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DCCC puts another 210K into NJ-3 and NJ-7

More independent expenditures from the DCCC in NJ-3 and NJ-7 via swing state project:


This money is part of an overall $8 million buy in 40 districts.  The independent expenditure program is how we got the Myers astronaut ad and the Lance Dance, along with other targeted mailers.  Lets hope they use the money wisely. With the races as close as they are, it looks like every vote and every penny will matter.  Maybe you can give them some good ideas for what to do with the money in the thread.

Chris Myers Tells A Little Fib

Chris Myers, the Republican candidate for the NJ3 House seat vacated by Representative Jim Saxton, told a little fib in the newspaper today.

As a Lockheed Martin executive, Myers says he knows how to regulate business executives because he’s been one.

“In my company, vice presidents are fired, not engineers,” Myers said. “But that doesn’t appear to be the way it’s working on Wall Street, where they’re laying off the workers, not the managers.”

Earlier this year, however, Lockheed took this action after a contract was not renewed:

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. … plans to lay off about 650 engineers and other employees this year who are working on the Joint Strike Fighter program, the company said Wednesday [Jan 30, 2008].

An additional 200 workers will be moved to other projects.

The first 250 cuts are expected in April.

There article did not mention any Vice Presidents in the layoff.  Or in the article from the 220 layoffs in 2005, or the 2000 from 2006, or these ones from 2007, or the “several hundred” from August 2008.

Chris Myers – Sarah Palin’s Cheerleader

Here is an exchange from yesterday’s John Adler/Chris Myers debate for the 3rd Congressional District seat according to the Courier Post:

As to the top of the ticket, Adler said it was a blessing that Barack Obama has not been in Washington all that long, while John McCain was part of the longtime Senate status quo that allowed the current economic crisis to occur.

Myers countered that Obama has never made what he calls “a command decision,” and that as a small-town mayor himself, he knows that Sarah Palin has the experience to be a heartbeat from the presidency.

At a time when even conservatives are publicly raising questions about Palin, Myers still firmly has pom poms in hand.  So Myers continues to say he will be an independent voice in Washington, while he can’t even manage to be an independent voice in New Jersey.

You wonder, can Chris Myers see Russia from his house too?  Is Myers trying to say he has the experience to be Vice President since he has served as a small town mayor as well?  Or maybe he’s qualified to be Governor of PA because he can see Philadelphia on his way to work.  

Chris Myers: Basically Wrong

Back in July, Chris Myers was caught on tape saying that the economy is “basically strong”.  Of course, we understand that this represents no actual thinking on his part – he’s just repeating the Party line as promulgated by President Bush and Senator McCain.  That, by itself, is a problem for me, as I prefer elected officials to have original thoughts once in a while.  But John McCain managed to reverse himself on that about the time he decided he was going to “suspend” his campaign to vote on giving Wall Street investment houses $700 billion – so far Chris Myers hasn’t changed his mind.  

At least, he hasn’t said anything about it.  No, his press releases have focused on John Adler’s personal investments and a Zogby poll that shows a statistical deadheat in the district.  So we are left with the understanding that Myers still thinks the economy is basically strong.

And there is every reason to understand that Myers is dead wrong.  Furthermore, his insistence on tax cuts piled on top of tax cuts would do more to fuel excessive speculation than it would to provide any sort of relief to the people who need it.

Historian Robert McElvaine wrote in the Washington Post this weekend:

Here’s the main lesson the Great Depression taught us: Capitalism is the best economic system just as democracy is the best political system, but both contain inherent dangers that require checks and balances to ensure that they work properly. One of the most prominent dangers of capitalism is that income will become too concentrated at the top, undermining the functioning of a consumer-based economy. The fruits of this lesson were put into effect during the New Deal through higher taxes on the rich, support for unions to help working people get a larger share of the national income, social programs to aid the poor, and such regulatory agencies as the Securities and Exchange Commission. A system of regulated capitalism was in place and worked very well from World War II to 1980.

Not only is the economy not basically strong right now, but those who want to cut taxes on the upper income levels to fuel the economy are basically wrong.  The economy is burning – and Chris Myers wants to douse it with gasoline.

Quote of the Day: Borrowing

Some candor from Congressman Saxton on where the bailout money will come from:

“The Treasury doesn’t have 700-billion dollars in a big ol’ safe,” says New Jersey Representative Jim Saxton. “We have to go borrow it.”

Maybe he should let Chris Myers know that the economy isn’t basically strong and it doesn’t take a Harvard degree to realize it.  Saxton didn’t address who we would be borrowing the money from though, which is probably one of the more important questions.

Chris Myers makes a new friend

Following his bear hug earlier this week from George Bush (which of course there are no pictures of), we get the news from PNJ that Congressional Candidate Chris Myers has found another friend to raise him some money:

Republican U.S. House candidate Chris Myers will get a fundraising shot in the arm from Charlie Black, a John McCain advisor and former chief lobbyist for BKSH & Associates.

