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What’s your best beach and will you travel this weekend?

As many people head to the shore for the holiday weekend, earlier this week Ocean City was named the best beach in New Jersey.  Here’s the rest of the list they ranked:

The other beaches in the top 10 were, in descending order, Long Beach Island (its six municipalities were considered as one), Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Asbury Park, North Wildwood, Cape May, Seaside Heights, Sea Isle City, and Avalon.

Here’s an NJN segment on the rankings:

Last year’s winner was Wildwood. Officials said that the NJ coastline came through the relatively mild winter in good shape and while they’re hoping for good traffic to help the local economies, AAA thinks travel may be down:

AAA projects that 3.4 percent fewer Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents will take trips over the coming four-day weekend.

My family spent plenty of vacation time in Ocean City as I was growing up in the summer. Let’s hope people remember what the holiday actually observes as they enjoy their time.  What’s your favorite beach in New Jersey and will you be traveling this holiday weekend?

Beach Brother in Ocean City

What’s more preposterous: the fact that the pretty New Jersey beach town of Ocean City spent over $282,000 last year to pay beach Nazis to roam around and badger people for their tags, or the fact that this same town is preparing to spend $3 million to install a compuerized system to guard against the possibility that even a single sand-covered butt will get in without paying?

I think we can dispense with most of the ancillary promises being made for the system: the stuff about solar-powered garbage cans that notify janitors whenever they get full is tailor-made for The Simpsons or South Park, as is the promise of giving parents the power to monitor their kids’ movements through the ID wristbands everyone will have to wear on the new digital beach. And I’m sure people will be eager to cart their laptops onto the baking-hot beach and risk getting sand in their CD drives. The point of the whole thing is to see if there isn’t a more efficient way to nickel-and-dime daytrippers and tourists who have the temerity to want to go swimming in the summer.

You know, there are civilized parts of the country where the beaches are considered a public resource. Whenever my relatives in California come for a visit, they always return from the Shore astonished by an encounter with some surly beach-Nazi demanding to know why they haven’t forked over some bills in order to pin a scrap of cloth to their swimming trunks. My relatives ask how this situation came about, and I can’t really explain it. Nor can I explain why residents of towns that owe their sky-high property values to government initiatives like the Garden State Parkway, their beaches to federal replenishment programs and their “local control” to heavy subsidies from the state are entitled to shake down taxpayers who have already paid into the sandbox a couple of times.

It’s a New Jersey thang – y’all wouldn’t understand. We don’t understand it in New Jersey, either, when you come right down to it. 

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