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We should be proud: or not

Campaigns and Elections has a “Hall of Shame” of electoral nutjobs on this year’s ballot.  New Jersey has landed the spot at the top with the candidacy – actually, both candidacies, of Jeff Boss:

Candidates invariably say they’re speaking the plain truth to voters, but Jeff Boss is one candidate who can claim to be an actual “truther.” That’s the name that 9/11 conspiracy theorists have given themselves, and Boss is a member in good standing. On the ballot in New Jersey both as an independent Senate and presidential candidate, Boss claims to have extensive personal knowledge of the events surrounding the terrorist attacks seven years ago.

It’s tough to glean from his website, which is virtually impossible to navigate because it was so hastily thrown together, but Boss insists that prior to 9/11, one of his relatives with knowledge of national security matters described a scenario in which the government planned to fly airplanes into buildings.

Boss’s paranoia is so extreme that it?s difficult to piece together his claims, but they mostly revolve around his cataloguing of several attempts on his life, all of which he believes were carried out by the National Security Agency. He regaled me with stories of finding suspicious items underneath his car that he believes to be bombs, and insists he has been the target of NSA surveillance.

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A New Jersey Democrat in New Hampshire’s Court

When New Jersey and others bumped up their presidential primary to February 5th, the plan was to minimize the impact of the early voting states, and finally have a say in picking our nominees.


Iowa and New Hampshire are as important as ever – arguably more decisive than ever. To hear some of the campaigns speak, the biggest impact New Jersey supporters can have on choosing our next president is by roadtripping to New Hampshire to volunteer.

So I did.

Follow me below the fold for a Garden Stater’s view of the race from the Granite State.

Elizabeth Edwards in New Jersey

Elizabeth w/Hosts
Elizabeth Edwards in Princeton with event hosts Stacy Mann, Lisa Fischetti, and Carol Golden.

A fund-raiser at a (magnificent) private home in Princeton last night – featuring Elizabeth Edwards – drew an impressive crowd of supporters, and raised more than $50,000 nearly $60,000 to support her husband’s campaign.

I was fortunate enough to attend, and I spoke with Mrs. Edwards upon her arrival. She looked great, and has a wonderful warm and casual manner that made me instantly comfortable and at ease.

After a short conversation, I told her someone would be contacting her about this thing called “Blue Jersey Radio” – and she said, without hesitation: “I’ll say yes” (smile). In this year of the remarkable potential first-spouses, Elizabeth is a real asset to the campaign. We’ll definitely be in touch. Stay tuned.

I did have to leave early, because – like the Governor – I had to get to Piscataway for the RU Women’s basketball game. For some more detail, and another photo with a very special guest last night, click on over.