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Mission Accomplished?

Five years ago today, President Bush triumphantly — and erroneously — declared “mission accomplished” on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln while standing in front of a big banner as part of a PR stunt hatched by Karl Rove.  He went on to proclaim that major combat operations in Iraq had ended.  But since President Bush made that pronouncement, almost 4,000 additional American troops have lost their lives.  And close to 30,000 have been seriously wounded in action.

Each month, President Bush continues to spend $12 billion on a war that should never have been waged and with no exit strategy to get our troops out of harm’s way.  The war in Iraq has failed to make us safer and al Qaeda has only grown stronger.  Now, 3,000 additional members of the New Jersey National Guard alone are scheduled to deploy to Iraq this summer. This is the largest deployment of our state’s Guardsmen since World War II.

Pelosi Visits Princeton, Friday, February 29

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be in Princeton on Friday, February 29. She’ll be speaking at a 12:30 pm fundraiser for Congressman Rush Holt at the Princeton Marriott Forrestal Hotel on College Road East, Plainsboro. Here is a copy of the flyer announcing her speech:

Pelosi Princeton Flyer

For more info, please contact: noodletalk@mindspring.com

Rothman: Children Deserve Better Than Politics

The following diary was released by Rep. Steve Rothman (NJ-9) concerning President Bush’s new regulations for funding children’s healthcare programs.

It isn’t news to anyone here that New Jersey is an expensive place to live.  This basic fact puts enormous pressure on families at the lower end of the wage scale as they struggle to pay their bills.  Too many of them simply do not have healthcare coverage, either because their employer doesn’t offer it to them or because it is too expensive to purchase. 

Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) were created to address this problem.  After all, children should not be made to go without necessary healthcare because their parents’ income is too small to pay for insurance.  Congress set a limit on family income of 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) – which is absurdly low for New Jersey.  In recognition of this, New Jersey applied for, and was awarded, a waiver in 2001 – under this President and under Congressional Republican leadership – to allow federal SCHIP funds to be used to cover children in families whose income was up to 350% of FPL.  There was no outrage from the President or my Congressional Republican colleagues at the time.

Misunderestimating our Legislators: They’re either with us or against us

So the President is coming to town and the Democratic State Committee (which has publicized the Presidents visit more than the Republicans he is coming to see) has set up a Report Card to see just which legislators are willing to say publicly they are accepting money from the President and which ones will be attending the event.

This is where we need your help.  We’ve already had a poll here on Blue Jersey about some of the reasons not to be honoring the President, but surprisingly not everyone is willing to openly state whether they are attending the event or that they will be taking his tainted money unless they are asked.  After the fold, you can see a full list of Legislators with their contact information. 

If you get an answer, post it in the thread and we will keep track and get the State Committee to update their report card.  You deserve to know if your representatives support your interests or the misplaced interests of the Bush administration.

I’ll buy a Blue Jersey T-Shirt unless Juan wants to give one to the person who reports the most answers.

The State of the Union: What Didn’t Happen

George W. Bush said tonight that “success in this war is often measured by the things that did not happen.”  What he apparently doesn’t understand is that failure is also measured by that same yardstick.

President Bush said we would be welcomed as liberating heroes, and that didn’t happen.  President Bush said that we would find remnants of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs, and that didn’t happen.  President Bush said that Iraqis would set aside sectarian differences to create a civil society, and that didn’t happen.  President Bush said that if we just “toughed it out” that the insurgency would be defeated and peace would reign, and that didn’t happen, either.  Now the same person who has been wrong about every other thing that has happened in Iraq is telling us that everything will be fine if we just send a few more thousand American soldiers to serve as targets for sectarian militias.

The President’s “new strategy” is limited to a few new lines of rhetoric to describe his failed “stay the course” policy.  Oh, and sending 21,500 more American soldiers into harm’s way without any clear idea of what they are supposed to achieve or how they would achieve it.  One definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over and hope for different results. 

Democrats will not sit by idly and allow this to happen.  I specifically requested a seat on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee so I could be sure that someone would hold the Bush Administration responsible for conducting our military affairs in a way that brings honor to our servicemembers and greater security to the American people.  My fellow Democrats and I will use all of the parliamentary procedures at our displosal to ensure that President Bush does not waste our resources – including our most precious resource: the lives of our fighting men and women.

Bush & Ferguson Wrong On Stem Cell Research

In every public servant’s career, there are certain issues and ideas that ring more true than others – areas of public policy and discourse that capture their imagination and stoke their passion.  For me, stem cell research, and the potential of cures it may bring to millions of individuals suffering from degenerative diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, is one of those issues.

Yet, as far as we’ve come in such a short time, there are still great hurdles to overcome, as we saw yesterday with President Bush’s veto.

Opposition to this groundbreaking research is now limited to only the most close-minded and reactionary individuals.  Unfortunately for the people of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, we have one of those people sitting in the Oval Office and another representing us in Congress.

News Roundup for 2/26/06

Sunday, February 26, 2006 News Roundup:

  • President Bush’s spokeswoman is claiming that the administration now supports a delay in the United Arab Emirates takeover of operations at six ports.
  • State Senator Joe Vitale is sponsoring a powerful healthcare bill that would require businesses with over 1,000 employees to provide a health care stipend.
  • Governor Corzine is weary about the environmental impact of dredging the Delaware River to make it more accessible to bigger ships.
  • A Glassboro woman is watching you…well where you park at least . So save the handicapped parking spaces for those who really need them.
  • Have you listened to the latest …podcast yet?

    Stay warm…today’s gonna be a cold one!