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What’s Happening Today Tue. 09/03/2013

Post Labor Day, election efforts now pick up for our State legislators: All 120 seats will be on the ballot in November. It’s time to get involved in donating and helping our candidates. Incumbents (generally) rule, but some seats are more tenuous than others and call out for help.

Below is a list of incumbents in the primaries who received less votes than their challengers – preceded by their legislative district and an asterisk to denote the incumbent. The fact that an incumbent got less votes than a challenger is not an indication that the person will lose (primaries are peculiar animals), but it can raise a flag and suggests that the Democrats in the race merit more assistance. Likewise, the fact that Democratic Assembly challengers like Marie Corfield (16th) and Ed Zipprich (11th ) received less votes than the incumbents serves as an incentive for Democrats to provide additional help.  

  •  Senate: 1st, Jeff Van Drew* (D), Susan Schmidt (R); 2nd, Jim Whelan* (D), Frank Balles (R); 7th, Diane Allen* (R), Gary Catrambone (D); 27th, Richard Codey* (D), Lee Holtzman (R); 38th, Bob Gordon* (D), Fernando Alonzo (R). 8th, no incumbent: Peter Barnes (D), David Stahl (R). 14th very close race with incumbent ahead by 61 votes: Linda Greenstein* (D), Peter Inverso (R).
  • Assembly: 1st, Nelson Albano* (D) & Bob Andrzejczak* (D), Sam Fiocchi (R) & Kristine Gabor (R); 27th, John McKeon* (D) & Mila Jasey* (D), Angelo Tedesco (R) & Laura Ali (R); 38th, Timothy Eustace* (D) & Connie Wagner* (D) who dropped out from the race and was replaced by Joseph Lagana, Joan Fragala (R) & Joseph Scarpa (R). 14th, close race: Wayne DeAngelo* (D) & Daniel Benson* (D), Steve Cook (R) & Ronald Haas (R).

    Senator Robert Menendez: 2:30pm, presides over the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Syria Hearing with testimony from Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey, Washington, D. C. Live webcast here or probably CSPAN.

    Buono, Silva to Unveil Plan to Improve Higher Education in New Jersey: With thousands of students opting to leave the Garden State every year, the Buono/Silva campaign today presents a plan to lower tuition costs at public colleges and universities, reinvest in county colleges and improve vocational skills. (See Public Schedule below.)

    Public Schedules (your opportunity to cheer or jeer):

    Buono/Silva Campaign: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono and Lt. gubernatorial candidate Milly Silva: 11:30am, Higher Education Press Conference, Rutgers University, Brower Commons, New Brunswick; Barbara Buono: 6:00pm, Hawthorne Democrats Cocktail Party, Brownstone House, 351 W. Broadway, Paterson.

    Governor and gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie: 11:00am, makes an announcement about New Jersey Institute of Technolog, Summit St., outside NJIT’s Central King Building, Newark; 2:00pm, Gotham Burger Co., 1383 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck.

    Email items for this column the evening before to BillOrr563@gmail.com.

  • What’s Happening Today Wed. 08/28/2013

    Blue Jersey Badge of Honor: This badge is bestowed upon those rudely insulted by Gov. Christie. Today we bestow the badge on Sen. Bob Gordon (D-38). A few days ago, Gov. Christie petulantly said,”I am so tired of Bob Gordon, I can’t stand him.” Many have served our state, but some, too many to list, have been nastily denigrated by our state’s leader. They must be honored.  

    “Christie: Jersey Shore not ready for another major storm” is yesterday’s Bergen Record headline. Chris Palmer posts in Blue Jersey on Facebook: “So according to Christie we’re stronger than storms. But one more will kill the shore. Inconsistent much?”

    Help Ed Zipprich, Democratic Assemblyman candidate in LD 11. He needs to raise $3,000 by 9pm Thursday night in order to rent campaign office space. You can donate here and come to the grand opening. Let’s get rid of the three Republican critters inhabiting LD 11.

    Trenton voices: Today we hear from the The Citizens Campaign which yesterday brought Trenton residents together: Calvin Thomas: “Individuals that reside and live in the community need to make things happen.” Darren Green: “Instead of complaining about what’s wrong, we need to understand what’s wrong and how to collectively and legitimately resolve it.” Rachel Cogsville-Lattimer: “We have to have a collective voice.” To learn the skills you need to cause change in your community go here.

