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Final totals on the Adler victory in NJ-3

Many of the media outlets still haven’t reported the final totals from the Adler victory in NJ-3.  Here are the final totals:

COUNTY               ADLER                   MYERS

OCEAN                 56,191                    71,340

BURLCO               79,846                    63,497

CAMDEN               20,077                    11,332

TOTAL                  156,114                  146,169

ADLER 51.6%                      MYERS 48.4%

Washington Post on NJ heading into Election Day

Here’s what the Washington Post has to say about the state of the election heading into the big day:

Obama should win with little difficulty in this reliably Democratic state, but two House seats are tossups, and a third is a potential upset. In the 3rd District, GOP Rep. H. James Saxton is retiring after 12 terms, but Democratic challenger John Adler, a state senator from Cherry Hill, has strong party backing and has assembled one of the best field organizations in the country against Chris Myers, a Lockheed Martin executive and Republican mayor of Medford.

The 7th District, also a GOP-created vacancy, had been viewed as friendlier to Republicans, but Democratic state legislator Linda Stender has proven a tough competitor against state Sen. Leonard Lance. Republicans are less worried about, but still distracted by, the 5th District race, featuring Dennis Shulman, a blind rabbi endorsed by New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), against GOP Rep. Scott Garrett. Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg is expected to win easily over former congressman Dick Zimmer.

Lets hope that field organization pulls Adler across the finish line in NJ-3 and the Republicans are so distracted by the Shulman campaign in the 5th, they lose both NJ-5 and NJ-7.  Best of luck to all of our campaigns.

Adler holds slight lead in latest Zogby Poll

The Atlantic City Press runs a Zogby poll showing the closest race in South Jersey as NJ-3.  Obama has increased his lead, Lautenberg, LoBiondo and Andrews are comfortable and the 3rd District race between Adler and Myers remains very close:

It appears that one of the nation’s highest-profile open congressional races will remain agonizingly close until the end.

Six weeks ago, Republican Myers led Adler by 1.4 percent. Adler has gained slightly and the candidates now are tied, with Adler at 39.7 percent and Myers at 39.4 percent. A large chunk of voters in this traditionally Republican district – 16.5 percent – have still not made up their minds. Among independents, 23 percent are undecided.

Schulman attributed the tightness of the race to the fact that more Democrats are moving into the district, and most voters are unhappy with the direction in which the country is heading.

The gender gap in the 3rd is stark. Men prefer Myers, a military veteran, by a 50- to 30-percent margin. Women prefer Adler 49 percent to 29.4 percent.

Each candidate has demographic pockets of support. Adler leads among independents, 36 percent to 31 percent; young voters, 63 percent to 15 percent; black voters, 74 percent to 26 percent; and among people earning less than $50,000 per year by a 2-to-1 margin. Myers leads among voters ages 30-49, 49 percent to 30 percent; white voters, 41 percent to 36.5 percent; Catholics, 46 percent to 32.5 percent; and among those earning more than $50,000 per year, a lead of six to 10 points depending on the income bracket.

They are essentially tied among senior citizens, 41 to 40 percent for Myers.

This one looks like every vote will matter and there is a big piece of the electorate that can be persuaded in the closing days.  If you’d like to help, the NJ Young Dems have organized a day of action tomorrow from 12-5 or you can contact the campaign directly.

In saying they are wrong, he proves them right

On the 19th of this month, the Atlantic City Press endorsed John Adler, saying this about Republican candidate Chris Myers:

…he has run a disturbingly combative and negative campaign, and too often merely parrots Republican talking points on foreign policy, trickle-down economics and other issues.

Myers also has come close to calling Adler corrupt, which he is not, and has unfairly tried to paint Adler, a state senator since 1992, as a rubber-stamp for Trenton Democrats.

Chris Myers proves the AC Press as prescient when he writes to tell them how stupid they are.  Combative and negative from the first word, he can barely wait to tie John Adler to Trenton.  Way to prove them wrong right, Chris!

I guess the AC Press missed the part where Myers likes to pad his resume.  Not only does he still talk up his US Navy waiver of combat duty, but now he is a defense mogul, too:

As a vice president at Lockheed Martin, I’ve helped to create thousands of jobs and balanced a budget.

Oh yeah?  Make the jump.  I got my stupid-bat out and I’m swinging for the upper deck

How I paid for Freedom’s Watch to bash Adler

Believe me I’m not proud of it and I was kinda annoyed to learn this news about Ed Snider:

Snider, who oversees the Flyers and 76ers as the CEO of their parent company, Comcast-Spectacor, has not only donated more than $34,000 to GOP causes, including John McCain’s campaign, but also is reportedly a major donor to a hawkish pro-Iraq War group called Freedom’s Watch.

Earlier this month, Snider had Sarah Palin drop the puck for the 1st Flyers game this season and tried to defend the move when it brought boos and heat:

Comcast-Spectacor turned down a request by the Daily News to interview Snider. Last week, Snider told the Inquirer that Palin’s appearance “has nothing to do with politics. This is to have some fun with the fabulous statement she made” – that is, describing herself in political appearances as a “hockey mom” from Alaska.

The Flyers, in the wake of the publicity over the phrase, held an “ultimate hockey mom” contest and then invited Palin to drop the ceremonial opening-day puck with the winner on Oct. 11. The team went out of its way to brand the event as nonpolitical and didn’t even mention her vice-presidential candidacy in its news releases.

