, Chris Christie has been running for President for more than a year. In 2014, the Governor of New Jersey spent a total of 137 days out of the state, more than a third of the year. And the cost of his security detail to NJ taxpayers now well exceeds $1 million.


Christie just can’t do his job as Governor while he’s flying around the country running for President. And there’s something else that is deeply disturbing about Chris Christie running for President while he’s simultaneously charged with leading our state. Chris Christie is making urgent, critically important decisions that affect our state and our families based on what the conservative Republican primary voters in Iowa and South Carolina think and want.

NJCA is calling on Christie to resign on Tuesday, the day he appears ready to finally announce. Do you agree?

Transit Fare Rally

In his post earlier today, josef outlined how the Democrats are complicit with our anti-worker governor in the hike of NJ Transit fares and the failure to raise revenue to cover mass transit and infrastructure.

Today, in front of the Capitol Annex, a coalition of advocacy groups under the umbrella of New Jersey for Transit spoke about this situation. Here are some highlights:

A full, unedited audio podcast will be posted in a few days. Names and affiliations of the speakers are below the fold.