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Election Day News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011

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Republicans Cry Out for More Taxes

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No, this is not an Onion headline.   It’s true.

Medford is a town in Burlington County, and it’s as Republican as you can get.  Assemblyman Scott Rudder hails from there, and Chris Myers (John Adler’s opponent in 2008) is its Deputy Mayor.  Last year, Chris Christie carried the township with 60% of the vote in a three-way race.

So why at a public meeting this week were township residents clamoring for a tax increase?

find out below the fold

Adler among 70 GOP targets

I don’t know that it’s much of a surprise that a first term Congressman in what has been considered a more conservative district is a target of the GOP, but John Adler makes the list:

Republicans hope an improved national political environment will help them contest many of the seats it recently lost. Of the 70 targets, 45 are freshmen and sophomores elected in the 2006 and 2008 wave elections.

House Republicans also appear confident that difficult votes on health care and energy legislation will put battle-tested members from conservative districts in trouble. There are over a dozen Blue Dog Democrats on the list, including those who have coasted to re-election in recent years.

Adler has been flooded with calls against healthcare in his offices. According to a staffer when Jay called, he’s not for a “purely public option citing business concerns.” The House E & C Committee put out this summary of the impact the bill could have on his district. He has been very active on Veterans issues as they make up a large segment of his district and has received good reviews for that work. Separate from the issues, he has been one of the most prolific fundraisers raising more than any Frontline Democrat in the 2nd quarter. He has over 850K Cash on Hand.

When asked recently, potential challenger Diane Allen said it was “kind of early” for her to make a decision yet, but that she was watching and he hadn’t done what she felt he needed to do yet. Their challenger in 2008, Chris Myers has been rumored to be the next Senator from Burlington County when the current Senator Phil Haines is appointed to be a judge in the fall, seemingly taking him out of the running. I’ll put the full list and NRCC memo below the fold.  Adler is the only NJ Democrat targeted by the NRCC.  

Judging delayed

Rumors have been circulating that State Senator Phil Haines days serving in the Legislature are numbered as he plans to be appointed to a judgeship. Those plans have been delayed to the lameduck apparently:

State Sen. Philip Haines (R-Springfield) will remain in the Senate until after the November general election, and will become a Superior Court Judge during the Legislature’s lame duck session, according to sources familiar with the pending appointment.

Haines, a 59-year-old Burlington County Republican who was elected in 2007 after years as the County Clerk and as a Freeholder, has spent much of this year angling for a judgeship.  Democrats prefer that a special election for his seat be put off until November 2010, rather than this fall.

That last line is the key. The 8th has been a tough district and Democrats would be hoping that having Adler at the top of the ticket will give an extra boost to their candidate for Senate. Chris Myers will just have to wait a little bit longer.

Will a Judge Haines make way for a Senator Myers

The latest news on this potential change comes from PNJ:

Burlington County Republicans are saying that they expect Gov. Jon Corzine to nominate State Sen. Philip Haines (R-Springfield) to the Superior Court this month, and that Haines has told party leaders he could be out of the Senate as early as June 25.  Republican sources say that Christopher Myers, a former Medford Mayor who won 48% in a bid for Congress last year, has emerged as the leading candidate to win a July special election convention to fill Haines’ seat.

We here at Blue Jersey always thought that Myers was running a campaign for State Senate rather than United States Congress. At least we know he already has the state GOP talking points down.

Christie can say whatever he wants, it’s only a campaign

Thurman Hart has a good catch and Observation on how even Republicans don’t go along with the Christie talking points:

Even Republicans don’t believe Chris Christie’s tripe:

[Former acting Governor Donald T.] DiFrancesco, a lawyer in Warren, Morris County, said he was not offended by Christie’s remarks. He said the criticism is part of the routine give-and-take of the campaign trail, and part of Christie’s attempt to portray himself as a refreshing independent alternative to Corzine, unafraid to antagonize his own party if need be.

“If they are going to blame a bunch of people for what happened, I guess they are going to have to throw me into the mix,” DiFrancesco said. “I don’t think it is negative… It’s a campaign, he can say whatever he wants.”

Yeah, it isn’t like he’s saying anything he actually means, right? This is just about getting elected… once he’s in office, the good old boys will be back in the saddle again. He just has to sound like he’s making a break with the past.

