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It’s Not What You Think

BY DECIMINYAN At today’s rally against the PennEast pipeline, New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel delivered impassioned remarks on why the pipeline should be rejected. And as he put it, “it’s not what you think.” It’s not about a…
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Linda Greenstein replies to that leaked Mercer County video

I reached out to Sen. Greenstein before our posting today of this video, leaked originally to Down With Tyranny, associated with the Blue America PAC, whose ‘paid for’ disclosure appears on the video, and which has endorsed Greenstein opponent Bonnie Watson Coleman. Her campaign sent this statement:


“This thinly veiled attempt at intimidation from unnamed party bosses unfortunately reeks of the kind of sexism successful women have had to contend with throughout history.  Anonymous smears calling an accomplished female senator “erratic” and claiming that she has a pattern of “confused behavior” is nothing so much as code for “keep the little woman out of our smoke-filled back room.” It is no coincidence that the Democratic Party, on their watch, has never sent a woman to Congress.  Unfortunately for these anonymous party bosses, she has refused to back down from shining the light on how these backroom politicians have worked to promote their agenda. Instead, she will continue to run an aggressive campaign so that every single woman in Central New Jersey knows that their next Congresswoman will never back down from representing the interests of women everywhere, even in the face of intimidation and sexist threats.”

Sen. Greenstein’s reference to accusations that she is “erratic” with a pattern of “confused behavior” come from this post at The Daily Beast by Olivia Nuzzi.

Congressional primaries, even in well-educated districts like NJ’s CD12 are by nature low-turnout, with the majority of party voters paying little attention. That said, is this leaked video from an obviously stressed, and contentious process meeting inside the Mercer Democratic Party enough to impact this race?  

CD12: Linda Greenstein Lashes Out at Mercer (Video)

“I hate everybody in here. Everybody in here is my enemy–except for the people from Hamilton. The rest of you are my enemies.”

                   – from the video, apparently Linda Greenstein

UPDATE: Since this was posted, Greenstein on what she calls “intimidation from unnamed party bosses” and Mercer Chair Liz Muoio replies (in comment under post) that the senator’s playing “the sexism card’. Read both here.

I have to say, I am so sorry to see this.

A video has surfaced with a fuzzy, blurred and blocked visual but crystal clear audio in a voice identifiable as Sen. Linda Greenstein’s, telling a room full of Mercer Democratic insiders that they’re her enemy. The video was originally posted at Down With Tyranny, which is associated with Blue America PAC, which endorsed Greenstein opponent Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Max Pizarro, covering a pre-convention meeting that day in March, reported on an ugly discussion over Mercer Democrats’ process for the treasured line, and Greenstein’s fear that Mercer Chair Liz Muoio had stacked those seats with handpicked delegates, against the county’s own by-laws, which Mercer reps deny.

I’ve been on the inside of some ugly pre-convention meetings and even some conventions where candidates embarrassed themselves lashing out in public at process or individuals determining process. To a degree, I understand that kind of candidate frustration. But it’s never, ever a winning play to indulge it, not for a candidate’s own well-being, and certainly not in the age of trackers.

Post updated, with Sen. Greenstein’s reply, and Liz Muoio’s, link above.

Linda Greenstein’s Enemies List: from Progress First on Vimeo.

CD12: Who gets PCDO’s endorsement to succeed Rush Holt?

Throughout Rep. Rush Holt’s 8 terms in Congress, through a tough re-election campaign (his first) and through both redistrictings, Princeton has always been his strongest and most loyal base of support. It’s where a lot of the money comes from, and a lot of the volunteers. And the venerable PCDO – Princeton Community Democratic Organization – is its Democratic backbone.

Last night, PCDO held an endorsement vote for CD12. Over 100 people showed up, and so did all 5 of the declared candidates – the two women increasingly squaring off against each other, Sen. Linda Greenstein and Asw Bonnie Watson Coleman, Assemblyman and 2012 CD7 candidate Asm Upendra Chivukula, and the two scientists who jumped into the race more recently, plasma physicist Andrew Zwicker and chemist Frank Gibson. Only paid-up members could vote, and each was scheduled to speak with Q & A to follow. It was a secret ballot vote.

So, how did CD12’s Democratic primary candidates do in Rush Holt’s bedrock community? Well, the vote was inconclusive, given that a 60% vote was needed for endorsement. But the trend was clear. Vote totals, on the jump page.

Hamilton Township (Mercer) Daniel Keelan for Township Council

Hello. My name is Dan Keelan and I am running on the Democratic Ticket for Hamilton Township (Mercer) Council.

I will be blogging here to do a couple of things:

1) Express a point of view

2) Provide facts about issues in my Township

3) Use this as a sounding board to find out what resonates

4) Hone my messages

I hope to get your feedback and comments.

Quote of the Day: “This isn’t over”

This story in the Mercer County Community College Voice should not to be missed. A professor was teaching a State and Local politics class talking about how they would fix our budget problem. When the issue of double dipping came up, the Professor gave the example of the the county Sheriff, who can collect his salary as sheriff while collecting his pension in retirement at the same time.

A student in the class sent the Sheriff a text message regarding the comments, who then showed up with an aide at the class! After talking to the Professor outside and getting an apology in front of the class, we get this:

Both Buckley and Grindlinger report Sheriff Larkin as saying, “This isn’t over,” on his way out of the classroom. According to Buckley, Larkin’s aide, who was waiting outside the classroom, said as the classroom door was closing, “You’re a terrible teacher, you should get your facts from a book.”

He couldn’t have waited to voice his displeasure to the professor until after the class ended? I think the students learned more than they ever thought they would in that class after the interruption. The Sheriff just succeeded in making the story bigger by crashing the class.  

Mercer County for Obama kicks off canvassing effort

Exactly 101 days before the election, Mercer County for Obama held its first canvass of the season in Ewing, Hamilton, Trenton and Lawrence. Some 20 volunteers filed into Josh Zeitz HQ at 9:30 AM on Saturday for a day of voter registration canvassing in Hamilton and Lawrence townships. After a brief canvass training from Obama grassroots leader Liz Lempert and remarks from Congressional candidate Josh Zeitz and Freeholder Dan Benson, canvassers gathered packets, pins, literature and voter registration forms and set off for their canvassing locations.

My canvass partner and I hit the road some time after 10 AM and drove a mile to our canvass turf, a heavily black neighborhood near the Hamilton-Trenton border. The residents greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm, and we ran out of Obama buttons in little more than a block or two. At one door, we helped register a man who was convicted of a felony decades ago and has long been out of the system, but had never registered to vote because he thought he was not allowed to. (In New Jersey, convicted felons may register to vote after they have completed any sentence, parole or probation.) We registered several people in their thirties and forties who had never voted before. In just a few hours, we collected nine completed voter registration forms and left about a half-dozen others with residents who asked for them.

I posted some pictures from yesterday’s event below the fold, and more on Flickr. You can read more about Saturday’s canvass at the Mercer for Obama website.

Benson Wins Mercer Freeholder Seat

Former Hamilton councilman and Assembly candidate Dan Benson has just won the special election to fill the Mercer County freeholder seat vacated by Elizabeth Muoio.

He will be sworn in on Tuesday.

Also challenging for the seat were “former Hamilton council candidate John Cimino, Princeton Borough Councilman Andrew Koontz, Mercer County Central Labor Council President and Hamilton resident Mike Maloney and Trenton civic activist Alysia Welch-Chester.”

Update: John Cimino and Lucy Walter also won the Democratic line to run for freeholder in Mercer.