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Write-ins: Live in LD23? Please read this before you vote.

Just a quick heads up for Dems who live in LD-23: There are no Dems on the ballot for Assembly in the 23rd, but there are two candidates you can write in:

Mary Beth Maciag & Maria Rodriguez

They’re running against GOP incumbents John DiMaio and Erik Peterson. Mary Beth Maciag’s from Hackettstown and Maria Rodriguez is from Bridgewater. (Not to be confused with GOP Asw Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, who reps the 8th District).

LD23 has more Rs than Ds, by a wide margin, but unaffiliated voters outnumber both. So a vibrant campaign behind Maciag and Rodriguez, once your write-in puts them on the November ballot, forces the GOP to spend in a district where they’d rather not and allows Maciag and Rodriguez to make their best case for change not only with Dems but the District’s 76,929 unaffiliated voters.

Towns in District 23: Parts of Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren

Alexandria, Alpha, Bedminster, Bethlehem, Bloomsbury, Bound Brook, Bridgewater, Califon, Clinton, Clinton Township, Franklin (Hunterdon), Franklin (Warren), Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, Greenwich (Warren), Hackettstown, Hampton (Hunterdon), Harmony, High Bridge, Holland, Kingwood, Lebanon Borough, Lebanon Township, Lopatcong, Mansfield (Warren), Milford, Peapack-Gladstone, Phillipsburg, Pohatcong, Raritan (Somerset), South Bound Brook, Tewksbury, Union (Hunterdon), Washington Borough (Warren), Washington Township (Warren)

Polls open 6am-8am. Do you know your polling place?  

Need help with how to write in 2 candidates? Ask your poll worker.

Are there other Dems who need write-ins on your local ballot? Feel free to add them in Comments below.

Ed Potosnak declares in NJ-7 2012 race, Barney Frank headlines first funder

Ed Potosnak, who got 40% in his 2010 race against first-time GOP incumbent Leonard Lance, has filed with the FEC to run again in 2012. Former Edison mayor Jun Choi announced his intention to run a few days ago. New Jersey loses a congressional district in this cycle, but of course we don’t know which one, and NJ-7 has lost fewer constituents than some of the northern congressional districts. So, it’s full steam ahead, and I’m glad to see Potosnak run again, and start early.

Barney Frank is a great get for Potosnak’s first funder (June 18 in Somerset County). I’ve seen him speak, and he’s red meat for sharp Democrats. Frank’s the House architect of the law that created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He fought for Elizabeth Warren to run it. Now both the new bureau and Warren are is Kryptonite to Senate Republicans Barney Frank definitely doesn’t pull his punches or suffer fools gladly. He’s famous for his toughness. He is also one of the most well-known gay politicians in the country, and Ed Potosnak is a progressive Democrat who is also out.

You can argue that a race against Lance is not only easier if you’ve run one before here, but also easier this time around because Lance, something of a GOP maverick in the NJ legislature, has become a disappointing Party sycophant sliding to the right in a CD that may be less tolerant of it, and less invested in him than some of my Hunterdon neighbors still are.  

NJ-7 debates: Will GOP’s Leonard Lance snub Hunterdon, Somerset & Middlesex?

I live in Hunterdon County. Leonard Lance, whom I’ve known for years, is my congressman. It’s hard to explain to someone outside this crimson geography Hunterdon’s relationship with Lance. He’s a known presence on the street, as his father Wesley Lance –  who preceded him in both the Assembly and Senate – was. A friendly person, even if you don’t always agree.

Why then is Lance ducking a debate with his Democratic challenger, Ed Potosnak, here on Hunterdon home turf? I’m bamboozled.

Potosnak’s asked Lance to debate for months. Hearing nothing back, Potosnak accepted 6 debate invitations himself. Potosnak finally heard from Lance last week, a friendly call but without Lance agreeing on the number of debates, location, or dates. (Potosnak also invited Lance on a side-by-side grassroots tour of the District together – yes, he declined).

Now comes word Lance will accept just 2 debates – one for TV (hosted outside NJ-7), and only one in NJ-7 – in Union County. Far away from Lance’s home turf. Why is that? You’d think Lance would insist on at least one matchup here where he’s served the public his entire adult life, where his father’s political legacy still commands respect, where Chris Christie had victory just 11 months ago. Is he concerned his support in the reddest part of NJ-7 has eroded? Lance had 3 Tea Party-inspired opponents – the most of anyone in NJ. Two are from Hunterdon; David Larsen (Tewksbury), the strongest, who’s already signaled he’s running in 2012, and Alonzo “Lon” Hosford (Milford).

Still, I’m surprised Lance declines to stand up here in this county he’s represented for years, and face his opponent. Looks like Middlesex and Somerset get snubbed, too. Two years ago, he wanted more debate with Linda Stender.Is this the same guy? What happens next?  

Somerset County Dem Freeholder Candidates On The Air

[This is mostly in Linda Stender’s NJ7 — throwing these two candidates some ducats means more help getting Linda and the rest of the ticket the last mile so pony up! — huntsu]

Somerset County Freeholder candidates North Plainfield Councilman Doug Singleterry and Montgomery Mayor Cecilia Birge on on the air!

You can help keep this ad on the air by donating to Birge and Singleterry for Freeholder.  $5 is a big help, and $500 is also!

REMINDER: Victory 08 Office Opening in Bridgewater!

Hey Everyone!

 I just wanted to post a quick reminder that Victory 08 is opening another office today in Bridgewater!

 Somerset county is going to be a high priority for all our races including Linda Stender, Cecilia Birge, Doug Singleterry and all our local races out there.  We'll be running volunteer phone banks, canvasses and other activites out of here so if you're in the area tonight, stop by!


Here are the details.


Time:  6:45 pm – 8 pm

 Address:  1910 Washington Valley Rd, Ste 7 (around the back), Martinsville, NJ

 Special Guests:  Linda Stender, Cecilia Birge, Doug Singleterry and more!



Whiny GOP Candidate For Assembly Quits in Letter To The Editor

Well, it looks like the easy race expected for 17th District Democratic Assemblymen Chivukula and Egan just got easier.  GOP opponent Skip House just announced in the Home News Tribune Letters section that he isn’t going to campaign anymore.  Why?  Because of an unscientific poll on the web site of a local daily newspaper.

Assembly candidate disappointed in voters

Benjamin Franklin’s comment questioning if the people would be able to keep a republic was on my mind when I became a Republican candidate for the Assembly in the 17th District.

The Community Voices “Speak Up!” question on initiative and referendum raised my hopes that there would be an outpouring of interest in voters making their own laws. There hasn’t been, and it is the issue I’m running on.

Subsequently, I’ll not campaign actively anymore. Most people seem to prefer the status quo of high taxes, offset by politicians’ irrational promises of greater benefits at no cost. Good luck with that pipe dream!

Matthew “Skip” House

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh.  Some random people who went to a web page and clicked a button don’t support my issues, so instead of working to convince them I’m going to put my tail between my legs and go home.

The saddest thing is the only way he could get his race resignation in the paper was in the Letters section.  Seriously, no one cared.

The Jersey GOP is collapsing right in front of our eyes. 

Unopposed Primary – No one for Committee

The Echoes-Sentinel Reports:


All of the Republican candidates for mayor and borough council are running unopposed. No Democrats are running for mayor or council.

Also appearing on the primary ballot will be two candidates, one a woman and one a man, to represent each of the five districts on the Somerset County Republican Committee. They will run unopposed. There are no Democrats running for the county Democratic Committee.

Democrats PLEASE WRITE YOURSELF IN for County Committee if your Committee seat is open.  If you live in Watchung, or know someone who does – get in touch with the Somerset Dems and prove this article wrong. 

Its a 50 state plan people, and that also means a 21 county plan.

For more information about County Committee, visit DFA-NJ County Committee Project