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“A new day dawns on Bergen County”

Sen. Bob Menendez, who now lives in the county, stated the above at the swearing in ceremony of James J. Tedesco as County Executive. Joan Voss, incoming Freeholder Chairwoman, exclaimed, “What a wonderful way to begin 2015.” The ceremony started with the colors, bagpipes and drums with further remarks from Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Bill Pascrell, re-elected Sheriff Michael Saudino (a Republican) and State Senate President Steve Sweeney. The Bergen Community College theater had an overflow audience including Sen. Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg and many other state legislators, local mayors, and councilmen (including Republicans) as well as John Currie state Democratic chair and Lou Stellato, county Democratic chair.

Jim Tedesco, a former councilman, mayor, freeholder and always a fireman set a high tone. Echoing Abraham Lincoln he said, “I have pledged to preside over a government of the people, by the people and for the people… It is my contract with the residents that good government will never yield to politics, that solutions will always trump ideology, and the voices of democracy will be heard… The doors of my administration are open to you.” The Oath of Office was administered by former governor and current State Senator Dick Codey who had performed the same task for Tedesco twice before.  

State Democrats want to know: What are your priorities? Well, NJDSC, here are mine.

Dropping into my inbox today – yours too, probably – is one from NJ state Democrats informing me they want – no, “need” – to know what my 2015 priorities are. What issues I – you, we – want to see action on, presumably from them.

Frankly, I like all the choices. But what I really want from NJDSC is not on the list (‘ll post their list, with link, on the jump).  See, it’s unclear to me from their issues list if it’s Democratic legislators asking or NJDSC, in which case I’m not certain how much sway they can exercise in determining legislative agenda or policies. For that matter, I also wonder how much control the party can exercise over Democrats who don’t act like Democrats. Who trade core principles for personal power or for payback obligations to unelected power-brokers.

That’s a big problem for me. I think most of those running the state party are of good faith, including Chair John Currie (a class act), Lizette Delgado Polanco (breath of fresh air), and staff including Chris James & Jennifer Holdsworth (a lot of skill & energy there). These are good, hardworking individuals. But I think we need course correction, I think most of them know it better than I do, and as we operate as a party, I think we can do better.

Below, the state Dems’ issues survey (all good), and what I suggest to bump up the energy level:

NJ05. Yup. This is now a thing:

Moderate Republicans for Roy Cho

And so is this.

The Cho campaign is calling in their chits. They want, and deserve, a big supportive crowd tonight. A skittish Scott Garrett has declined to attend a candidate forum that Roy Cho will walk into with boffo national press, polling showing him hot on Garrett’s heels, and a formal request from his state party chair for merited DCCC resources. It’s a bad week to be Scott Garrett. Al Doblin’s even reminding voters that in 2008 the debate-phobic – and, uh, tone-deaf – Garrett sent a blind Jewish man to speak for him at a temple against opponent Dennis Shulman, a blind rabbi. Awkward.

TONIGHT: 5th Congressional District Candidate Forum

7:00 – 9:00pm

Temple Israel and Jewish Community Center

475 Grove Street

Ridgewood, NJ