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Is Chris Christie Pandering to the Moderates?

Every action that Chris Christie takes is filtered through the lens of his political ambition.  Whether it’s his stance on hot-button issues like gun safety and marriage equality, or his top-caliber cadre of social media propagandists, the governor has one goal in mind – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some of his recent actions may indicate that he’s given up pandering to the extreme wing of his party and is hoping that the dying breed of moderate Republicans may come out victorious among the dozen or so contenders for the nomination.

A few days ago, Christie surprised us (and probably his dirty energy backers) by announcing that he thought global climate change might be man-made. And on Friday, his Department of Environmental Protection stepped in to a controversy about destroying hundreds of acres of forestland in the Six Flags Amusement Park to install solar panels. The DEP made an offer to purchase the land from Six Flags in order to save the trees.

Of course, these two actions in isolation don’t make Christie a moderate. He’s still in favor of draconian cuts in Social Security and has shown no empathy for state workers whose deferred compensation is being stolen to balance the budget.

Boycott Six Flags Great Adventure in Ocean County

I’ve received information from an Ocean County local that the single most effective action which may pressure Ocean County’s freeholders to change their minds about granting domestic partner benefits would be a boycott of Six Flags Great Adventure, which is located in Ocean County. According to people familiar with county politics, Six Flags “wields big, big, big time power” in Ocean County and is one of the few areas where non-county residents can have a major impact on the situation.

This boycott is also being supported by the Big Gay Picture.

You can contact Great Adventure at (732)-928-1821 or NJComments@sftp.com or by snail mail:

Six Flags Great Adventure
P.O. Box 120
1 Six Flags Blvd.
Jackson, NJ 08527