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Chris Christie: Liar, Fool, or Both?

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I got so caught up in Chris Cerf’s coronation yesterday that I never got around to this poignant moment:

Instead of vitriol and venom today, Gov. Chris Christie’s interaction with a teary public school teacher ended with an apology.

Tia McLaughlin invoked the Republican governor’s frequent refrain that it’s “harder to hate up close” in telling him she felt betrayed by his treatment of teachers when he took office two and half years ago.

“You’re right, it is much harder to hate up close because I’m not feeling the hate right now,” she said, standing in the crowd at the boardwalk Music Pier. “I never thought I’d get the opportunity to talk to you up close.”

She made copies of the letter he sent unions during the campaign that promised to leave their pensions alone and distributed them to the 12 schools in her district, but then he did what she called “a complete 180” with pension and benefits reforms that further soured his dealings with the NJEA, the state’s largest teachers union.

Christie said, if he runs for re-election again, he will likely pen another letter to unions explaining his new position.

“When I wrote that letter, I had no idea the pension system was about to go bankrupt,” he said, launching into his usual answer which puts the blame on prior governors for failing to address the problem. “Why are you getting angry at the first guy who’s telling you the truth?” [emphasis mine]

You may remember this famous letter from the fall of 2009:I will protect your pensions. Nothing about your pension is going to change when I am governor. – Chris Christie” So now Christie’s excuse for writing it is that he had “no idea the pension was about to go bankrupt.”

Really? He “had no idea” the pensions were in trouble? Well, he was the only one in the whole damn state that was clueless. [all emphases mine]

Christie Caught In a Whopper

I’m sure you’re all shocked to hear this, but a video just released this morning pretty much proves that Chris Christie lied at his town hall in Voorhees last week:

That’s right: Amir Khan – charter school founder, anti-marriage equity activist, and terrible speller – has been on the dais for TWO Christie “town halls.” Khan says he’s met with Christie “frequently.”

But when asked about Khan, Christie said, “I don’t know who you’re talkin’ about.” Even as the man was sitting right behind him!

Let’s see how Christie tries to weasel his way out of this one. More on Khan and Christie soon, including some clues about why Christie lied.

ADDING: Darcie Cimarusti reports Khan was backstage with Christie before the Voorhees event:

I have confirmed with multiple individuals in attendance at the Town Hall Meeting that Amir Khan was seen behind the curtain that was behind the platform.  Governor Christie came out from behind the same curtain.  Khan was allegedly behind the curtain for some time, and only came out and took his seat under the Jersey Comeback banner 5 minutes before the Governor.

I don’t use this word casually, but in this case, there’s little doubt: Chris Christie lied about not knowing Amir Khan. The evidence is overwhelming. The only question left is “why?”

ADDING MORE: Khan says he’s met with Christie “frequently”:

Regis would open at the Solid Rock Worship Center, a nondenominational, predominantly African American church. The Rev. Amir Khan, pastor of Solid Rock, sits on a committee of African American pastors that he said has met frequently with Christie on the issue of charter schools.

How much more proof do we need that Christie lied about knowing Khan?

ADDING EVEN MORE: Darcie Cimarusti has much more on Khan:

Regis Academy’s approval was one of only four that round; the first round COMPLETELY overseen by Cerf.  In the press release to announce the decisions it was stated that:

The Department has expanded its strategies for growing the state’s charter sector and increasing the number of high-quality seats available to students.  One shift in focus includes expanding efforts to attract high-quality charter applicants.

Which “expanded strategy” allowed for Amir Khan to be considered a “high-quality applicant?”

Guess only Acting Commissioner Cerf and the Governor know for sure.  But when Khan is on the dais, and the Governor preposterously claims not to know him, it sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

STILL NOT CONVINCED? Christie’s Attorney General Paula Dow on video showering praise on Khan. And I break down why I think Christie lied.

Double Standards

The Dems are lining up now to shove Anthony Wiener out.  There is real anger for some and I can respect that, but others are making a political calculation for themselves and/or the party.  To my way of thinking, its that kind of action – taken for expedience – that makes politicians disgusting and makes it hard for me to support them.

Sure, politics and double standards go hand and hand.  

Our politicians and their many nominees regularly lie about taxes, alien Nannies, sex, infidelity, drug use caught on camera, policy positions, secret memos to the Canadians about Trade policy… and their favorite pass time… conflicts of interest.   Voters Regularly ignore/forget these many lies and re-elect them.  

So, why should I bother to even write about double standards?  Like whether Nancy Pelosi called for Bill Clinton to resign?  Did she make some noise back then about how divisive it would be to remove a duly elected person for lying about  sex?  You know, like Anthony We…  

“Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement”

Well, it looks like Governor Chris “The Bully” Christie has totally swallowed the Republican Tea Party tea in his efforts to extend his self-promotion outside of the state.  In the last few months he has proposed gutting health care for the poor while saying he is expanding it (Paul Ryan), eliminating programs to reduce the impact of global warming while claiming to want to protect the environment, and gone after police and other public sector unions (Scott Walker).

Now he appears to want to be Jon Kyl and say whatever untruths he likes publicly, because the are not intended to be factual statements.   The Asbury Park Press has him:

When Christie added in a section about the state’s job picture, he got tripped up at multiple turns on the details – misstating the number of months in a row the state has added private sector jobs, overstating that growth, ignoring that government jobs have nudged up in recent months and dramatically understating the overall size of the public sector payroll.

Most noticeably, Christie said New Jersey has the most public workers per capita in the country, when two-thirds of states actually have more.

Christie is the perfect extension of the Atwater school of Big Lie Politics — if you keep repeating falsehoods (God not allowed in schools, Christmas under attack, Planned Parenthood does only abortions, Democrats love terrorists, Obama is a socialist born in Kenya, Christie is a straight shooter) loudly and firmly and ignore facts and evidence then your lie will be believed as if it were true.

It’s nice to see the media finally catching on.  It would have been nicer if they had done it as early as Blue Jersey did.

Adopting a new label for teabaggers

Today, Ohio’s state Democratic chair publicly referred to teabaggers as “f*ckers”. Chris Redfern made his remarks while talking to the United Steelworkers. See the article and video on HuffPo:


Now all the other state party chairs need to follow this example. I call on John Wisniewski to make clear that Dems in New Jersey regard teabaggers and their leaders as a bunch of f*ckers. And that’s being kind.

QOTD: Shundler on Christie’s Integrity


I have thought about the possibility that beyond my being a scapegoat for his misstatement, the Governor might be angry at me for not telling him the interview was videotaped. In my defense, I never believed I needed to say, ‘Governor, stick to the truth, there’s a videotape.’ Perhaps I should have.

See below for more.

Let’s Not Lose Sight of The Important Fact Here

There’s been a lot of talk about lies, who said what when, getting to the bottom of things, changing stories, etc.  All of this can get confusing and obscure the basic facts of the Christie-Shundler blunder.

The Christie Administration’s incompetence cost New Jersey’s schools almost half a billion dollars.

Really, do we need to focus much on anything else?