Black will be hosting the event at Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill Club on Wednesday evening. Also attending the event will be U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa) and the New Jersey Republican congressional delegation. Individuals are being asked to contribute $500 apiece, while PACs are being asked to give $1,000.

Talking Points Memo gives just a sampling of the work Black has done:

Remember, Black worked on behalf of none other than Ahmed Chalabi of the Iraqi National Congress, the arch-WMD and Iraq-al Qaeda bamboozler who now complacently says that whatever garbage he sold the Americans that was just the cost of doing business and he got us to get rid of Saddam so basically whatever it took, who cares?

Follow me below the fold for more of Black’s successes:

Candidates Welcome Bush to NJ

We’ve gotten press releases from many of the campaigns “welcoming” President Bush to NJ on behalf of Chris Myers and Leonard Lance.  Here is a sampling:

First we have the Stender Campaign:

The Bush-Lance Economy: Failed Record Causes Meltdown

After eight years of failed economic policies, Wall Street’s collapse under the Bush Administration has now left thousands of New Jerseyans’ jobs at risk and imperiled the pensions and savings of many more. The last eight years show why New Jersey families desperately need change as workers fear losing their jobs, homes, and retirement funds. Fiscally irresponsible Republicans in Washington have left our economy in shambles. Leonard Lance offers only more of the same, even agreeing with George Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security.  Today, the President comes to New Jersey to bail out his latest troubled victim: Leonard Lance’s campaign.

Next, we have this from the Adler Campaign:

Myers Welcomes “Modern-Day Herbert Hoover” Into District,

Adler said that Myers, given the severity and immediacy of the crisis rocking the economy, should have told Bush it would be inappropriate to go ahead with today’s high-priced event to raise money for his campaign. But like everything else about his campaign, Adler said, Myers has put his own political needs, as well as his absolute allegiance to President Bush and his eight years of failed policies, ahead of the people in the 3rd District. Adler said the fundraiser “is all about payback” from the White House for Myers’ steadfast support for Bush’s legacy of failure, including the Iraq War, the damaged economy and the staggering costs of education and health care.

Finally, we get a welcome courtesy of the Zeitz campaign:

The Bush-Chris Smith Economy

Chris Smith and the Republican Party’s philosophy of deregulation, laissez faire, trickle-down economics is to blame for the current crisis. They continually fought for tax cuts for the rich while gutting consumer protections for the middle class and they let Wall Street run amok.

  • President Bush and Chris Smith are leaving us with a record $500 billion deficit for 2009. The Republican Party and Chris Smith have turned a record surplus into a record deficit.
  • President Bush and Chris Smith have failed to present any conditions for their proposed $1 Trillion Bailout for Wall Street and Financial Sector
  • 54,000 New Jersey jobs are at stake. About 54,000 New Jerseyans are employed with securities, commodity and brokerage firms.
  • NJ taxpayers will suffer the impacts. The loss of jobs, and resulting loss of state tax revenue will damage our state budget, further placing burdens on already enormously high property taxes.
  • I know you will all be shocked to hear there is nothing welcoming the President from any of the Republicans.  It’s almost like they don’t want you to know he’s here, until you see their FEC reports of course.

    Adler-Myers, The Second Debate

    Having just returned from the second debate between John Adler and Chris Myers, I thought I would provide a brief report. The debate was held at a Jewish Temple (M’kor Shalom) in Cherry Hill, the same place where Adler has been a parishioner for years.  

    Where does Chris Myers stand on subsidizing Chris Myers?

    It’s easy to see where John McCain stands on the issues of government subsidies.  From his campaign website:

    John McCain Will Veto Any Bill That Serves Only The Special Interests And Corporate Welfare. On his watch, there will be no more subsidies for special pleaders, no more corporate welfare and no more throwing around billions of the people’s money on pet projects.

    It’s also easy to see that Chris Myers thinks his party’s candidate is too stupid to see the big picture.  He actually favors maintaining federal subsidies to record-profit energy companies:

    The candidates differ sharply in some areas, though, such as whether to subsidize oil companies. Adler campaign manager Mark Warren stated in the press release that “Chris Myers is out advocating for tax breaks for big oil companies who continue to report record profits,” and one of the proposals in Adler’s plan would cut subsidies for oil companies.

    Myers rejected cutting the subsidies, saying it would likely increase gas prices and send jobs elsewhere.

    Warren said that notion, as oil companies are posting record profits, does not seem to be working.

    But where does Chris Myers stand on subsidizing Chris Myers?  What I mean is this – Chris Myers is an employee of the Lockheed-Martin company.  If Myers happens to win and becomes New Jersey’s most junior Congressman, what would he do about the numerous governmental contracts his employer holds?  Would he continue to push for disastrous projects his employer favors?  I would like to note that this last link covers a statement made by his Republican primary opponent – so let’s not even get into dismissing such concerns are “partisan”.  The issue is real and could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.