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E Pluribus Cleanum

Pipelines leaking toxic material into our water supply. Oil bomb trains traveling on antiquated infrastructure through our towns and villages. Fossil fuel plants spewing carcinogens into the air we breathe. These are the things we can look forward to if we conduct business as usual.

Today, a coalition of 36 environmental, religious, and activist groups announced the launch of a coalition to scrap  “business as usual” and jump start an aggressive campaign to address these problems.

Most of the actions taken by these individual groups to date have been in opposition of something – a pipeline through the Pinelands or processing of liquefied natural gas, a highly explosive and dangerous endeavor. Each group has done its own thing, often without specific goals other than to shut down a harmful project.

Now, the coalition is going head on with the dirty fuel industry by promoting the eventual elimination of these energy sources in favor of renewable energy. In a nutshell, they are proposing that our electricity be generated 100% from renewables by 2030, and the we totally eliminate dirty energy by 2050. These are realistic goals based academic research being conducted at Stanford University.

NJ Stem Cell Initiative – On November 6th we can do what Bush and the Radical Right refuse to do!

  21 days from today, New Jersey voters will vote on whether or not to have the state spend $45 million a year for the next 10 years on stem cell research. The funding would go toward advancing medical treatments and attracting leading scientists and research companies to the state.

  The New Jersey for Hope political committee is a group of citizen activists, medical professionals, and elected officials who have come together for the purpose of advocating the passage of the public Stem Cell Ballot Question.

  Today we are asking anyone who believes in the promise of stem cell research, who knows that Everybody Knows Somebody who could benefit from the promise of stem cell research, to support our campaign.

Support the campaign in New Jersey by contributing $21 today by visiting our website:

  Voting YES offers the best hope we have today for treating and curing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

  Stem cells also hold great promise in addressing spinal cord injuries and birth defects. Scientists are making tremendous progress. We want to do everything we can to support this research.

  George Bush and his band of Radical Republicans will stop at nothing to preserve their narrow and immoral agenda. They showed that when they attacked Michael J. Fox during the Missouri stem cell campaign, or a 12-year old who had the gall to benefit from a government administered health care program, or soldiers who dared to speak the truth about the debacle in Iraq. 

  And in New Jersey, it’s happening again. Disgusting lies, distortions and misrepresentations are being made by people who claim to support life but would just as soon see others suffer and die from diseases and injuries for which treatments and cures could be just around the corner.

  The progressive movement has created great momentum in California and Missouri with pro-cure victories at the ballot box. The Radical Right sees the New Jersey initiative as an opportunity to halt our progress and validate the George Bush extremist agenda.

  Please support us today so we can keep moving forward towards groundbreaking treatments and cures.

Again, New Jerseyans vote for Hope in just 21 days. Please consider contributing $21 today to our campaign to fund stem cell research by visiting www.njforhope.org

  Think of elections that have been lost by a narrow margin-what would we give to have a chance to change that? We don’t want to look back on New Jersey, the day after the election, and say, it might have been. We almost got half a billion for research-almost? Not good enough for so many who are depending on the treatments and cures that will come from stem cell research

  There are 21 days until the vote: let us use those days. We can make sure our stem cell research supporters know what is at stake, and rouse the State to turn out and vote, this coming November 6th, and stand up for stem cells!

  Also, be sure to read a profoundly moving Op-Ed authored by Carl Riccio, a longtime stem cell research advocate and a hero to New Jersey residents who favor stem cell research, that ran in last Sunday’s Bergen Record. In it, Carl makes a compelling argument for Voting YES on November 6th and what is at stake for Carl and all of us.

Read Carl Riccio’s Op-Ed Here

Obviously, if New Jersey wins, everybody wins– cures have no boundaries.

But first, the New Jersey Stem Cell Research Bond Act must pass.
Please support our efforts today.