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Which is the real Chris Myers?

Most of this is going to be below the fold, because I’m looking at three YouTube vids featuring Chris Myers (Asshat – Medford).  Presented in reverse order, it shows the education of Mr. Myers on the fundamentals of the economy.  First, the “Blame-it-on-Bush” Myers, which is the current incarnation:

Make the jump with me.

Diane Allen throws Myers under the bus

I almost missed this gem:

At odds with the establishment Republicans in her home county, Allen said she was happy to drive the hour and a half to stand with Lance against the Stender/DCCC attack machine.

She said she’s working hard for the McCain/Palin ticket and for local candidates. As for publicly backing the machine-endorsed Medford Mayor Chris Myers in his fight with state Sen. John Adler (D-Camden) – or taking a shot at Myers – Allen demurred on both counts.

“My card is full,” she said.

Yep.  Not only have Myers’ own employees dissed him, now the rank-and-file of his own party are just not going to mention him at all.

What to do when your employees max out to your opponent?

Lockheed may just be covering all of their bases, but this still can’t be a good sign for the Myers campaign:

The Adler campaign also released a copy of an Oct. 1 check for $5,000 made out to its own campaign committee from the Employee’s Political Action Committee at Lockheed Martin, where Myers is a vice president.

Is this a message to the boss from his employees?   If so, we’d like to thank the employees of Chris Myers for attempting to spare us from his representation.

More Campaign Financial Info Coming Today

For horserace politics, nothing is more anticipated or easily understood than FEC filings on campaign contributions.  It’s a cakewalk to look at the numbers and say Campaign A raised $X and Campaign B raised $Y, and to tell the difference.

Today is the last regular filing for the Congressional campaigns, including all contributions from October 1 to October 20.  You can go to the FEC website to look for the reports, which are posted pretty quickly.

After today any contribution — in kind, loan or money — has to be reported to the FEC within 48 hours, so if there is late money coming in it will be seen within 48 hours.

So there will be a good bit of money news coming out in the next two weeks for our Congressional campaigns.  Be on the lookout, and post diaries if the front pagers don’t get to it first!

Chris Myers: The Economy Is Basically Strong. Wait, No, It Stinks! Wait, what was the Question?

Chris Myers has launched a doozy of an ad.

MYERS: Look, folks, George Bush is part of the problem, but so is Trenton politician John Adler.

Under Adler, property taxes are out of control, people are losing their jobs, and our economy stinks. Think about it…

Holy cow. There’s enough baloney in those two and a half sentences to feed a middle school for a week.

He’s right. George Bush is part of the problem. Yet for some reason, mayor Myers wants to continue George Bush’s disastrous economic policy and George Bush’s disastrous strategy in Iraq. The AC Press, endorsing Adler, ripped Myers thus on Iraq:

And on Iraq, while both Myers and Adler favor a careful withdrawal of U.S. troops, Myers is still insisting that the United States “must achieve victory on our terms,” that “we can’t send the message that the United States is weak,” and that he’d “rather fight terrorists overseas than in New Jersey.” Please. We have all heard these bromides before – from Bush.

And if Myers really thinks Bush is part of the problem, how come he hasn’t denounced Freedom’s Watch, run by Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush calvary, for running racist robocalls in New Jersey to help his campaign? Hmm.

Myers also blames Adler for all of New Jersey’s ills– property taxes, job losses and a poor economy. This is especially interesting given that Adler has supported a constitutional convention to fix property taxes in this state and wants to give a middle class tax cut to working families to get our economy going again. It’s interesting still that Myers somehow blames John Adler instead of George Bush for our recession-bound economy.

Then, again, this is the same Chris Myers who said the economy was “basically strong” only a few months ago. On the economy, he’s more erratic than John McCain on six cups of coffee.

How out of touch can you get?

DCCC NJ3 Poll: Adler 43, Myers 35

The DCCC has released another poll of the NJ3 Congressional race:

In the last week, John Adler’s lead over Chris Myers has grown to an eight percent lead.  Last Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a poll showing that the race between John Adler and Chris Myers favored Adler 38 percent to 34 percent and with 29 percent of voters still undecided.  One week later, the undecided voters have begun to decide and there is a clear preference towards Adler.  A new DCCC survey of 400 likely voters conducted by Grove Insight from October 15 -16 shows that Adler leads Myers 43 percent to 35 percent, with 22 percent undecided (4.9 percent margin of error).

