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A Modest Proposal for Taking On the Illegal Immigration Menace

With the president putting off any major decisions on dealing with the nation’s illegal immigrant crisis until after the November elections, I believe that now is the time for good citizens to stand up and recognize the dangerous challenge that this growing, illicit population presents to the nation. This may sound like extreme talk, but I’m being modest here by stipulating that the time for mass deportation has arrived.

First, a bit of recent history. These immigrants have poured into our nation by the millions from mostly impoverished parts of the world, especially Ireland. They come here with little or no skills, zero capital, and with many children in tow. In fact, recent news reports have revealed that tens of thousands of these foreigners are actually minors, sent by their desperate, irresponsible parents over vast distances to make a new and dangerous life in America. These young people are pouring over our borders in greater numbers than ever!

We need some honest talk here, because a clear case can be made of that deportation is the only reasonable solution, as this population’s infestation into our homeland continues at an unreasonable and unprecedented rate. To build a case and support my conclusions I have itemized the reasons why the undocumented immigrant population (especially Irish, of course) poses as a genuine menace to all of us:

1. Look at our cities, especially here in New Jersey. Entire neighborhoods in places like Newark, Jersey City and New Brunswick are now completely dominated – overrun – by Irish hordes. The fruits of these newcomers can be seen on our very streets; many are now infested with gangs and roving groups of hungry children. They encourage the perpetuation of dilapidated housing as they continue to pay exorbitant rents to exploitive landlords. This kind of civic deterioration cannot go on!

2. These Irish do not speak proper English (many still cling to their native tongue, the incomprehensible Gaelic) and even when they do acquire the rudiments of our language, their speech emerges in the form of an unintelligible, corrupted, pigeon English.

3. All of these Irish are Catholic. How can we expect them to become good and loyal citizens when their spiritual life is centered on the dictates of the Pope in Rome? How can we expect them to obey and value the Constitution and our democratic values when all they know is religious authoritarianism?

4. Political incorrection aside, these Irish have a violent temperament. They are well known for establishing illicit gangs, brawling and cursing in public and taking to drink! It also should be noted that due to their illegal status, the Irish will rarely if ever inform or involve the authorities in times of trouble. After all, summoning a police officer for any reason could lead (eventually) to deportation. Rather, they choose to endure crimes against them and allow the wicked to prosper, making our urban areas more dangerous.

5. The Irish typically have huge families. These families are a clear drag on our public school and benefit system. Our public sector is audibly groaning under the weight that their needs present.

6. Most Irish adults have no interest or desire in becoming active citizens. Survival and sustenance are their only priorities. They are bringing their foreign-born children here. These children are growing up thinking that they are American, but technically they’re not, and are clearly subject to deportation. These children grow into dreamers, really, because they will never be accepted by the mainstream of American society.

7. The Irish are certainly bringing wages down as they are willing to work in conditions that most good Americans would demand a high paycheck to endure. I know this specifically because I see them everywhere, working in gardens, toiling as nannies, taking care of our elderly and even in the construction of our homes.

Again, I want to reiterate, this nation belongs to the good, hardworking citizenry that have lived in this land and loved it for decades. These foreigners have no intention of becoming authentic Americans, and their deliberate self-separation and bizarre foreign customs – not to mention the larger financial burden they create – endanger our national prosperity and security. These Irish will never integrate into the mainstream of American society. I fear for our future, I really do.

Next week I will continue my warnings on the growth of the illegal immigrant population; I will focus on the arrival of other foreign scoundrels such as Italians, Germans and Jews.

Daniel Kurz is a resident of Princeton, N.J. and a proud veteran of the War of 1812. He is also the vice president of the local chapter of the Garden State’s Know-Nothing Party.

National School Choice Group Finds Voucher Allies In New Brunswick; Looking For Spot On Board Of Ed

Earlier, I inadvertently published this under my own byline for a few minutes, while I was trying to help Mother Crusader with formatting and code. My bad. It’s all her work. This is about today’s New Brunswick school election. Promoted by Rosi

I’m staying off this bandwagon…

Back in March Diane Ravitch posted about Rutgers student activist Stephanie Rivera’s candidacy for the New Brunswick school board, and asked readers to donate to her campaign. Diane reposted Stephanie’s request for help, which talked a lot about the “political machine” in New Brunswick and how for the last 20 years the board has been appointed by the mayor.

Election Day is April 16, and there’s a lot of work to be done between now and then. We’ll be going up against the political establishment of New Brunswick, which until now has been appointing the Board of Education and depriving New Brunswick youth and the community of the justice and quality education they deserve. For the past 20 YEARS, board members have been appointed by the same guy: New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill. And unbelievably, this is the first year in New Brunswick’s HISTORY that the Board of Education is ELECTED.

New Brunswick is right across the Raritan river from me, and I know Stephanie, but I stayed out of it and did not endorse her campaign, even after Save Our Schools NJ’s Julia Sass Rubin jumped in and endorsed Stephanie, too.


First, because my husband teaches in New Brunswick, so I generally try not to get involved in things there. And second, because I didn’t know her running mates.

But now I do, and MAN am I glad I stayed out of this one (well, until now obviously…).  Stephanie is great, and she has done some amazing things, and I am sure she will go on to be a fine educator and advocate, but her slate is a hot mess and she needs to dump these people.


Beloved Rutgers

ICYMI, a Marlboro man named Jimmy Kastner snapped a great shot of the Rutgers campus from the air that has been getting a lot of shares the last few days. We talk a lot about Rutgers here, and several of our writers are deeply connected to the school. I’ll post this for them, and for all the people who defended Rutgers in some of the misguided merger proposals of last year, cheer on the (rather well-funded) sports programs, and are walking into the world with an undergraduate or graduate degree stamped Rutgers University.

Rutgers from the air

APP described this so well:

Looking north, the photo captures a gentle bend in the Raritan River and the several bridges spanning New Brunswick and Highland Park or Piscataway. Every building in the vicinity is captured in sharp resolution – even Rutgers Stadium in the distance.

Kastner got his shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, from an airliner coming back from Florida. He’s got a nice photography website with more good shots of NJ and NYC (and a good sense of color).

For those of you who bleed scarlet.  

Rutgers DREAMers want support to level playing field for undocumented students

Tomorrow on the New Brunswick campus at Rutgers University, students from Rutgers University Tuition Equity Coalition plan to tell university president Robert Barchi what their lives as students on his campus are like. And they will ask him to sign a letter explicitly stating that he supports legislation that would grant in-state tuition rates for undocumented immigrants.

Rutgers DREAMers: Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 21 – 7:15-8pm

Student Activities Center, Raritan Lounge (a public space)

613 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Members of the Coalition include: United Students Against Sweatshops, Rutgers Student Union, Latino Student Council. Hosted by: Rutgers Student Assembly

Rutgers student newspaper The Daily Targum profiled an undergraduate at the Newark campus. Giancarlo Tello didn’t find out till he was in high school that he was undocumented. His family overstayed a tourist visa when he was 6, to give him a better education than they figured was available in Peru. He’s been an New Jerseyan for 17 years. Knows no other place. And wants to succeed. He enrolled in community college first, charged at international rates, and it took him three years to pay for that, working as a tennis coach and both teaching and fixing computers.

At Rutgers, he can only afford one 3-credit class per semester – about $2,700, far more expensive than students who can prove residency. The struggle has both left him troubled about his future – and reshaped that future. He’s shifted focus from applied sciences to politics, to better equip himself to help other members of his community.