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Paid Volunteers Needed for Dennison Campaign!

Looking to make a few extra bucks while also helping to turn a red senate seat blue? Then help out Rich Dennison in the final push to Tuesday’s election, and get paid to volunteer for him. The schedule looks like this:

election day:
Sat 1-4pm ($30)
Sat 4:30-7:30pm ($30)
Sun 4:30-7:30pm ($30)
Tues 6am-8pm ($125 plus food) ($10 per hour for three hour blocks of time for those who can’t go the whole day plus food)

The office is in Willingboro, Burlington County.

Get in touch with the BurlCo Dems (info@burlcodems.com) or get in touch with me (msmartin_99@yahoo.com) for more information and to volunteer.

Just Got Back from Dennison-Codey Press Conference

Well, today was a day when Rich Dennison’s campaign to defeat out-of-touch incumbent Diane Allen received a shot in the arm: Former governor and current state senate president Dick Codey was kind enough to come down to Burlington for a press conference and rally for Dennison. Upon arriving in Burlington, I noted probably hundreds of Dennison/Anti-Allen signs everywhere, a most welcome sight.

On a cold, rainy day in New Jersey, a relatively large crowd assembled at the Burlington Township Municipal Center to hear Dennison and Codey speak, and few members of the press, including The Burlington County Times, were also there. Codey, who I was able to meet personally (and who commented favorably on my John Edwards button), spoke first at the press conference and mentioned how he’d like to have a fellow funeral director in the state senate and that Dennison would support increasing the minimum wage and other Democratic initiatives. Dennison spoke next and was thoughtful as always; he mentioned that the current budget mess could be traced back to the Whitman administration’s raiding of pension funds and that Diane Allen refused to fund the recent property tax relief included in the state budget.

Several other local officials and candidates were in attendance, including Dr. Tom Bader, the person who we hope will be the first Democratic freeholder in BurlCo in years, as well as last year’s shining star from the surrogate race, George Kotch. Afterwards, Kotch treated everyone to lunch at the Burlington Count Country Club, which was a very kind gesture, and Codey stayed to have lunch, too.

In short, the Dennison campaign is looking for an upset on election night, and this may very well happen, especially with the internal bickering between the Allen and her benefactors in the BurlCo GOP machine.

Rich Dennison’s State Senate Campaign Update

Much to the chagrin of Diane Allen, Rich Dennison, state senate candidate in district 7, is holding her accountable for her record and taking this campaign straight to her. 

Unfortunately, as discussed on Blue Jersey radio last week, Allen thinks so poorly of her constituents, that, not only does she vote against implementing property tax relief, but she refuses to face Dennison in a public forum. Dennison has repeatedly challenged her to a debate, yet Allen refuses to engage in any dialogue whatsoever and even withdrew from both a light rail forum and Burlington County Times forum when she found out Dennison was involved.

Within the past week, Dennison has filed an ethics complaint against Allen for having taxpayer-paid staffers follow him on the campaign trail, composed an thoughtful letter to the editor ,in The Burlington County Times on Allen, received a coveted endorsement from the Sierra Club, and confirmed a fundraiser and news conference with New Jersey’s former governor and current senate majority leader, Dick Codey.

Dennison writes in his BurlCo Times letter to the editor that

Without exception, at each of the five press conferences I have held outside of Allen’s office, at least one of Allen’s constituent office employees has come outside, taken notes and stood idle until my departure.

This, my friends, strains the boundaries of legality, since taxpayer-paid staff cannot work for a legislative campaign.

Isn’t it time that we retired Diane Allen permanently from her state senate position, one that she merely uses as a springboard for other political ambitions? It’s time for grassroots Democrats in and around this Democratic-leaning district to get behind Dennison’s campaign and provide the support and resources needed to carry him onto victory in November.

Diane Allen Reaches a New Level of Hypocrisy

After an anti-asset monetization editorial in Sunday’s edition of the Courier Post (article unavailable online), Sen. Diane Allen has possibly reached the height of her hypocrisy in her recent stands on state issues.  As we know from njdem’s  informative diary a few weeks ago, Sen. Allen voted for asset monetization when the Republicans were in power in 1999, supporting a bill that:

structured finance agreements as arrangements in which the state gets money in re turn for “all or a portion of its interest in state assets,” although it prohibits the outright sale of any state asset to a private investor

Strangely, in the Republicans’ anti-asset monetization (non)platform for the 2007 state election, they seem to have a selective amnesia concerning their support for such an idea when Whitman and the Republicans were still wielding power.

