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Our School Funding Quagmire

Our current school funding formula passed constitutional muster in a review by the state Supreme Court in 2008. The formula was designed to address the level of resources required for students with varying needs, such as low income students and English language…
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The REAL Objection to Adequate School Funding

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Every once in a while, the school defunders give away the game:

[NJ State Senator Mike] Doherty [R- Tea Party] also brought up what he said was another broken promise from Christie. He said the governor had promised to make equal school funding a key theme of the 2013 campaign, in which all 120 seats in the Legislature were up for grabs. He expanded on that when I spoke to him Friday.

“It was the perfect issue for putting Democratic suburban legislators on the defensive and rallying our suburban base,” said Doherty. “But instead of fighting for school funding, it was all about running for higher office.” [emphasis mine]

The Path Toward Reducing Inequality in NJ – Part II

In Part I we looked at how inequality decreased during the post WW II period and then resumed its rise  – one that is more severe in NJ than nationally. We also looked at the billionaires in NJ many of whose income provides little social benefit, and at a specific New Jerseyan whose corporate “super salary” was disproportionate in comparison with that of other employees.

Reducing inequality is not as simple as increasing taxes on the rich and super rich. We need to strengthen the middle class which in America has just dropped from its long held number one position world-wide. We need to provide more resources for the working poor and those less fortunate. Reducing inequality does not mean reducing the number of wealthy people but increasing the income of those who are not wealthy.

Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the 21st Century, as the Guardian explains, says, “The wealthy are getting wealthier while everybody else is struggling. Inequality will widen to the point where it becomes unsustainable – both politically and economically – unless action is taken to redistribute income and wealth.” Piketty, called a rock star economist, suggests solutions which could be implemented in New Jersey. We are exploring them in this series of articles.  

In Part II we will look at what Americans say about the inequality gap, some of the causes, the very political nature of the subject, and some steps we can take in New Jersey to increase the income of those who are not wealthy.