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The ugly duckling in the 3rd CD

Dan Rather famously said, “If it looks like a duck; sounds like a duck; and walks like a duck – it’s a duck.”  But sometimes the ugly little duck turns out to be a swan.  Which just means that things are not always what they would appear to be.

Chris Myers’ campaign is claiming that John Adler “and his Trenton cronies” sent out an anonymous mailer to Myers’ donors to discourage them from giving him any more money.  They are claiming – obviously – that Adler and his campaign decided to break several federal laws in a desperate attempt to defeat Myers.

You see, it is against the law to use FEC filings to create a mailing list – and that’s about the only way someone would magically have a mailing list full of people with nothing in common other than donating to Chris Myers.  It is also against the law to send out anonymous mailers to influence an election.  Doing something like this is just the sort of stupid thing one expects from a professionally run campaign, right?  Crackers and hogwash!  It’s a stupid amateur trick.

Of course, it should be denounced – and I’m happy to condemn the action.  But this ugly duckling might not be a duckling at all – meaning it could come from somewhere else.  Make the jump.

Myers walls himself in on immigration

So Chris Myers says he opposes building a wall as his solution to the immigration situation.  Just one problem, he took $5000 from Duncan Hunter’s Peace through strength PAC and lets take a peak at their 3rd issue plank…

Enforceable U.S. borders, including a 700-mile double fence across the smugglers routes in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas

It looks like the secret is out and the nativists are a little restless…

Mr. Myers, you took Peace through Strength PAC support.  You need to listen to what Mr. Hunter says about your support of a VIRTUAL FENCE.  Or, you took the support under FALSE pretense!

Well that lays it out pretty clear, Myers either supports the double fence or they feel he took the groups funding under false pretenses.  We’ll let that point go however because the more interesting story is what Myers actually supports and why he might feel that way.

Chris Myers works for Lockheed Martin.  He says he supports a virtual fence to help “secure the borders”.  A 2006 NY Times article titled “Bush Turns to Big Military Contractors for Border Control” may explain that position a little more…

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, three of the largest, are among the companies that said they would submit bids within two weeks for a multibillion-dollar federal contract to build what the administration calls a “virtual fence” along the nation’s land borders.

You see, the Peace through Strength PAC was just outbid for a Congressman.  It’s actually a pretty good strategy for Lockheed if you think about it. Rather than making contributions which would be illegal, they just had one of their own become the candidate.  Don’t feel bad for Myers though, he still gets support from employees of Lockheed Martin which has also gotten people’s attention…

Furthermore, as reported in the May 13 article, Lockheed Martin executives make up 18 percent of Myers’ contributions [$58,950] as reported at the last filing deadline and that raised serious questions among public advocacy groups. According to Mary Boyle, spokeswoman for the citizens? lobbying group Common Cause, “This is the danger with any special-interest contribution to a campaign. It raises the specter of who is this person loyal to? We want elected officials to be responsive to their constituents. When there is a single entity paying for 20 percent of a campaign, that?s a question we are going to ask.?

At least Peace through strength knows he won’t be working for them.  They may want a refund on the contribution.

Myers & BurlCo GOP grabbing at Saxton’s cash?

After blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a primary that really wasn’t that competitive, NJ-03 Republican congressional nominee Chris Myers finds himself $1 million behind John Adler in cash on hand. Myers, a defense industry executive who was supposed to be a formidable fundraiser, raised less than $400,000 between January and May. Now, according to a report in the Asbury Park Press, Myers may get some help from retiring Republican Congressman Jim Saxton and the BurlCo GOP.

Saxton has $1.06 million sitting in his federal campaign account. Campaign finance law prohibits Saxton from giving more than $2,000 to any individual congressional campaign, but Saxton can give an unlimited amount of money to state or county parties. You bet the Burlington County Republican party wants to get its dirty hands on Saxton’s millions, which it can use to help elect Bush cheerleader Chris Myers to Congress.

Does Chris Myers know what he’s doing?

The Asbury Partisan Press is telling the story of Chris Myers, warrior prince.

At night, in the Persian Gulf, Chris Myers would angrily pace the deck of the USS Bunker Hill.

Saddam Hussein was firing Scud missiles at American troops. But Myers could not fight back.

“It was against the law,” he said, because the United States had signed “a bad treaty” prohibiting its warships from tracking or destroying missiles.

As a young naval officer in charge of four ships and hundreds of aircraft, Myers said he decided then what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

He would find a way to change the law. He would work to defend America, to give troops the protection they need.

It’s a stirring story, one that Myers tells frequently to explain why he’s seeking the Republican nomination to replace retiring Rep. Jim Saxton in the 3rd Congressional District.

Make the jump with me, because I think Myers is being a little loose with the facts of the case.

Saxton tells Myers he’s wrong about the economy

Just over 1 month ago, Chris Myers had this to say…

Myers called the economy “basically strong” during an interview on 1210 AM.  

At the time I pointed to the numerous headlines of the day about the struggling economy, but today even Congressman Saxton, who hand picked Myers to succeed him, said he’s full of it…

…the associated boom in housing included all the classic signs of a speculative bubble, which now has burst with very damaging effects.

The collapse of the housing bubble has triggered massive losses in mortgage-backed securities amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, and still climbing.  It has also exposed excessive leverage and poor underwriting standards in many financial institutions.

But I thought the economy was basically strong?  Maybe Myers wasn’t paying attention to this part of the economy because you know, it’s not a big factor or anything.  Someone better get Chris Myers the new talking points.

NJ-3: This little piggy ran for office

Things have gotten pretty ugly in the 3rd District GOP primary this last week.   Jack Kelly went up on TV with an ad that really has gotten the attention of his opponent Chris Myers…

While not threatening legal action, Myers had an attorney send a letter demanding the “false and defamatory” commercial be removed from the airways, so I’m guessing he doesn’t like being accused of peddling influence and doling out special interest money.

2479642406_b51b6911b9Myers for his part has gone after Kelly as a political hack who’s used government to serve himself, but those accusations aren’t what has Kelly so mad…

Kelly, for his part, said Myers crossed the line with a mailer about him that features a pig wearing a crown.

I haven’t seen the mailer because I’m not exactly the voter Myers is trying to reach, but I’ll take Kelly’s word for it.  I guess we all have our limits.

My favorite is the 3rd candidate in the race, Justin Murphy who sums up the Myers and Kelly campaigns with this great line in his press release, Another Corruption Eruption From the boss controlled candidates for the 3rd District Congressional Seat

…Murphy says Ocean County voters “should know that a vote for Jack Kelly or Chris Myers is a vote to validate the corrupt power of County Bosses in both Burlington and Ocean Counties.”

While I’ve had enough of some primary campaigns, this one is the gift that keeps on giving.  This GOP primary continues to get uglier and John Adler gets to raise money while building an organization and enjoying the show.   He probably can’t ask for much more.