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Blue Jersey’s (latest) Media Whore

For those of you who missed the teaser in this morning’s roundup, here’s the photograph that accompanied the hardcopy from today’s Herald News.

The piece deals with an intriguing question of the (expanding) role of new media (blogs, vlogs, podcasts, blogtalkradio, et al)  within the political landscape.  And yes, that is Rutgers #1 fan Jeff Gardner, also of Blue Jersey fame, there in the pic.


Caption: Jeff Gardner, campaign manager for Hawthorne Democrats seeking Borough Council seats, does his weekly podcast about statewide Democratic issues from his Hawthorne home.  Most campaigns this election season, however, still rely mostly on fliers and lawn signs. Image: Michael Karas

Adler sends regrets. Hint: he had a really good excuse! (+POLL!)

With the S-CHIP bugaboo at a fevered pitch, I was hoping we could get NJ Sen John Adler onto Blue Jersey BlogTalkRadio over the weekend.  I reckoned Sen. Adler — who’s running for Congress — would welcome the opportunity to share his views on the timely topic of kid’s health care. 

Just to review:  incumbent GOP Congressman Jim Saxton has the best healthcare taxpayer money can buy.  But when it comes to making allowances for children’s healthcare, Jim Saxton would rather stand by the President.  (Nothing new to look at for Blue Jersey readers, but the context is necessary if folks do a Google search to learn about  this race.)

Anyway, I wasn’t able to track Sen. Adler down, but that’s okay he had a really good reason for being incommunicado. 


I had an intense two day training session with top members of Congresss, leading political consultants, and many of the top tier challenge candidates for 2008, including several open seat candidates.

Billed as a sort of “bootcamp” for top tier candidates, the DCCC — along  with AFSCME — has hosted such events for the past several cycles.  In ’06, twelve alums from this bootcamp went on to unseat an incumbent GOP rival. 

(So while John Adler was in Chicago honing the stragety, the Blue Jersey BlogTalkRadio juggernaut rolled on.  If you missed our show, click here and get with the program!)

It’s not surprising that the more steam John Adler gathers, the louder the chatter becomes that Jim Saxton will retire, at least locally. 

To that I can only say: SAXTON BETTER NOT RETIRE!!

After getting clobbered by Jim Saxton in ‘o6, I want another chance to beat him fair and square.  I want the satisfaction of the victory dance after the election is over.  (Sports fans, you know the one.)

For democrats in NJ-3 like me, we deserve to muse about a victory dance.  After twentysomething years of Jim Saxton’s bilge, it’s  been a looooong time coming.

P.S.: Take the poll (after the flip) and let us know what Congressional District you vote in!

Blue Jersey Radio: the Nobel Edition

Three out of four Blue Jersey Radio listeners say that nothing goes better with mid-morning bloody marys than tuning into Blue Jersey BlogTalkRadio every Saturday at 10:30am.

Tomorrow will be an especially gifted-n-talented episode featuring Trenton’s best dish, your phone calls and New Jersey’s biggest Al Gore fan, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora.

If you’re not too hungover from the Nobel prize after after party, then please join us live, Saturday 10:30am. And remember, your phonecalls are the wind beneath our wings.  So use it or lose it:  (646) 652-2773


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Blue Jersey’s 30 Minute Ab Workout

Have you heard the latest installment of Blue Jersey BlogTalkRadio? 

Of course we air live every Saturday morning, but each episode is available for download.  I must confess the response to our radio show have been uneven thus far.

For example: 

You guys are morons.  If you feel you must continue this little radio show thing you really should practice a lot more.  Assholes!


I laughed so hard it was like a 30 minute ab workout.  You guys are HI-larious!

So take a listen and judge for yourself.

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