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Chris Christie Gets His War Hawk On

In this morning’s News Roundup we catch Chris Christie’s self-righteous outrage about this Daily News cover story, which he called “liberal” (oh no!), “reprehensible” and degrading to the “power of prayer,” accusing the Daily News of “trying to eliminate the Second…
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Revisting the Gun Control Debate in NJ

Gun owners, what do you think? Gun control advocates, how about you? Promoted by Rosi

Shortly after the school shootings in Newtown, a lengthy debate over gun control took place across the country. The debate lasted for awhile (though not long enough), and ultimately ended with nothing getting done.

I bring the gun control debate back up because several heated arguments took place in the comments section of a few posts on this site. Some NJ gun owners made intelligent arguments against background checks. Even though I disagree with those owners, I respect their opinions and accept that there will always be a disagreement on fundamental values between them and I. Yesterday, however, I stumbled across this article in the New Republic: