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Senate poised to address bike and pedestrian safety on New Jersey’s roadways

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Within the next few weeks, a vote is expected to come up on a bill that would give those of us who walk and bike around our communities more visibility in the state government. With bill S2521, the state Senate aims to create a Pedestrian Safety Study Commission whose job it will be to “study, examine, and review the issue of pedestrian safety in New Jersey.” It will create a commission whose members will range from members of the legislature to NJDOT officials to members of the public.

NJ bicycle bill

As a veteran roadie, I’m glad to report that a weird bill in the NJ legislature has been changed.  If you ride, you’ll understand why banning the sale of quick-release wheels in NJ would have been ridiculous.  It would have forced me to purchase my next bike in NY or PA.

A New Jersey bill that would prohibit the sale of bikes with quick-release wheels (reported last week) has quickly been amended. According to the NJ legislative website, the proposed restriction now applies only to bikes with 20-inch or smaller wheels. “Adult size” road and mountain bikes will be exempt, sparing NJ bike shops a serious blow. A vote on the bill is expected by early fall.

I e-mailed Kean Jr about this a while ago.  If you don’t like the amended bill, contact your state senator.

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