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Remember when????

So, someone sent me a way too long video that they received which was of the “you eeevil soshulist Demmocrats better watch it cuz we are coming to git ya” variety, and I decided that it was way too easy to come up with a powerful rebuttal.

That being said, I put this little video together to remind everyone just how things were back when Republicans ruled Congress (and the White House).  And that this is precisely what they will do if they regain power.


A (Jersey) Fresher Business Model

Do you like farmers?
How about locally crafted artisan beer and wine?
Maybe you fancy keeping it “local”…
or possibly you’re just into diversifying NJ’s economy?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, this video blog if for you!

Blue Jersey takes Trenton. The Sequel.

Blue Jersey made history in 2007 as the first Blog in America to send one of its own to cover the State House beat.  Those were heady, innovative times for the Liberal Blog-o-sphere and our relevance and access seemed without peer.

And then we lost the Governor’s mansion and it was a whole new ballgame.  So we’re back in Trenton.  And judging from Democratic leadership’s performance thus far, this move is way over due.

GSE v NOM at State House

Promoted by Rosi

The National Organization for Marriage clowncar juggernaut was inTrenton today. The notoriously well-funded, (anti-gay) N.O.M crew is on tour spreading rancor from state to state.

The good folks at Garden State Equality (I'm a member) did a great job of showing up our angry rivals, although I grudgingly concede the style points to their tricked-out Winnebago festooned with stock photos of faux families.

The real action was inside, where we had /real/ families!


A Tick Tock on Medical Marijuana

Two questions I get a lot lately are “what’s the deal with medical marijuana?” and “what’s going on with Jay Lassiter?”

This video should answer both, complete with a timeline for when seriously ill people can expect some relief.

Feel free to spread the word.  If you like what you see, head over to the iwitnessnNJ YouTube page and hit “subscribe.”