Reminds me of how Chris Myers ran for Congress by saying we needed to “look like” we were winning in Iraq. Yeah, there’s no need to worry about reality – just let the spin doctors handle things until the elections are done. Then we can hand out fat contracts like candy at a diabetic conference.

The problem is that Christie does say whatever he wants, regardless of whether reality matches the rhetoric he uses. But it’s ok, because it’s only campaign talk.

Two open seats and control of Burlington County?

The stars could be aligning for the Burlington County Democrats.  I have speculated in a few posts about rumors that at least one of the two sitting Republican Freeholders set to stand for re-election this year would not be running again.  Now comes public speculation along the same lines.  First, Freeholder James Wujcik last week, with a name everyone will recognize as a possible replacement:

There is speculation among Republican insiders that Burlington County Freeholder James Wujcik will not seek re-election this year. Wujcik has been a Freeholder since 1997.  One possible candidate to replace him is former Medford Mayor Christopher Myers, who won 48% of the vote in his bid for Congress last year.  Myers, sources say, is involved in a project at Lockheed Martin, where he is a Vice President, and has not made any decisions regarding his political future.

Chris “the economy is basically strong” Myers would be one of the few names already known on a county level from his unsuccessful effort against Congressman Adler last cycle, but that may just be a GOP dream as he doesn’t seem to be committed to running. Myers is up for re-election this year in Medford, so if he ran for Freeholder, he would have to give up his local seat. He also lost the Burlington County part of the Congressional District and that was without many of the more Democratic river towns.  At the time of that story last Friday, they said it was expected Bill Haines would seek re-election. Now today, comes quotes on the record from Freeholder Bill Haines:

“I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do about freeholder,” said Haines, who this year finishes up his fifth term.


“I probably would have made the decision a long time ago if Aubrey Fenton and Stacey Jordan had won the last time, but with control up it makes the decision more difficult,” he said.

I wonder who wanted the word to get out about Haines’s decision.  Fenton and Jordan lost to Democrats Brown and Reinhart this past November.  I bet Haines is getting a ton of pressure to run again from the party.  The internal dynamics of the Burlington County Republicans these days, makes this news even more interesting.  There is still talk of rifts within the party between Senator Diane Allen and leadership. They spent over a million dollars losing two seats on the Freeholder board last cycle, lost the County Clerk seat, lost the Saxton Congressional seat and still carry an outstanding debt. The incumbent Republican State Senators are not on the ballot to lead the way and the incumbent Congressman of the same party, which they used to depend on is no more.  Given the snow on the ground today, the perfect storm could be forming for Democrats in Burlington County this November.

Veteran Status Matters

When I made an issue of Chris Myers’ claims to be a “decorated combat veteran”, there were some who told me that I was treading where I shouldn’t.  Leave the man alone, I was told.  He served honorably, let him say what he will about it.

For the record, all I ever did was tell the full story of Chris Myers’ service.  He served honorably.  He was awarded combat designations.  But he did not serve in combat capacity.  It was awarded under a waiver by the Secretary of the Navy.  

Today, we get a lesson in why everyone who claims military valor should be vetted.  William Devereaux, the Director of Veterans’ Programs in the NJ Department of Military and Veteran Affairs was discovered to be a big fake.  

Anatomy of a Win & End of an Era

For the first time since 1882, a Democrat will be sworn in as the next Congressman from New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District.  The perfect political storm known as the 2008 election has broken a 126-year drought and turned an impressive state Senator into a promising Congressman-Elect. But it was not a storm that “just happened”.  It was a storm that was planned and executed with precision.

State Senator John Adler announced his campaign for Congress to challenge then sitting Congressman Jim Saxton very early, on September 20, 2007.  From the beginning, Adler waged his campaign on progressive values; his decision to challenge Saxton came shortly after Saxton voted against expanding S-CHIP. This would have been his second time challenging Saxton (Adler ran in the then 13th Congressional district in 1990), but on November 9, 2007 Congressman Saxton announced he would not seek re-election due to health reasons.  Now the race was for an open seat, an easier proposition for Adler.

To understand the political dynamics at play, you first have to understand the geographic composition of the district. The 3rd District includes Cherry Hill in Camden County, most of Burlington County and a sizable chunk of Ocean County.  On the Democratic side, the field cleared for Adler and he received the early support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  On the Republican side, many wanted Burlington County native State Senator Diane Allen to run. When she declined, Chris Myers emerged as the Burlington County Candidate.

Much more on the flip.