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Not the change the Burlco Bridge Commission Needed

The Burlington County Bridge Commission has, to put it nicely, a checkered history.  Past members appointed by the all Republican freeholder board turned a blind eye as no bid contracts and no show jobs which produced no work were doled out leading to one guilty plea and the suspicion that more activity went unpunished.

One has to wonder if the county leaders will once again turn a blind eye over this latest black eye which has the new Chairman, who was brought in to fix the previous problems being arrested for DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, refusing a blood test and more…

Will GOP Congressional Challengers campaign with Mr. 20%?

bushOh, I can’t wait for the President to come to town…

Despite his low approval ratings, President Bush will still be welcome on the campaign trail for Republican congressmen in 2008, said Rep. Tom Cole, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

So here’s the question, will he be welcome and invited to campaign for the challengers in NJ-3 and NJ-7?  Let’s see how NJ voters currently feel about their fearless leader…

Only a fifth (20%) say they approve of the job President Bush is doing, a seven point drop from October.  And stark partisan differences are evident, with just 4 percent of Democrats approving of President Bush but about half of Republicans approving of him (48%).

Do you think Chris Myers, John Kelly, Kate Whitman and Leonard Lance want the President to come join them on the trail and “give them a boost”?  Maybe someone should ask them.

Bad day for Adler’s Rivals

Chris Myers: sweating bullets.

The race to replace Jim Saxton in Congress just got a lot harder for the GOP clowncar down here in NJ-3 as both candidates on the Republican side (BurlCo’s Chris Myers and Ocean’s Jack Kelly) woke up to see their stock had (figuratively) plummeted.

First was this extremely juicy article from today’s AC Press. In a nutshell, Chris Myers hired one of the infamous players from the book How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative to help run his campaign.

Says (potential?) primary rival Justin Murphy (via the article):

Myers needs to explain to voters the association between the staff he has retained and what we now know is a corrupt political operative who served prison time for doing just what his book title suggests. If you’re Chris Myers, I think you’re having a bad day today and rightfully so. He owes an explanation to the voters

Presumably Myers did himself few favors with his mealy-mouthed response: “I can’t speak to what happened in the past.”

And yet distancing himself from this demi-scandal will be tough. Afterall,

Saxton lent Myers his support; his spokesman – Jeff [“you’re not a real reporter”] Sagnip; and apparently his strategists: Jamestown’s Web site touts Saxton as a victorious client.

Yuck indeed, but some schadenfreude nonetheless. Afterall, Democrat Adler will likely benefit from any GOP miscues.

But in this case Myer’s poor judgement will also elevate his most serious primary foe Jack Kelly.

It’ll admit it, I prefer Kelly in the general simply because he’s probably the weaker candidate. First of all, being out in Ocean he’s at a historic and geographic disadvantage to Myers, whose powerbase is more centrally located in the district.

Secondly Kelly doesn’t have the defen$e industry in his pocket as Myers — a VP at Lockheed — does.

And thirdly, and most personally, Jack Kelly’s role in the Laurel Hester tragedy makes him a very appealing target. Can’t you just imagine all that pink money that will pour in to beat him if he’s the candidate?

ACT 2, Oscar Buzz

Now the minute i think to myself how great it would be to take this guy down, I discovered with unbridled glee that Freeheld, the Laurel Hester Story was nominated for an Academy Award in the documentary category!

Now that’s good (and surprisingly relevant) news for many reasons, primarily that a wider audience now gets to know Laurel. But I hasten to remind you all what a prominent figure Jack Kelly played in this story, too. Afterall, he was on the board of freeholders that forced Laurel Hester to spend her dying days fighting their bigotry.

So now that the Academy has taken notice, the whole world will see Jack Kelly for what he is: an unsympathetic character.

And now he’s running for Congress.

So thanks to Oscar, every glbt blogger on the planet would have an anti-Kelly fundraising widget on their site should he win the primary this spring.

I don’t have any idea who’s gonna win that one, time will tell. But I do know that Chris Myers and Jack Kelly –the two greatest obstacles to “flipping” Saxton’s seat — each found themselves in a nasty glare of their own tomfoolery.

Which makes the Oscar buzz all the more delicious.

Blogger’s Notebook, Congressional edition

Medford Mayor Myers, Congressman Saxton

Wanted to share a little story with you guys about an incident last week that got lost in the shuffle of a very news-heavy day. As you may recall, I caught the campaign kickoff of GOPer Chris Myers who wants to take Jim Saxton’s place representing NJ-3 in Washington.

Thankfully Democrat John Adler has similar designs, as does Republican Jack Kelly — who Myers will have to vault past for his party’s nod. (So given the competition, Myers is hardly an heir apparent.) Anyway, the kickoff was underwhelming, but something from beforehand is still in my craw. Jim Saxton’s chief of staff (correction: Communication director) Jeff Sagnip approached the press and introduced himself before hand. First to the reporter on my left, then to my right.

Then he looked at me and declared to everyone within earshot, “Oh Jay Lassiter you’re hardly a reporter!” He then threw his head back and laughed derisively.


The reporters nearby seemed a little taken aback, too.

“You don’t think he was trying to compliment you in some ironic way, do you?” asked the print reporter sitting next to me. Nah, he wanted to embarrass me, and it worked for a nanosecond or two.

But mostly that obnoxious gesture served to ratchet-up the tension in an already overheated room. No big deal, I’m a big boy. But the consequences for his candidate seemed more apparent.

