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Jon Corzine talks about providing health care to NJ kids

The video’s called Health Care, New Jersey and Jon Corzine. In it, the Governor talks about his son’s open heart surgery as a little boy, how he understands parents would be scared to death faced with a sick child and no help.

So, as governor, he’s made sure health insurance is available for every child. The Census Bureau announced NJ increased its health insurance by 11% – signing up over 90,000 Jersey kids since he became governor. Watch:

I think this is a very good piece, and it begs the question: What if NJ families didn’t have that kind of health and support? Think Chris Christie will make that a priority? He sure hasn’t so far.

Corzine campaign continues focus on Education

The Governor has been focusing on education lately. He started with an Op-Ed talking about how “children only get one shot at being a child – one chance at a quality education.” Yesterday, he touted the efforts of his administration in the area of school construction and 45 new schools since 2006:

During a tour of Perth Amboy’s new early childhood center today, Gov. Jon Corzine announced the state has completed 45 new schools since January 2006.

Corzine said since 2006, the state School Development Authority has invested $5.3 billion in projects, which have generated an estimated 45,800 jobs and created 45,000 new student seats.

The day before, Corzine watched the President’s speech with school children in Camden and cited statistics showing improvement in closing the achievement gap:

The governor also cited a recent report by the National Center for Education Statistics that shows New Jersey is one of only three states to narrow the achievement gap between black and white students in fourth grade reading and one of only 15 states to narrow the gap in fourth grade math between 1992 and 2007.

“We have a moral commitment to improve educational opportunities for the children of Camden and throughout New Jersey,” Corzine said. “These results are a clear validation of our state’s intense focus and commitment to preschool and early literacy interventions over the past few years and of our shared commitment to early childhood education.”

Mayor Booker talked about education and the strong partnership he has with the Governor in this video put out by the campaign:

There’s more below the fold including a contrast with Christie turning down stimulus funds and more accomplishments the campaign is touting.

The big Cover Up!

I just read in the star Ledgar editorials  NJ DYFS is now going to keep children’s deaths that occurr do to their neglect a secret. The media wil no longer be able to report kids who get killed by the system. The biggest reforms to the system came about due to public outrage over deaths in the system. Now no one will know. Kids in the system don’t stand a chance.



President Obama signs Frank Pallone’s Children’s Health Insurance Law

Since Congressman Frank Pallone is the Sponsor (or Author) of the Children’s Health Insurance Program legislation that Barack Obama is signing into law today, I think he deserves some frontpage space:

On this historic day, I am reminded of a quote from the Pulitzer Prize winning American author, Pearl Buck.  She said, ‘If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all.’

“While I am hopeful this day will be one of celebration, it comes nearly two years after Deamonte Driver, a young boy from suburban Maryland, lost his life because his family lost its health insurance.

“This simply should not happen in America.  And if Congress does not act today, I cannot help but think of the millions of other children whose lives will be put at risk simply because they do not have access to health coverage.

“There can be no greater cause or worthier goal than protecting the well-being of our nation?s children.  I emphasize this point now, at a time when parents are forced to make tough financial decisions—do they keep their families’ health insurance or do they put food on the table at night.  During this economic recession, these kinds of decisions are unfortunately becoming more common.  Over the past year alone, 4.1 million people have lost their employer-based health care coverage, including 1.2 million children.  

This will be a great improvement in the lives of many children thanks to the Democrats, and yes, some Republicans, who supported the program.

Poll Says Wyka Can Win

Parsippany, October 21-Although New Jersey’s 11th Congressional district has long been considered a Republican stronghold, unaffiliated voters will determine the outcome of the 2008 race, and those who are aware of Democratic challenger Tom Wyka strongly support him.

The 11th Congressional district consists of all of Morris County, plus parts of Somerset, Essex, Sussex and Passaic Counties. Although the 11th is believed to be a Republican majority district, the largest group of registered voters within the district are “unaffiliated,” and the percentage of registered Democrats is growing, particularly in the eastern portion of the district. As of September 2008, there were 150,000 unaffiliated voters, 135,000 Republicans, and 95,000 Democrats.

“We calculate that Tom needs 65% of the unaffiliated vote in order to win the seat,” says Milin Shah, Campaign Coordinator of Wyka for Congress. “Our current polling indicates that 26% of the unaffiliated voters are undecided, with 49% leaning Democratic and 25% leaning Republican. If we can get our message out to those undecided unaffiliated voters, we will win.”

“Both candidates had surprisingly low name recognition among unaffiliated voters. Only 9% of the unaffiliated voters could name their current Congressman, as opposed to 2% who could name Wyka. But only 11% of the unaffiliateds who could name Frelinghuysen supported him. That’s compared to 100% support for Wyka among the unaffiliated voters who could name him,” said Shah.

Wyka’s campaign message focuses heavily on the incumbent’s voting record. Shah said, “Since 2006, more and more people have been paying attention to how Frelinghuysen has been voting. For years, he’s sent out newsletters that talk about how he ‘works with’ various groups and ‘supports’ their causes. So people are really stunned to discover that he doesn’t necessarily vote for the things he claims to work for and support. Voters deserve to know that their Congressman has voted against the best interest of homeowners, women, children, vets, and seniors. Rodney has voted against equal pay for men and women, voted against reforming the mortgage industry and against consumer protection in the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights; voted against children’s healthcare, voted against expanding Medicare. Environment New Jersey says that Frelinghuysen’s environmental voting record is ‘dismal.’ Frelinghuysen is one of the lowest-rated members of Congress in the entire country in the eyes of Disabled Veterans of America and continues to vote in lockstep with the Bush administration on the war in Iraq but often failed to vote to support the troops when they come home. In contrast, Tom Wyka has been endorsed by the National Organization for Women, the New Jersey Education Association, and the Council for a Livable World’s Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy. Our campaign will continue to inform the electorate about Rodney’s voting record, and we are optimistic that on election day New Jersey’s District 11 will send Tom Wyka to Congress.”






Number of the Day: 11,000

The New York Times tells what Bush has done:

11,000 children in low- and middle-income families in New Jersey who will no longer be covered by the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or S-Chip, under new federal income eligibility rules.

Scott Garrett, in the same article, says he is glad.

Call Jim Saxton and Chris Smith Today

Today is the House of Representative’s vote on the final version of the SCHIP bill to fund health insurance for children.  Only the extreme right wing is against this bill, but sure enough, Bush threatens to veto it.  The Senate already has a veto-proof majority, but we need more supporters in the House.  Jim Saxton and Chris Smith have been identified as our best prospects.  (All our Democrats, as well as LoBiondo and Ferguson, are on board, so you can thank them.)

The House switchboard is (202) 224-3121.

New Jersey’s Unprogressive Attitude towards Families with Little Children

This is a bit of a technical post, but it illustrates yet another instance where New Jersey is far less progressive and anti-family than many other states.

After waiting for most of a year, my child was accepted into a local daycare this past month.  It’s a good daycare but it costs a bit of money.  So I was very happy to learn that I could pay for some of the expenses using pre-tax dollars using a Dependent Care Spending Account that the state of New Jersey has for state workers (Note: Any employer can set up such a plan under IRS rules, so this isn’t a special perk for state workers.). 

Unfortunately, there’s a hitch.  Normally, you can only enroll in these plans with a pre-determined amount during a single Open Enrollment period late in the previous tax year.  But how would I have known that I would have had such expenses last year since some kids never get off the waiting list for day care?  Hmm.  Apparently in NJ, you have to have ESP because in other states ….