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DCCC Drops $$ in NJ7, NJ3; NRCC Drops $$ in NJ7

According to Swing State Project the DCCC dropped $133,435 in NJ7 and $110,307 in NJ3.

In a sign that the NRCC still thinks NJ7 is salvageable, they put $19,385 down on Leonard Lance’s behalf.  Of course, that is a drop in the bucket compared to the money the DCCC is throwing at the race.

But they did nothing in NJ3, an indication that their polling may show a lost cause for Chris Meyers.

Update: Today is October 15, so we should start seeing real fundraising numbers as reported to the FEC coming out later today.  It may tell us a lot.

Romney minimizes exposure to Chris Myers

This may be the saddest announcement I’ve ever seen.  Why?

Romney is also holding a fundraiser for 7th District Congressional candidate Leonard Lance tomorrow.

Apparently, Mitt Romney is in Medford to get the heck out of town as soon as possible.  Maybe he’s still upset that Myers didn’t endorse him for President…

Anyway, this gives us the opportunity to see two economic gurus in the flesh.  After all, Chris Myers claims that, as an employee of a defense contractor, he is responsible for creating jobs.  Mitt Romney has good teeth.  

Will Mitt agree with Chris that the economy is “still basically strong”?  Well, considering that Mitt just used $10,000 for his portrait, maybe he isn’t the one to tell us that he can feel our pain.  Especially since he used money from his campaign to pay for it – money that he told people he’d use to run for office.

But then again, John McCain spent over $100 grand for household help (in however many houses he has now).  So maybe the economy is still good in that rarified air.  For the rest of us – not so much.

Capital One to stop financing NJ Auto Dealer Inventories

Just another casualty of the basically strong or fundamentally strong economy:

Capital One Financial Corp said on Friday it will stop financing vehicle inventory for auto dealers in the states of New York and New Jersey, starting November.

The decision comes at a time when the global credit crunch has put a squeeze on auto dealers, who face more expensive credit to finance consumer purchases as well as their own inventory amid a steep plunge in U.S. vehicle sales.

Capital One spokeswoman Tatiana Stead said that it was a business decision based on a variety of factors.

They say this only deals with inventory financing and won’t affect auto loans, but this certainly isn’t going to help the already struggling auto dealerships.  And for a reminder, less than a month ago before they converted into crisis mode, John McCain, George Bush and Chris Myers were still trying to convince people the economy was basically strong:

VFW doesn’t endorse in NJ-3

In what would have to be considered a blow to the Myers campaign, who has used their candidate’s service as a club to beat his opponent with, the VFW did not make an endorsement in the NJ-3 campaign:

Officials at the VFW-PAC offices in Washington, D.C., did not return repeated phone calls for comment on the non-endorsement. In its magazine, the organization states the endorsed candidates “have a voting record supporting, or have demonstrated their support for veterans rights and a strong national defense.”

The VFW has traditionally supported Republicans including Congressman Jim Saxton.  The Myers campaign, obviously troubled by the non-endorsement fired back at Adler and the intertubes:

“With these facts in mind, I’m as interested as anyone to see how the VFW explains not endorsing a fellow veteran to their rank-and-file membership across the district,” Russell said.

On the non-endorsement, the Adler campaign offered this:

Adler responded in a statement that he was thankful for the VFW’s consideration and promised that if elected to Congress he would seek out guidance from veterans on foreign and domestic issues as well as fight to fully fund the Veterans Administration and increase funding for research and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

Ingrid Reed of Rutgers offered this simple possible explanation:

“Just being a veteran may not be the most compelling factor for them,” Reed said.

There could be many reasons why they didn’t endorse, but in a close race where every vote will matter, it will be interesting to see how this plays.  

Congressional campaign roundup


I did a post yesterday about the latest investment from the DCCC in NJ-3 and NJ-7.