    Rev. Robert Moore, Coalition for Peace Action Director, and a group of prominent Egyptian Americans: 12:00pm, news conference to discuss ideas and planned actions for “A Way Forward for Peace and Democracy in Egypt,” Statehouse, Trenton.

    Public Schedules:

    Buono/Silva Gubernatorial campaign: 6:00pm, Barbara Buono, Milly Silva, Assemblyman Tom Giblin (D-34), Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28) and Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D-27), Bloomfield Office Opening, Buono for Governor Bloomfield Office, 73 Orchard St., Bloomfield.

    Governor & Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie: tour focused on the effort to help businesses impacted by superstorm Sandy reopen: 11:30am, Cape May Mall; 3pm, East Ocean Avenue & East Church Street, Sea Bright; 7pm, New Jersey 101.5′s “Ask the Governor.” Was such awesome damage done to Cape May as to seriously impact businesses? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t stop Christie from visiting there on our dime to do campaigning.

    U. S. Senate candidate Mayor Cory Booker: This morning, a speech detailing proposals to the criminal justice system, including changes to drug sentencing policy, Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church, Jersey City. Dr. Martin Luther King spoke there eight days before his assassination in 1968.

    U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and Newark Councilman Ras Baraka, a mayoral candidate: 3:00pm, address a rally marking the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Lincoln Park, Newark.

    Email items for this column the evening before to BillOrr563@gmail.com.  

    Vampire Charter Schools, Wealth, and Democracy

    Check out this post from Daily Kos. It’s about the very wealthy in California being dissatisfied that their own neighborhood didn’t have its own school district and was mixed in with the great unwashed of the surrounding area, forming a charter school without the approval of the district, and then taking taxpayer money to run their own elite little school district. Like one quarter of US charter schools (!) this charter school doesn’t participate in programs providing free or reduced price school lunches for kids. While those programs have been, um, found to have certain problems in Elizabeth as of late, to not participate at all is like saying “no poor kids allowed.”

    Could a vampire gated school happen here?

    I’m no expert on education policy. But I know a few things. I pay a lot of property taxes, which isn’t great. But the one saving grace is that we have good schools – though we’ve been hurt by Chris Christie’s aid cuts. I feel better knowing that much of my taxes are going to our township’s schools.

    But – wait a second – under NJ charter law, which Christie is promoting – the Christie Administration could choose to come in and divert some of my taxes to a school that only focuses on a particular population, without our school board or governing body having any say on it.

    More below the fold…

    Bill to Decriminalize small amounts of Marijuana garners 18 co-sponsors.

    22,439 people were arrested in New Jersey for possessing less than 50 grams* of cannabis in 2009.

    FreedomIsGreen.Com, a local blog devoted to advancing more enlightened cannabis policy in New Jersey is reporting an an intriguing new bill on the Assembly docket that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in the Garden State.

    The bill, which already has 18 co-sponsors (5 from the GOP) was introduced by Assemblymen Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) and Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris), the same bi-partisan duo that introduced the state’s nascent medical marijuana law.

    We need your help to stop S-1!

    Sen. Ray Lesniak denied housing, anti-poverty and enviro advocates from being heard when his questionable S-1 housing legislation was heard in committee. So, they get a hearing here. I don’t those two opportunities are equal, though, do you? Yeah, neither do I. They have put forward an alternative housing policy that deserves the legislature’s consideration. And they’re asking your help, Blue Jersey, in asking key lawmakers not to post S-1, but to open up the process. Can you help, Blue Jersey? Here’s the contact info: Speaker Sheila Oliver (973-395-1166) Housing Committee Chair Asm Jerry Green (908-561-5757) & Vice-Chair Asw Mila Jasey. (973-762-1886) – promoted by Rosi Efthim

    For the past several months, we have been updating you on the ineffective, unconstitutional housing legislation proposed by Sen. Lesniak, S-1, which unfairly asks first-ring suburbs and South Jersey to do more than many wealthier North Jersey towns. The Assembly is deciding what to do about S-1, and we need your help.

