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What the New Jersey Media got Wrong

Prior to delivering his State of the State message earlier this week, Governor Christie locked out the New Jersey media from an off-the-record press conference. That was wrong and petty. We already knew that Christie is the master of controlling the message through his taxpayer-funded political “town-halls” and his carefully scripted “Ask the Governor” call-in show.

But there’s an area where the media are aiding and abetting Christie’s messaging.


One of the iconic songs of my generation is John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The lyrics describe a world of people living in harmony, income equality, and peace. Of course, since the time that Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden, the world has never been that way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t strive for it, even incrementally.

So let’s go on an imaginary ride through recent New Jersey history. Imagine if Chris Christie’s priorities were to be the governor of all residents of the Garden State instead of being singularly focused on the White House and the wealthy donors who would help get him there. Imagine if Chris Christie was a moderate Republican, and how much better we would be if he were.

Along this journey, we’ll meet a few Republicans who championed initiatives that benefited all Americans, and who would probably be shunned by the right-wing zealots who have taken over their party.

QoTD: “the only tidbit”

Quote of the Day goes to Matt Katz:

As New Jerseyans by the tens of thousands were hours away from the biggest climate change march in history – in NYC and around the world – Christie was – in your face, science – hobnobbing with GOP money bigshots convened by the Koch brothers who are firmly on the side of wrecking the environment for their almighty dollar.

The dinner was firmly off-limits to the press, so we don’t know much beyond the fact that Christie made food jokes to the party, and how much poundage he’s dropped.

We do know that Christie is capable of letting NJ policy be driven by what serves the Kochs and their ilk, who don’t open their wallets for candidates that put the interests of their states ahead of the interests of guys like the Kochs. Don’t need reporters in the room to know that much.  

NJ Court: Gov. Christie Illegally Repealed Climate Change Pollution Rules

We don’t always get good news. From Gov. Christie, a politician happy to sacrifice common sense to impress far-right contributors and keep good buddies with the Koch boys, we mostly get bad news. Today, we got good news, because the NJ Appellate Division essentially overruled him, deciding that Christie illegally repealed RGGI, and broke the law in 2011 by excusing power plants from complying with regulations limiting pollution that contributes to climate change. It’s a huge win for Environment New Jersey and Natural Resources Defense Council. Susan Kraham, Senior Staff Attorney at Columbia University’s Environmental Law Clinic, represented the environmental groups in court:

“The court ruled that the public needs to be involved. Neither Governor Christie nor the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection can simply repeal state laws by fiat. The court gave the administration 60 days to initiate a public process around any changes to the climate change pollution rules.”

The case against the NJ DEP began two years ago, a year after Christie posted notice on a website that plants no longer had to comply with pollution limits, with the effect of killing NJ’s participation in RGGI, the 9-state program that has been reducing pollution from East Coast plants for 5 years.

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