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Remembering a Progressive hero: Frank Herbert’s story

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with one of the best public servants New Jersey has ever produced.

He is not well-known even in Democratic circles, let alone the state of New Jersey, and he last served in public office when Leonid Brezhnev was Premier of the USSR.

Frank Herbert, however is definitely not someone to forget, particularly if you’re a New Jersey Democrat or – even more so – a progressive.

You see, Frank Herbert did 2 things that New Jerseyans and progressives should forever be grateful for:

1) He pushed for and got the Legislature to pass the law that created New Jersey Transit, a system that provides business and social lifelines for hundreds of thousands of our residents.

2) He is the only candidate in New Jersey history to win a Federal election as a write-in candidate. In doing so, he saved the Democratic Party from nominating a Holocaust-denying, KKK-loving extremist.

His story is in the extended section below.  

A grand old Democrat takes one for the team in NJ…again

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Starting today, I’m going to be concentrating on New Jersey’s legislative races, which are up this November. New Jersey, while nominally a Democratic state has many pockets of Republican strength remaining, and I’ll be working this fall to add some blue to those “reddish” areas of the state. More about that soon.

Tonight, however I want to tell an inspirational tale from the “heartland” of Republican New Jersey: Morris County. The Democratic candidate in question is running for the State Senate in District 25, against Republican incumbent Anthony Bucco. He has no website, no blog, and no money. He is in many ways your typical “sacrificial lamb” candidate. Yet Frank Herbert is in some respects very, very different from the sacrificial lamb type. Let me tell you about him and his remarkable story.