    The bill passed the Senate last week with the Democratic caucus closely divided between supporters and opposition/abstainers – and the Republicans nearly unanimously in support behind Gov. Christie’s charge to gut the state’s requirements that towns may not use their zoning to keep out low- and moderate-income people – and do so no later than June 30. We thank those who voted against the bill – Sen. Weinberg who released this excellent statement today, Sen. Rice, and Sen. Turner – and also Sen. Norcross who has spoken at length on the problems with S-1 and why he abstained.

    Thursday, S-1 heads to the Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee. The question is whether the Assembly will roll over and pass a deeply flawed bill in order to meet Gov. Christie’s arbitrary deadline, or actually allow the public process that the Senate shut down – to a degree so extreme that NO public testimony was allowed on the bill the Senate voted on.

    A wide range of groups – the NAACP, environmentalists, special needs housing providers, and housing advocates – proposed an alternative housing policy to replace COAH today. You can download an overview here. We had intended to present these ideas to the Senate and weren’t allowed to do so.

    According to an article in the Asbury Park Press, Speaker Oliver is undecided about whether to post S-1 for a vote. We need your help to ask Assembly members to ask Speaker Oliver – and Housing Committee Chair Green and Vice-Chair Jasey – to not post S-1, and instead have an open public process to work on an alternative that actually meets the need for homes near jobs and transit instead of encouraging sprawl, recognizes differences between towns, treats all parts of the state fairly, and is constitutional.

    Please e-mail me at adamgordon@fairsharehousing.org tomorrow if you are able to reach out to any members of the Assembly – thank you for your support!

    PS Thank you Rosi for the help with making our diaries look better (i.e. HTML 101)!

    WAGG’s Women Equality Day Press Conference w/ Loretta

    Promoted by Jason Springer: It was a day to celebrate the accomplishments of Women in Government, while knowing they still have more work ahead. Thanks for posting the diary.

    Women Advocating Good Government recognized the first ever candidates for Lt. Gov both being women.  Photos courtesy of Jeannine LaRue, Chair-Elect of WAGG.

    Myra Terry, former president of NOW NJ and founder of WAGG, introduced Ingrid Reed, saying

    “We look to the first ever Lt Gov. to have real influence in matters of state and to be an effective arm of the executive office.”

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Ingrid Reed, Policy Analyst and New Jersey Project Director at Eagleton, talked about the importance of being at the table when redistricting happens after next years Census, mentioning

    3 NJ legis. districts are won by less than 5% of the vote

    8 districts are between 5 and 15%

    3/4 of the 40 districts are won by more than 15% of the vote

    “Women do well in competitive districts and when there are open seats.”

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Update by Jason: I split the diary and there are more great pictures along with the rest of the story below the fold.

    Women in New Jersey’s Legislature (w/Poll)

    When 2007 began, women held just 23 of the 120 seats in the New Jersey Legislature. That’s only 7 women in the Senate out of 40, and only 16 Assemblywomen out of 80. Of those 23 female legislators, 16 were Democrats, including 5 of the 7 Senators.

    What a difference a day week year can make. Turns out, my predictions last week kinda sorta came true, with the recent unpleasantness producing two brand new Assemblywomen, Elease Evans (LD-35) and Mila Jasey (LD-27), and a very likely winner this fall added to the 38th District ballot, Connie Wagner.

    Add them to primary winners earlier this year – likely future Senators Dana Redd (LD-5), Teresa Ruiz (LD-29), and Sandra Cunningham (LD-31); and likely future Assemblywomen Cleopatra Tucker (LD-28), Grace Spencer (LD-29) and Caridad Rodriguez (LD-33), and suddenly, the Legislature is starting to feel a little more estrogenated. Without a single upset in November, we’re already looking at a record 10 women in the Senate (8 of them Democrats), and a record 21 women in the Assembly (16 of them Democrats).

    That’s right – there will be more Democratic women in the legislature next year than there are women total there now. Historic, yes. But, still nowhere near where we ought to be.

    Of course, there’s still more story to tell, because it wouldn’t be election season if there weren’t a cool upset or two brewing. With a record number of women challenging Republicans all over the state, how many more women do you think can land in the legislature next year?

    *Take the poll* on the flip (and share the reasons for your votes in the comments):