It’s all about state and local issues in the 3rd.  PolitickerNJ called it Burlington vs. Trenton.  The Myers campaign is going after Adler on grants he got for his district from the now much publicized Property Tax Assistance and Community Developments grants program.    Adler’s campaign has responded calling on Myers to take a stand on the corruption in Burlington County from the Bridge Commission.  I understand what the campaigns are doing, but I still think that NJ-3 has seen many businesses close as a result of the economic turmoil and that will be the issue that drives voters decisions at the polls on election day. I would keep reminding people daily that Chris Myers thinks the economy is basically strong.


Josh Zeitz was endorsed yesterday as the 1st recommended candidate by Democrats 2000:

In an election where the Democratic Party is expected to make large gains, no young candidate has generated more buzz than Josh Zeitz, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th District. Polling data putting his incumbent opponent well below the 50% mark just weeks before election day, Josh’s already record breaking fundraising, and an influx of new registrants making Democratic voters the majority in this district may very well be the perfect recipe for change from years of ineffective Republican rule in this part of the state.


The Shulman campaign has gone right after Garrett on the current economic situation and his ties to it with their latest television ad:

Visuals: Opening image of New York Stock Exchange floor, followed dark screen with words “Fire Scott Garrett” followed by Garrett’s face alongside the Capitol building and then Countrywide mortgage office as phrases spoken by narrator appear on screen. Ends with image of Shulman.

Analysis: Shulman, who has aired only negative ads this fall, continues his head-on attack of Garrett. If voters believe the markets-know-best attitude caused the current crisis, the ad – despite exaggerations – could do some damage because Garrett has generally been a free-market champion.

Here is the ad.  It’s a great example of linking the Congressman and his actions to the current situation.


The Stender campaign continues to go after Leonard Lance on his record on birth control:

Lance admitted he opposed Stender’s bill and believed women should be forced instead to rely on pharmacist referrals for their prescriptions if they were not able to obtain their birth control. Stender denounced this as an undue burden for women, stating, “Women should not have to drive around just to get their basic prescriptions filled. Leonard Lance is truly out of touch if he believes women should be forced to drive from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for someone to give them their medication.”

I wasn’t aware this is such a huge issue in the 7th.  I might mention that whether a woman is able to get birth control becomes less of a factor if she can’t afford the birth control because she already makes less at the job she hopes she doesn’t lose because she won’t be able to find another one in the bad economy. They mention driving from pharmacy to pharmacy, but don’t make the connection to the burden of the cost of gas.  Lance has tried to focus on the Property Tax grant program as well, not making any mention of the economy.

Update:  I was running out the door.  Here is some more.


Dave Kurkowski is getting ready for another chance to debate Frank Lobiondo:

The Cape May County League of Women Voters and 98.7 FM WCZT, The Coast radio station, are joining forces this year to sponsor the only Candidates Forum in the county where all six candidates running for the 2nd Congressional District will be present.

All of the candidates went after Lobiondo’s record at the last debate to which he responded if you have any question to call his office, so I wouldn’t expect anything different once again.  Kurkowski also has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm to discuss Lobiondo’s broken contract with America.


Tom Wyka was all over the economic crisis penning an Op-Ed talking about how partisan politics won’t end the fiscal crisis:

My hope at this point is that any recovery plan focuses first and foremost on the root cause that haunts Main Street. All attempts should be made to see that honest, hardworking people can somehow remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure. This is essential to stop the slide in the market overall. Stimulating the economy comes next. Many options are on the table, including efforts to create jobs through a conversion to a green economy.

FogerRox has also had some great coverage of Frelinghuysen and his lack of support for veterans and events in the 11th including news of Obama Policy Advisor Mark Alexander coming to town to join Councilman Ron Rice Jr. for a Wyka event.


dcccmyerswebadI went to read the Star Ledger article about the drivers settling their contract that Scott posted in the roundup. As I got halfway through the article, I saw a web ad on the right side of the page from the DCCC for the website truthaboutchrismyers.com.

Clicking over to the website, you see the astronaut ad that is currently running on TV here in the 3rd district.  The site mocks Chris Myers saying he will fit right in to Washington as a graphic on the header shows Myers with a place to wind him up following George Bush.   The content of the site attempts to tie Myers to George Bush and Dick Cheney by pointing out the policies he has supported dealing with business and the Iraq war, while pointing out contributions Myers has made.