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SaxtonWatch: Because it’s time to do what’s right

This is the first post of www.Saxtonwatch.org, where we will work to bring Jim Saxton’s real record into the public light.

Because of men like Jim Saxton, this country is headed in a dangerous direction.

Our reputation abroad is bruised and battered. Our armed forces are stretched to the breaking point with absolutely no guarantee that their sacrifice will make us one whit safer. Meanwhile, the National Guard is depleted in support of a badly managed war with no end in sight. These are Bush policies enabled by GOP Congressmen like Jim Saxton.

We are hemorrhaging jobs overseas. Take home pay is lower than ever. The hope of Stem Cell Research is still being stifled.  The cost of a college education is skyrocketing. And let’s not even get started about health insurance. Again, more Bush-era policies enabled by men like Jim Saxton which affect your pocketbook.

Close to two-thirds of our energy demands are met by foreign countries and there is no cure in sight for our petroleum addiction. There has been little push to pursue renewable energy sources as Bush and Cheney are oil men.  Oil men enabled by Rubber Stamping Republican minions like Jim Saxton.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Prosperity doesn’t have to be a cruel joke dangling in the face of an entire generation of Americans. Strength doesn’t have to mean taking on all comers until we are felled by the blood from a thousand cuts.

It is possible to have an America where “liberty and justice for all” is more than a slogan and a toss-off line for the party faithful. It is possible to meet our present day commitments without mortgaging our grandchildren’s future. It is possible to allow growth and industrial innovation without erasing our hard-fought environmental protections.

But change doesn’t come of its own accord. It needs new leaders and new voices. It needs new people to push in new directions. Saxton’s record shows that he’s too much of the problem to be a part of the answer.

It’s time for a change.

The only way to begin making that change is to expose Jim Saxton and his record.  He tries to portray himself as a moderate, but the reality is very different from the appearance he would like you to see.

Saxton Watch will keep a close eye on the Congressman from New Jersey’s 3rd District to bring his real record into the public light for the voters to make a fully informed decision on Election Day in November 2008.