Ok, so she’s a hockey mom.  I think that’s a lame justification, but I’ll let it go.  She only dropped the puck. So how the hell do you explain the group you helped fund bashing my Congressional Candidate. Here’s what I posted Oct 20:

Earlier in the cycle, Freedom’s watch reared their head for Leonard Lance going after Linda Stender. Now we have them doing the bidding of Chris Myers attacking John Adler with a new robo call going into district homes.  You can hear the audio and the caller goes after Adler for supposedly supporting:

“legislation that could give taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal aliens and taxpayers like you would pay for it.”

I have spent more money than I care to admit on merchandise, concessions and tickets to games over my lifetime as a Philadelphia sports fan.  Ed Snider is perfectly entitled to do what he wants with his money but it would be great if he’d stop using my sports teams to fund lies and racist robocalls.  The 3rd Congressional district has a large amount of Philadelphia sports fans.  I can’t imagine it’s good for business to take sides in an election and piss off a nice chunk of your fan base.

NY Times endorses Adler, Shulman & Lance

They only made choices in three NJ races:

3rd District: The race in this district from the Camden suburbs into rural Burlington County is for an open seat. State Senator John Adler is a thoughtful, moderate Democrat who has helped ban smoking and curb predatory lending. The Republican is Chris Myers, the mayor of Medford Township who has held executive positions at Lockheed Martin. Mr. Myers has a businessman’s view of what needs to be done in Washington. Mr. Adler would focus more on the middle class, including tax relief. We endorse John Adler.

5th District: Residents in this stretch from northeast Bergen County to rural northwestern New Jersey are represented by Scott Garrett, one of the most conservative members of Congress. Mr. Garrett supports constitutional amendments to ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. He backs President Bush?s tax cuts for the wealthy and limited aid for the poor.

We endorse Dennis Shulman, a Democrat who is a rabbi and psychologist. Mr. Shulman says he would work to mitigate global warming. He would also take an interest in psychological counseling and educational opportunities for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

7th District: In the race for the open seat in this central state region, Republican Leonard Lance and Democrat Linda Stender are both excellent candidates.

Mr. Lance has a fine record in the State Senate, where as Republican leader he won praise from both parties for his fiscal conservatism and his thoughtful views on social issues. Ms. Stender is a progressive Democrat who would make a worthy member of Congress. But Mr. Lance’s leadership qualities and his voice of moderation are needed now in Congress and in the Republican Party. We endorse Leonard Lance.

Money, money, money — MONEY!!!

The campaigns filed their October 1 to October 15 Federal Election Committee results yesterday.  Here’s New Jersey’s three top takeaway district results with a brief analysis of each at the end.  

NJ3 — John Adler (D) and Chris Myers (R)

Adler raised $139,996.28 and has $834,477.68 cash on hand after spending $578,484.62.

Myers raised $149,028.00 and has $217,296.02 cash on hand after spending $219,564.30.

As of October 15, Adler has about $600,000 more to spend in the last three weeks of the election.  That’s a big advantage, even with the NRCC running ads on New York radio.  If I had to handicap the three races based on the public polls we’ve seen and the money race, I have to go with this one as the most likely to flip.

NJ5 — Dennis Shulman (D) and Scott Garrett (R)

Shulman raised $79,952.13 and has $126,580.91 cash on hand after spending $179,434.31.

Garrett raised $74,756.29 and has $410,984.95 cash on hand after spending $234,548.97.

As of October 15, Garrett has about $220,000 more to spend in the last three weeks of the election, but the filing also notes Shulman raised more money leading into the election.  I am surprised that Garrett, who people think is in danger, is not raising all that much money compared to other competitive NJ campaigns.

This is still a real long-shot for the Dems, but it is withing striking distance.  Even the national Republicans say that in a wave election — and national polls are hinting at a wave — NJ5 could flip.

NJ7 — Linda Stender (D) and Leonard Lance (R)

Stender raised $152,705.29 and has $304,481.42 cash on hand after spending $350,509.83.

Lance raised $139,240.00 and has $274,817.74 cash on hand after spending $191260.80.

As of October 15, Stenderhas about $160,000 more to spend in the last three weeks of the election, a lot less than I would have expected.  With her huge fundraising advantage I would have expected her to have a larger cushion.  However, the DCCC is spending for Stender and the NRCC appears to be absent for Lance.  

According to the 48 hour reports (every major contribution has to be reported within 48 hours) Stender raised $41,000 between 10/16 and 10/21, and Lance raised $44,000 between 10/16 and 10/23 so the cash coming in is pretty even, too.

I put this one a close second to NJ3, and likely to flip. I have been thinking that Stender’s campaign has been overly focused on reproductive choice in her ads at the expense of economic and international turmoil, but Lance felt he had to respond this week with a “I’m pro-choice” TV ad and a group of Republican women to defend him.  His polls or anecdotes must suggest it’s got traction.

So, in the comments, how are we going to do in these districts?

Oh, and BTW you can donate to these campaigns yourself on the Blue Jersey ACTBLUE page.

Republicans Expect To Lose NJ7 and NJ3

According to Daily Kos, the Republicans have put out a “Death List” of districts that are at risk.  Their worst designation is “Seat is likely to go unless significant turn of events.”  

NJ3, where John Adler (D) is battling Chris Myers (R), and NJ7, where Linda Stender is fighting Leonard Lance (R), are at this level.  The Republicans expect to lose these seats.

Even more amazing is that NJ5, where Dennis Shulman (D) is taking on the notorious tax cheat Scott Garrett (R), is listed as “Leaning Republican, if there’s a wave, some could be in trouble.”

The Republicans are thinking we’re going to pull two seats and maybe three right here in NJ.  Pretty amazing.