I feel obliged to state that there are lot of undecideds and a high margin of error. Furthermore, internal polls must always be viewed with caution because if the results were bad the DCCC wouldn’t release it. Still, we have a great chance to win this seat.

Freedom’s Watch attacks Adler in NJ-3

Earlier in the cycle, Freedom’s watch reared their head for Leonard Lance going after Linda Stender. Now we have them doing the bidding of Chris Myers attacking John Adler with a new robo call going into district homes.  You can hear the audio and the caller goes after Adler for supposedly supporting:

“legislation that could give taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal aliens and taxpayers like you would pay for it.”

The Adler campaign responded condemning the calls and challenged Myers to refute them:

“It’s been evident for weeks now that Chris Myers has run out of ideas and has no plan to solve the very serious problems facing middle-class Americans, but stooping to these kinds of Karl Rove dirty tricks is an insult to the voters in Burlington, Ocean and Camden counties,” said Mark Warren, Adler’s campaign manager. “The accusations that Freedom’s Watch is making are false, inflammatory and a sad reflection on Chris Myers.  Myers should disavow Freedom’s Watch’s support and demand that they stay out of the third district race.  Not surprisingly, the fingerprints of George W. Bush are all over this sorry gambit as the president, Karl Rove and their deep-pocketed friends use this radical right-wing group to bail out Myers, Bush’s handpicked candidate in the 3rd District.”

Rather than answering the charges, Myers campaign predictably attacked Adler back saying he was trying to distract attention, as if the Adler campaign asked Freedom’s Watch to start making these phone calls. We’ll see what their entrance means to overall race.

Adler-Myers Debate Report, 10-19

-promoted by Brian McGinnis

This evening, The League of Women Voters sponsored a candidate forum/debate between Adler and Myers at the Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill. The debate was lively, the attendance was strong (probably over 200), and our guy Adler put on quite a performance — this after, I heard him say, two other events in 24 hours. The debate was moderated by someone from LWV, and there were three panelists who first directed questions to the candidates; of the three panelists, there was Mike Daniels, the editorial page director for the (too conservative at times) Courier Post, and a Rutgers business professor.  

AC Press shreds Myers arguments in Adler endorsement

This is going to ruin Chris Myers weekend.  The AC Press editorial endorsement of John Adler takes apart the Myers campaign piece by piece:

he has run a disturbingly combative and negative campaign, and too often merely parrots Republican talking points on foreign policy, trickle-down economics and other issues.

On Myers criticism of Adler trying to get grants for his district:

Myers was asked if his criticism meant that he would not have sought the grants – which paid for cameras in police cars in Haddon Heights, bathroom upgrades for a community center in Cherry Hill and traffic improvements in Haddonfield – Myers ducked the question. That’s because he knows the answer, and he knows his accusation is unfair: He would have done the same thing he is criticizing Adler for doing. Any politician would have

Debunking the anti-business, bad for the economy attacks:

But perhaps most important, Adler offers a fresh approach, while Myers simply touts the benefits of trickle-down economics and corporate-friendly policies as a way to reverse the economic downturn.

Adler says bluntly, “Trickle-down clearly has not worked.” And he’s right.

Myers says Adler is anti-business – but the political action committee associated with the New Jersey Business and Industry Association has endorsed Adler in state legislative elections.

Noting Myers relationship with President Bush:

Myers tries to distance himself from President Bush, noting several issues on which he differs with the unpopular president. But he can’t distance himself from Bush that much – the president came to New Jersey to campaign for him.

The board has flashbacks with Myers Iraq arguments:

And on Iraq, while both Myers and Adler favor a careful withdrawal of U.S. troops, Myers is still insisting that the United States “must achieve victory on our terms,” that “we can’t send the message that the United States is weak,” and that he’d “rather fight terrorists overseas than in New Jersey.” Please. We have all heard these bromides before – from Bush.

In conclusion, they say:

Ultimately, Adler offers the cleanest break from the failed policies of the past eight years. He won’t be a rubber-stamp for anyone in Washington. What he is … is a slightly wonkish lawmaker who studies issues carefully and comes to independent conclusions.

Myers is no slouch. But Adler is the better choice.

There’s not much left to say.