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Someone needs to fill Chris Myers in…

Chris Myers, 3rd District candidate for Congress in the GOP primary doesn’t like being asked about who he takes contributions from, but maybe someone should fill him in…

Democrats have already tried to tie Myers to a machine that’s responsible for fiscal waste and mismanagement, pointing to $4,600 in donations that he accepted from former Burlington County GOP Chairman Glenn Paulsen and J. Garfield DeMarco.

DeMarco presided over the Burlington County Bridge Commission during a period when lobbyist Bob Stears – who pleaded guilty to over-billing the county by $1 million – said he was forced to fill the party’s coffers with some of that money.

“You have to talk to Glenn about that,” said Myers. “I don’t know any issues about that so you’ll have to talk to them about it.”

Myers voiced his pride in the AC Press…

“I do not have any information regarding that.  Right now I am proud of every donation my campaign has  received. But I do not have any information regarding that,” Myers said.

Since Myers hasn’t taken the time to ask Glenn, let me offer a refresher for the candidate courtesy of the fall guy, Bob Stears at his allocution under oath…

“I got sucked into a group of corrupt people,” Stears said. “I allowed myself to engage in fraudulent schemes.”

“The contributions were mostly in Burlington County, but there were other contributions they would ask us to make.”

“You’re saying that money was paid back in political contributions that wouldn’t otherwise have existed?” Simandle asked.

“Yes,” Stears responded, adding that “I wish my case were unique, but it’s not.”

In case Mr. Myers is still confused, those corrupt people Stears referred to are now helping to finance his campaign.   And just in case Myers is confused about whether this is still a problem, Stears would disagree…

Some $3,000 to $4,000 a month would then be made in political contributions, Stears said. He said most of that money was spent in Burlington County and some of it was spent elsewhere in the state. Stears founded the Trenton-based Strategy Group with Tom Wilson, the current chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party.“That’s pretty serious money at the local level,” the judge said. “Yes it is and it continues today,” Stears replied. He also agreed with the judge when he pointed out that kind of cash could help shape the political landscape.

I just want to make sure he is aware in case Glenn is too busy to fill him in.

I’m Chris Myers, and I Approve This Bad Driving

So, yesterday, I had the privilege– a privilege so many New Jersey drivers enjoy daily– of being cut off in traffic as I was driving to run some errands. But unlike many New Jersey drivers, I had the additional privilege of being cut off in traffic by a would-be Congressman (or rather, by his campaign driver).


Of course, I slammed on my brakes and shook an angry fist at the offending car. But as it passed, I got a good look at the passenger. It was none other than Chris Myers, the defense contractor/lobbyist vying to replace Jim Saxton as the Bush administration’s rubber stamp in Congress.

New Jersey’s 3rd district doesn’t need another status-quo representative. New Jersey’s 3rd district doesn’t need a Congressman who will keep us on the wrong track– either in Washington or the 3rd district’s highways. Chris Myers is already heading down, nay, speeding down the reckless Bush path– whether it’s on the Iraq war, on the Bush tax cuts or on not checking his blind spots.

We don’t need more of the same. It’s time for a change.

Adler for Congress: He Won’t Cut You Off In Traffic. (And He’ll Probably Fix Some Stuff Like Health Care, Iraq, and the Economy, Too)

Pawn takes pawn

Really? Nobody saw this coming?

Burlington County Democratic Chairman Rick Perr today slammed [Republican congressional candidate Chris] Myers as a “pawn” of Republican bosses for accepting money from the “Corrupt Burlington County GOP Machine.” […]

Perr is an ally of 3rd district Democratic congressional candidate John Adler and South Jersey Democratic powerbroker George Norcross III.

Do Kelly and Myers think we should be in Iraq for 100 years?

John McCain is making a stop in Ocean County on May 8 to raise some money for his campaign.   I’m guessing that Congressional Candidates Jack Kelly and Chris Myers won’t pass up the opportunity to stand on stage with their party’s standard bearer less than a month before the primary election.

Here’s the question, do they also think it’s fine with them that we stay in Iraq for 100 years?   If you happen to contact their campaign and get an answer, feel free to post it in the thread.

They make it too easy for us

If you are following the NJ-3 Republican primary campaign, you would see that candidates Kelly and Myers are at each others throats over EVERYTHING.  If you don’t believe me, check out this exchange…S763 Boy Scout Smoker

“The main thing,” Russell shot back, “is Jack Kelly?s quote unquote service is not just as an elected official; he’s a creature of Ocean County government, getting a pension while working as a freeholder, literally serving as a poster boy for patronage.

I’m no fan of Jack Kelly, but maybe he’s a poster boy for handing it out, because in this campaign he’s not getting much support when it’s time to call in the chips.  Kelly has called on his complete life bio to prove he is qualified for the position…

“I have had three decades of public service,” said Kelly, who also listed his volunteer efforts as a leader in the Boy Scouts, member of a county hospital board, CCD teacher and firefighter.

So he’s either a poster boy for patronage or an angle waiting in the wings, depending on which campaign you believe.  Personally, i’ve never seen anyone reference their time as a CCD teacher or their leadership efforts with the boy scouts to justify their resume as a candidate for Congress.  Now that I know he handled the perils of the square knot in the boy scouts, I may be forced to reconsider my lack of support for him.

Golf = Grassroots?

Remember Tom Kean Jr’s multiple Senate campaign rallies and events at country clubs? That seems to be where Republicans in the state go to organize their base.

When they told 3rd district Congressional candidate Chris Myers that he had to organize the grassroots, he apparently thought that meant the golf course.

Chris Myers needs your help!

Please come join us as we organize The Myers for Congress Grassroots Team!