In the editorial, which is countered with a pro-asset monetization perspective from former state treasurer Bradley Abelow, Allen states that

“The state is spending more than it takes in, but the majority party refuses to stop splurging”

Nevermind that Allen voted for the boondoggle Whitman budgets that created the current deficit. Further, when one tries to find legislation that Allen co-sponsored and brought to the floor that would pay back state debt and/or increase revenue, the pickings are slim.

Allen’s moment of selective amnesia here not only neglects to mention her 1999 vote, but also has no specific ways for the state to reduce its debt and pay for current necessities, from open space funding to greater higher education expenditures, what Abelow likens to a family

living paycheck to paycheck, cutting back where they can.”

There are no hard decisions to offered in the Allen universe and no specific areas where the state budget should be cut.  Then again, Allen has only just begun reconnecting with her constituents and re-entering the public sphere now that an election looms, an election that she stands to lose to upstart candidate Rich Dennison.

Grassroots for Rich Dennison, State Senate (District 7)

Out of many promising Democratic campaigns for state senate this November, from Gina Ginovese’s attempt to unseat Tom Kean Jr. to Jim Whelan’s fight against ultra-conservative Sonny McCullough to Joseph Ariyan’s spirited campaign against Gerald Cardinale, there is another red-to-blue campaign that is gaining momentum each week and could result in the defeat of a Republican icon. In District 7, challenger Rich Dennison is winning accolades and headlines with his highly aggressive campaign to defeat entrenched incumbent and supposed “moderate” Diane Allen. The Burlington County Times Notes that:

Trying to pass Allen is Democratic Senate candidate Rich Dennison, a 30-year-old attorney from Florence, who is pressing her on everything from her recent vote against a state budget that provides $2.2 billion in property tax relief to her longtime support for President Bush.

Besides catching Allen acting as a partisan Republican in  voting against property tax relief in Corzine’s budget, Dennison, with the help of Blue Jersey, has caught Allen in a moment of sheer hypocrisy concerning the topic of asset monetization: She was in favor of it with Whitman before she was against it with Corzine.

For all the reasons that Allen is wrong for District 7, Dennison is right and represents the superior choice in this election.  On the national stage, Dennison has opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and wouldn’t short change our state’s veterans by refusing to vote against the troop surge bill as did Allen. Dennison has strong local ties to the community and grew up in a family whose field is education; Dennison’s experience in education and his campaign’s emphasis on increased funding for programs in education would be an asset for voters who share such concerns if elected to serve in Trenton. Dennison is incredibly strong on bread-and-butter issues affecting not only District 7 voters but all New Jerseyans, as evidenced by his stand on expanding health care to those who most need it, particularly uninsured children.

My experiences thus far with Dennison have revealed him to be a down-to-earth, humble and thoughtful person who would be one of our most capable and promising legislators in Trenton.  If elected, Dennison could serve much of his life in the state senate, since he is only 30, but he has an incredibly impressive resume thus far, from serving as a speechwriter in the Clinton white house to beginning his own law firm to working in his family’s business in multiple BurlCo locations.  In contrast, Allen only seems available to her constituents when an election rolls around every few years and has consistently voted with the Republican leadership over the years in the state senate, including recent votes against both the 2007-2008 budget and clean needle exchange, not to mention her “non votes” (neither yea nor nay) on the landmark civil unions bill and a recent stem cell funding bill.

Not a week doesn’t go by without politicsnj.com    giving some press,  to this increasingly-competitive campaign in the winnable, Democratic-leaning 7th district, and his victory would help stop BurlCo GOP machine politics, which is behind Allen, that have hurt taxpayers for far too long. Dennison, however, needs our help to win, and you can do three things right now to ensure that District 7 turns from red-to-blue.&nbsp. First, become a friend of Dennison on his MySpace page, then join and volunteer for  the District 7 team of Dennison-Conaway-Conners. Finally, we absolutely need to give Rich the financial support he needs to win in November and defeat such an entrenched and out-of-touch incumbent as Diane Allen. Finally, If you would, please make a check, however small, out to”Dennison for Senate” and send it to: Rich Dennison 225 W. Front St., Florence, NJ 08518

Dennison is a progressive voice who can very well win this senate race and is deserving of Blue Jersey’s support!