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You Can’t Fix Things with Bad Policy

Promoted from the diaries by njdem:  I think this is an interesting discussion

As an employee of a state university, I was particularly struck with the horror that unfolded at Virginia Tech several months ago.  At the time, I was teaching one class that met in a basement room with windows that were designed not to be opened located about nine feet above the floor.  Another class met on the fourth floor of a building.  I’m well aware of being the leading authority figure in the classroom and that even student-on-student violence is likely to involve me as well.

I’m glad that the all-too-obvious vulnerability of students and faculty at our schools is being taken seriously.  I can’t help but think, though, that Barbara Buono’s proposal to put internal door locks on doors isn’t going to do much good – and it could cause some very real problems.

“With the escalation of guns and violence in our schools, we need to be proactive and rethink our strategies to keep our
children safe and secure,” said Buono, a Middlesex County Democrat. “No strategy is foolproof. This adds a layer of
protection that security cameras and metal protectors do not provide.”

She’s right that no strategy is foolproof.  But door locks are not the protection she seems to think they are.  Join me after the page flip.