By the time Chris Myers stepped up to the microphone he was so nervous he barely managed to choke out his stump speech.

Now making a huge announcement to a phalanx of press would make anyone a little anxious, I’ll give him that much. But it’s also reasonable to assume that Chris Myers might never have recognized the blogger from the Man in the Moon had Saxton’s staff not shot off flare guns over my head. Don’t you all just love it when meanness boomerangs?

This event was announced publicly in local press and billed as a public event. That’s why I was there. Well that and to capture a Macaca Moment which never materialized.

Chris Myers is running for Congress as a “Saxton Republican.” To me that means more war, higher deficit, fewer insured New Jerseyans, more partisanship and more kowtowing to the right wing of the Republican party.

What’s your definition of a “Saxton Republican?” Share your thoughts below!

Saxton annoints Myers

Jim Saxton, Chris MyersYes Mayor, I see you snearing

The race to replace Jim Saxton in Congress continues to evolve.

Today Medford Mayor and Lockheed Veep Chris Myers announced that he's running for the GOP nod. He'll face Ocean County's John Kelly (remember him?) in a primary. The winner of that battle gets a crack at John Adler in November's general election.

Myer's performance today was okay. He managed to avoid a macaca moment, but he did seem pretty nervous. And no i don't begrudge him that. But he'll need plenty of polish to hold up in a debate with John Adler. (With his safe margins, Saxton never bothered to debate so this will be a first for NJ-3 in a long time. How arrogant lame is that?)

The media turnout today was an impressive one, but Myers ducked from the lectern right after making his stump speech. Since no one was taking questions from liberal bloggers, I didn't get a chance to ask him about SCHIP, Iraq or the price of tea in China. (Who Myers calls an “adversary” by the way. Now really, Chris, is that any way to talk about the country we're borrowing from to pay for the wars that make defense exec's rich?) 

I am gonna be timid with a prediction right now and say this much: it's gonna be hardfought. (But you ask me, if Saxton actually thought this race was winable, he'd be in it.)


Ocean County goes with Kelly: Let the battle of the bosses begin

Tonight, the Ocean County GOP had its say…

Ocean County Republicans today picked Freeholder John Kelly as their candidate for Congress.  Kelly, who was backed by the party screening committee on Saturday, won unanimously after Freeholder Joseph Vicari dropped out.

This sets up a battle of the bosses with Gilmore backed Kelly facing off against Paulsen backed Myers.  State Chair Tom Wilson for his part has decided that issues don’t really matter and it’s all about the Benjamin’s…

Campaign donations could help settle the contest between Burlington and Ocean counties, according to Republican state chairman Tom Wilson.

“Fundraising is a huge part of it,” Wilson has said.

With his corporate ties, many expect Myers could raise big money before the primary election.

Paulsen and Gilmore are “very pragmatic people,” Wilson said. If one candidate has raised “a prohibitive amount” of money by April, Wilson said he expected party leaders to avoid an inter-party fight.

So let them “fight it out on the issues” for now, but Wilson has signaled that if Kelly and Gilmore don’t get going fast, they may be outbid for a shot at a Congressional seat.

We’ll see how much the GOP primary voters and his running mates for the US Senate like his money when they see what he’s doing with it…

So with news that Lockheed Martin executive Christopher Myers is mulling a bid for Congress in the third district (where is close friend, Jim Saxton, is retiring) came the obligatory check of his previous campaign contributions.  They are mostly to Republicans like Saxton (and to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign), but earlier this year he did write a $500 personal check to Frank Lautenberg’s campaign for re-election to the U.S. Senate.  Does it matter?

That’s a good question, does it matter?  Enjoy the show.

Will Gilmore be Paulsen’s poodle?

For all the talk of the huge ugly battle that would be the GOP primary campaign in NJ-3, Ocean County Boss George Gilmore could cut everyone off at the knees if he supports the Burlington County Boss backed candidate, Chris Myers.

At the BurlcoGOP coup er county committee meeting hastily called at the behest of Boss Glenn Paulsen, who was seeking to regain his power by having puppet and next door neighbor Bill Layton serve as chairman, he showed his cards about where he’d be placing his money…

Burlington County Republican boss Glenn Paulsen said Saturday that he is supporting Christopher Myers

With Diane Allen out of the race thanks to the civil war that she was having with Paulsen, it looks like Myers will be the clear choice coming out of Burlington County.  Camden County will accept whatever candidate the bosses tell them.  So now Gilmore has to decide if he wants to stand up for his county or bow to the pressure of State Chair Tom Wilson and the Burlco Boss because Myers wants to go play there too…

Myers, who lives in Burlington County and is the presumptive favorite to get that county party’s nod for a congressional bid, has sent his resume to Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore and will participate in a candidate screening process this weekend.

I won’t hold my breath for the Ocean county candidates going through the Burlco screening process because Paulsen has already decided for everyone, but Gilmore seems to have an open mind…

“I’ve said from the beginning that if the three county organizations can get behind one county candidate, that would be great,” said Gilmore.

So what will Gilmore do?  Will he support one of his own, creating what many say will be a bitter primary battle or will he strike a deal allowing Burlington to be the Parent to Ocean’s child status once again?  Besides, what’s the point of letting the voters decide when you can have 2 bosses agree for everyone that will be represented by their choice?  You gotta love Jersey.