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He is still our governor, isn’t he?

So when is the last time Christie took a public position or action on New Jersey governance? It’s been a while. He is busy flailing his way through a losing campaign, acting in desperation mode, and ignoring his New Jersey duties.

Yesterday’s Monmouth University poll in New Hampshire, a “make or break” primary, places him tied in 9th position (2%). Real Clear Politics has him in 11th place (2.3%) in South Carolina, 13th (1.5%) in Iowa, and in national polls at 11th (2.0%). In 2013 in July, August, and September he was leading in the national Republican nomination polls and by December he was at 20%, above the nine other potential contenders. Since then it has all been downhill to 2.2%.

His desperation on the campaign trail is increasingly apparent. In New Hampshire he now takes sole credit for keeping the 2nd Amendment alive in NJ, although his position on gun control in the past has been more moderate. He says about President Obama, “He looked right in that camera and lied to the American people [about Iran].” He boasted that if elected he would track immigrants like FedEx packages. To satisfy voracious conservative primary voters he has also dished out red meat on planned parenthood, common core, teacher unions, marijuana, taxes, and more. All desperate political blather, flip-flopping and posturing.    

News Roundup and Open Thread for Wednesday, August 19, 2015


  • After yesterday’s Summit Meeting in Newark on a new trans-Hudson Tunnel, Christie, Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez and U. S. Transportation Secretary Foxx said in a joint statement that they had a “substantive and productive meeting” and “all of us are committed to working together on a path forward on this critical project.” In other words they told us nothing.

  • Christie’s office followed up with a statement on the Governor’s press release site. In an unusual move, instead of a Christie press release, there appeared a reprint of NJ Transit Executive Director Veronique Hakim’s letter to The Record of August 13 in which she says, “Governor Christie and his administration support building a new tunnel.” She goes on to enumerate the same conditions that Christie has mentioned before. In effect our governor, trying to thread his way through a campaign in which he now ranks 11th, is not speaking forthrightly and “telling it like it is,” but rather  letting someone else provide a vague and unsatisfactory statement.

  • A NY Times editorial says clearly and simply, Build a New Hudson River Tunnel. In this editorial its second photo of the tunnel is scary: decrepit, crumbling concrete, and exposed wiring.

  • Another rush hour in Hell: An NJ Transit train broke down on the Amtrak line under the Hudson River Monday at 7 a.m.

  • How to make the tunnel a reality: Elect a majority Democratic Congress next year. (Some NJ incumbent Republican Representatives would not be missed.) But first some agreement on the estimated total cost and a reasonable buy-in from those affected. That includes NY whose governor did not attend the summit.

    As if his position on Cuba is not bad enough, Sen. Menendez yesterday “went on offense savaging the Iran nuclear deal backed by President Barack Obama.” Sen.Booker appears undecided so far. Rep. Donald Payne (D-10th) endorses it, and Rep. Albio Sires (D-8th) opposes it. The opposition at this point is substantial, but less likely to be sufficient to over-ride a presidential veto.

    More about 14 year old Radazz Hearns, voter expansion, a Christie paradox, Moody’s credit rating, and what would you pay for this meal?  

  • QOTD: Christie Promises Vigilante Justice

    Here’s a good line from Chris Christie:

    “If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it. As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws.”

    – Gov. Chris Christie (R), quoted by Politico.

    Since there’s no way Christie’s gonna be President in January 2017, I guess he’s planning on taking matters into his own hands.  

    Wonder what he’s going to do with the federally illegal medical marijuana in his own state?

    Some Ideas to Transform Trenton

    Crowdsourcing ideas to treat our capital city of Trenton the way its people deserve. I like it. Promoted by Rosi.

    New Jersey is a tough place. A tough place to make a living. A tough place for politics. And most of all, a tough place for urbanites. I love this state, its history and potential, but I’m not going to lie to you. New Jersey’s cities are in horrendous shape. Newark, Paterson, Camden and our own state capital, Trenton, are ravaged by crime, poverty and deteriorating infrastructure. In the interest of honesty, we really should change the saying on that famous bridge into Trenton to: Trenton Rots While Jersey Trots.

    And it is Trenton in particular that I want to focus on here. The city was once a gem of the Garden State, with neat, brick row houses standing aside historic streets. Bold architecture stood out in marble state buildings while the Golden Dome of the Statehouse dominated all. Its high school – now basically condemned – had its own gallant neoclassical facade attesting to its civic importance.  

    Today our capital city is a national embarrassment, and it’s all our fault. Trenton has become symbolic of everything that is wrong with the state and its government. It makes no sense that a geographically small city of 85,000 souls could reach its present state without cowardly neglect. Just blocks away from the Capitol Complex on State Street are neighborhoods inundated with violence and joblessness. Young adults, many clearly in some kind of mental and physical distress, stroll about at all hours, wandering. Former storefronts deteriorate and rot. Even the city’s once-proud Transit Center is, from the point of view of this experienced educator and long-time Jersey resident, damn scary.  

    NJ First State With Medical Marijuana TV Ads

    promoted by Rosi

    Turns out NJ is the first state to have medical marijuana ads on the television. The website MarijuanaDoctors.com equates buying pot from a unregistered dealer with buying sushi on the street, which is kind of funny, but kind of stupid. For folks who already buy on the street it’s not a convincing argument, but for a grandma who needs it for glaucoma or a formerly straight-edge cancer patient, I can see it making a difference in how and where they buy.

    All in all, though, it seems odd to have an exchange that will find you a doctor willing to prescribe one particular type of medicine rather than finding doctors to address certain types of conditions.

    BloodThinnerDoctor.com would be weird, and ProteaseInhibitorDoctor.com even weirder. But I guess with not all doctors willing to prescribe this particular drug due to it’s controversial nature, it makes sense. Kind of.