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Prison Reform in NJ: a Moral and Economic Imperative

NJ Raymond Lesniak wants to reduce prison recidivism rates by offering a small fraction of now risk, non-violent drug offenders early release in exchange for entering a rigorous drug/alcohol treatment program.

Learn about how it’ll pay for itself (+ an intriguing connection between former Gov. McGreevey & First Lady Mary Pat Christie) in this 2min. clip.

Another World AIDS Day without access to Medical Marijuana

Today is World AIDS Day. Sadly, on account of Governor Chris Christie, folks with HIV/AIDS (plus cancer) won’t have legal access to medical marijuana to help manage their treatments.

I hope you’ll take a peek at this video and PLEASE pass it around to anyone whose heart might need softening. Because being terminally ill is hard enough without being a criminal to boot.

Trenton in a Minute. Jubilation Edition

This was posted just under the news roundup, so I’m pulling it up top again. – promoted by Rosi

Some days in Trenton are better than others. For the sake of thousands of kids who are gay (or fat or smart or whatever else might get him/her bullied) yesterday at the state house was quite possibly life-saving.