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NJ First State With Medical Marijuana TV Ads

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Turns out NJ is the first state to have medical marijuana ads on the television. The website MarijuanaDoctors.com equates buying pot from a unregistered dealer with buying sushi on the street, which is kind of funny, but kind of stupid. For folks who already buy on the street it’s not a convincing argument, but for a grandma who needs it for glaucoma or a formerly straight-edge cancer patient, I can see it making a difference in how and where they buy.

All in all, though, it seems odd to have an exchange that will find you a doctor willing to prescribe one particular type of medicine rather than finding doctors to address certain types of conditions.

BloodThinnerDoctor.com would be weird, and ProteaseInhibitorDoctor.com even weirder. But I guess with not all doctors willing to prescribe this particular drug due to it’s controversial nature, it makes sense. Kind of.

On Cancer in New Jersey

In 2011, there were 49,080 people in New Jersey who were diagnosed with cancer for the first time.  In the same year, 16,370 New Jerseyans died of the disease while countless others suffered its debilitating effects.

During his campaign for the United States Senate, Tea Party darling Steve Lonegan made it clear that he opposes improving the overall health of the American people by railing against Obamacare.

Now Lonegan wants to carpetbag in the Third Congressional District and run for the open seat being vacated by Jon Runyan. Lonegan’s Democratic opponent would be Burlington County Freeholder Aimee Belgard.

Compare their views on health care:

When questioned on this topic, Lonegan said, “I hate to see you have cancer, but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Belgard, on the other hand, has devoted years to cancer fundraising, research, and care as a volunteer executive with the American Cancer Society.

What type of person do we want in Congress? A man whose responses are flippant and uncaring? Or a woman whose actions speak louder than words?

Beyond Obamacare

Healthcare.gov will be fixed. People will sign up and reap the benefits of universal health coverage starting in January. So what’s next?

No doubt, the Republicans will continue their quest to reverse the limited progress made to date. They will try to deny coverage to many, eliminate the cap on “administrative” costs to insurance carriers, and cut preventative care, which saves lives and money.

Democrats are counting on the projected ubiquity and success of Obamacare after January to lock it in and to shut down the GOP’s incessant and futile efforts to repeal. They’re wrong. Just take a look at other successful programs like Food Stamps. The Republicans are not hesitant to take food from children and veterans in the name of fiscal responsibility. They’re not even hesitant to shut down the government in the name of fiscal responsibility either, knowing that their shutdown cost tens of billions of dollars. And some Democrats are complicit, confusing “blackmail” with “compromise.”

But for now, let’s assume Obamacare survives the wounds being inflicted by the mean-spirited GOP. Like Medicare and Social Security, the Affordable Care Act will be meshed within the fabric of society while still being constantly attacked. So what’s next?

Why I’m not watching the Lance Armstrong interviews

First of all, I have to tell you I’m the one who added 2 pictures here of Alex. He wouldn’t have done it. He looks damn good, but he’s humble. [Left, he gets his first ‘survivor’s rose.’ On next page, running, feet not touching the ground]. Alex is my friend and our first conversation ever was about cancer. I asked Alex to write this; Lance Armstrong to him is more than a bicycle, and more than a lie. – Rosi

Alex - LIVESTRONGI’m a cancer survivor. In fact, I’ve faced this disease twice so far and have seen my life forever changed by it in ways good and bad. It’s a disease that we will all face either as patients or as caregivers at some point in our lives. Here in New Jersey this year, just under 50,000 people will be diagnosed and 16,000 will die from cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Many of us have a personal story to tell about our cancer experience. There are the lives lost to this disease, such as that of the late Congressman Donald Payne. And then there are stories of people who have survived the disease, people like US Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Donald Payne flown home on medical transport plane

220px-Donald_Payne,_Official_Portrait,_c122th_CongressRep. Donald Payne was flown home to Newark this morning via medical transport plane, according to his son Newark Council President Donald Payne, Jr.. Star-Ledger quotes his son:

“We’re still a bit optimistic, but I mean you know it is what it is. It’s cancer.”

The NJ-10 congressman, 77, is being treated for colon cancer, which he made public in January. He has said he has no plans to step down or take a leave of absence and wants to retain his seat.

We wish the congressman the best outcome possible, and the peace and quiet he may need to fight his illness.  

Rep. Donald Payne has colon cancer

220px-Donald_Payne,_Official_Portrait,_c122th_CongressPer AP and a statement emailed out tonight to press, Rep. Donald Payne is acknowledging that he is undergoing treatment for colon cancer.

We wish the congressman well, and hope for his recovery.

From his statement:

“I wish to inform my constituents of the 10th Congressional District of New Jersey, my colleagues in the United States Congress, and my many friends as well as supporters that I am under the care of an outstanding medical team for the treatment of colon cancer. They expect my full recovery, as do I.”

Newark West Ward Councilman Ron C. Rice has been considering entering the race, but he has not yet formally announced. Last night, Rice was in Washington, D.C. for a fundraising event for the Ron C. Rice Congressional Exploratory Committee. Payne is up for re-election this year, and his statement does not say if he intends to run again. Payne first came to Congress in 1989.  

Who Would Have Thought That Cancer Screenings Could Become Political?

Michele is Planned Parenthood’s Executive Director in New Jersey.

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Oh, right.  Women in New Jersey took a big hit in 2010, when Gov. Christie decided to eliminate a $7.4 million budget line that helped fund cancer screenings – including Pap tests and clinical breast exams.  This funding supported services for over 136,000 patients; for many without insurance or other access to care, Planned Parenthood had been their primary source of health care.  Despite overwhelming pressure to reinstate funding, the Governor has repeatedly refused to do so.
Yesterday the deeply disappointing news broke about the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation's recent decision to cease funding for breast health and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers.  It’s sad – and so telling – that the Komen Foundation, an organization that shares in Planned Parenthood’s mission of protecting women’s health, would succumb to right-wing political pressure by refusing to help fund programs that provide life-saving cancer screenings to nearly 750,000 women nationwide.