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ICYMI from Sheneman: The Gov goes free

Cartoon & commentary from the Ledger’s Drew Sheneman captures – like Jon Stewart did – the absurdity of Chris Christie Govsplaining the Bridgegate indictments of three people he placed in powerful positions to do his bidding. And how much ridicule he deserves for trying to sell the idea that unless he was literally caught working the cones he’s blameless and White House-ready:

He talks about leadership an awful lot, but apparently forgot the definition. This isn’t corporate America where the CEO gets to claim “Not it!” when the feds come calling. Sure, the governor isn’t going to be indicted, but it is going to put the final proverbial nail in the coffin of his flailing presidential campaign no matter how hard he tries to convince us that he’s been vindicated.

Drew Sheneman cartoon 5/8/15

Et tu, Mary Pat?

This was the week that Mary Pat Christie quit her $475k/year job, a sign the Christie family White House dreaming goes on. I guess the Christies can afford to be a one-income family. Christie protests he’s not a wealthy man, despite pulling in about $700k family income (2013 figures). But when you’re trying to connect to Iowa voters it doesn’t do to rub their faces in how fancy you really live. So this is Christie – who lives very well indeed – trying to make out like he’s a regular Joe.

I guess Ms. Christie quitting means we’ll see more ofMary Pat’s nasty gotcha smile whenever candidate Christie starts screaming at somebody who dares to disagree with him. Or will we? Even Christie’s nearest and dearest are peeling away from him – that’s money and friends jumping ship to Jeb. Et tu, Mary Pat?

Jimmy Margulies’ take:

Jimmy Margulies cartoon 4/27/15