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Defending the Defenseless

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With it’s recent ruling, the New Jersey Supreme Court took a major step forward in defending the defenseless. By striking down a number of eligibility restrictions that served as barriers for the developmentally disabled and their families to receive care, our fair state will take a major step forward to providing for those most in need of help. The question now becomes one of money, priorities and morals.

News Round-up

News Round-up for Wednesday, February 22, 2006:

  • The State Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee started picking through the Medicaid budget yesterday in search of savings. The Committee proposed a new office of oversight for Medicaid spending, which is currently split between the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Department of Human Services.
    • Governor Corzine stated yesterday that he wouldn’t consider privatizing the Turnpike to assist the failing Transportation Trust Fund. He stated his current choice will be to (sigh) borrow more money and refinance the existing debtload instead. The Governor said that this would not be the only facet of his plan but nothing else has been stated yet.
    • Controversey is swirling around Governor Corzine’s pick for state treasurer. Bradley Abelow has been accused by businessmen who say they were victims of a short-selling scheme by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., where Abelow was a board trustee. Abelow has stated that “lawsuits against DTCC “have been largely dismissed or withdrawn and have nothing to do with me personally or my service on the corporation board.””
    • Lawyers are arguing that Our Fair State’s new rules for pay-to-play restrictions are confusing. At a hearing yesterday for the Election Law Enforcement Commission, Dover Twp. (Ocean) attorney Garry Mundy testified about ill-defined terms, questionable timeframes for permissable donations, and whether local ordanances supersede or enhance the state’s ban, among other issues.
    • Acting Environmental Commissioner Lisa Jackson is requesting public hearings on safety of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission. There are concerns with corrosion of liners at the site, vulnerablity to aircraft attacks, and monotoring and management of aging equipment. Excelon submitted an application for renewal of the power plant’s licence last summer; if renewed in 2009, the plant will remain licenced until 2029.
    • U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings makes her first visit to Our Fair State today. She will be speaking at Fairleigh Dickinson University then visiting the acclaimed Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark. She is not expected to visit any public schools where Children have been Left Behind.
    • NJ Transit is reviewing just how many people will use a proposed Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex rail line. Let’s hope they have better luck predicting ridership there than they did on the RiverLine.
    • The Star-Ledger editorial weighs in on the port deal with UAE-owned Dubai Ports World. Bush’s defense of his position on this deal? “Trust us.”
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