Bring a friend!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008




Burlington Country Club

170 Burrs Road, Westampton, NJ 08060


Discuss campaign strategy.

Organize our grassroots team.

Find out what you can do to help.

Refreshments will be served.

Power to the people!

It’s all how you define basically strong

Third District Republican Congressional Candidate Chris Myers offered some comments regarding the state of the economy the other day…

Myers called the economy “basically strong” during an interview on 1210 AM.  

Now because I am no economic expert, just some guy who paid well over $3.00 a gallon for gas last night, I used the trusty google to do a quick news search for headlines with the keyword economy…

  • McCain Says Tax, Spending Cuts Will Spark Economy (Udpate1)
  • Economy sends signals of more weakness to come
  • Sallie Mae posts 1st-quarter net loss
  • Oil prices high, economy bad
  • Will People Skip The Movies in a Down Economy?
  • Inflation answers: How bad is it, and why?
  • Marriott profit falls as US economy slows
  • The term out of touch comes to mind. Then again, Myers is a defense contractor so the economy is probably doing rather well for them.  I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it just depends on your definition of basically strong.

    DCCC to Myers: “Thanks!”

    Blue Jersey reported in December that Republican Congressional candidate Chris Myers donated $500 to Senator Frank Lautenberg. The rest of the media just noticed today (incidentally, they complain that blogs steal their material, but rarely tip their hat to new media when we get scoops. It’s okay, we’re not bitter. Yes we are.). This is what the DCCC said in response:

    “The differences between the parties are now so clear that even Chris Myers, a Republican candidate for Congress, understands that Democrats best serve the American people by creating jobs, keeping America safe, responsibly ending the war in Iraq, and investing in priorities here at home,” said Carrie James, Northeast Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Clearly, Chris Myers recognizes the Republican Party is void of new ideas and understands that the best way to move the country forward is to support Democrats’ agenda for change. We thank Mayor Myers for offering his financial support to Democrats and invite him to support other New Jersey Democrats who are fighting for change. “

    Saxton and the Scent of Scandal

    A scandal most foul is bubbling up like raw sewerage around House Republicans in Washington, and a whiff of the scandal is wafting around retiring Rep. Jim Saxton (R-NJ3).

    House GOP officials acknowledged on Thursday that the longtime and trusted treasurer of the National Republican Congressional Committee may have skimmed as much as $1 million from the committee. From today’s WaPo:

    For at least four years, Christopher J. Ward, who is under investigation by the FBI, used wire transfers to funnel money out of the NRCC and into other political committees he controlled, then shifted the funds into his own personal accounts, the committee said.

    According to the Federal Election Commission, Ward is treasurer of SAXPAC, Saxton’s leadership PAC formed in 2005.

    By Defending his Role, Sagnip raises more questions

    leonardletterToday, Mount Laurel Activist Lori Leonard filed an ethics complaint with the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct accusing Congressman Jim Saxton’s Press Secretary/Candidate Chris Myers’ campaign spokesman Jeff Sagnip with campaigning for Myers on Federal time and pay.  Sagnip denied the accusation…

    But Sagnip Hollendonner said that he’s been working part-time for both Saxton and Myers since January 31st. He added that he generally spends the first part of the day, from 8:15 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., working for the Myers campaign. He spends the rest of the day working as Saxton’s legislative spokesman.

    “It’s a valid question that taxpayers should know, but it’s a part-time job that I have with the congressman and the campaign,” said Sagnip-Hollendonner, who was on his lunch break. “All the necessary paperwork has been filed with the House committees.”

    I agree with Sagnip that this is a valid question and the taxpayers should know, but his answer raises more questions.

    It isn’t unusual for a Congressional staffer to take a role in a campaign because their expertise makes them natural resources.  But there must be a complete separation of jobs. A press secretary working for a Member of Congress cannot make campaign statements while on the clock for the Congressional job.  Nor can that same press secretary working for a campaign make statements about the business of Congress (except as it relates to the campaign). Period.

    Sagnip says he started part time with the campaign on January 31 leaving us to assume he was full time with Saxton until that date, however on January 11 he played a large role schmoozing with the press and giving Jay Lassiter fashion and etiquette tips during the Myers campaign kickoff.  While “working for Saxton” that day, this was his comment about his new boss…

    Sagnip Hollendonner highlighted Myers’ local ties, masters in public policy from Cornell University, and fluency with defense issues as strengths that stood out to Saxton. Additionally, 42-year-old Myers is young enough to build the Congressional rapport required to efficiently legislate, a process that took Saxton a decade, Sagnip Hollendonner said.

    That’s a pretty fine line he’s walking between advocating for Myers and working for Saxton.   Sagnip couldn’t have been at the announcement speaking for Saxton while working for Myers as well. His allowable role is defined in the House Ethics rules…

    Activities that May Be Either “Official” or “Political” at the Member’s Option. While a Member may not use campaign funds to pay official House expenses, there are a number of activities that may be either “official” or “political” at the option of the Member.

    [O]nce the Member makes his determination [on whether an activity is to be official or political], he is bound by it. A single event cannot, for purposes of the House rules, be treated as both political and official.

    Conversely, if a Member designates an event (or any other activity) as political by using campaign funds for it, no official resources may then be used. This means that congressional staff should not make arrangements for such an event

    Therefore, Myers would have needed a separate press person at his announcement because I can’t imagine the most well financed, best shot that the Republicans have would announce his campaign without having some kind of staff support at the event.

    This may just all be a big coincidence, but the questions wouldn’t exist if Sagnip and Myers had not created the situation.  The ethics complaint today may truly be a misunderstanding.  I think more importantly the Myers campaign need to clarify who was helping their candidate before Sagnip came on board, particularly at his campaign kickoff.  Like Sagnip himself said, the taxpayers should know.