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Get on the Bus, Make a new Plan

It was a busy Sunday in NJ-3 yesterday as the Rich Sexton juggernaut took its message to the streets in a “Bus for change” whistlestop tour of the district.  Nothing beats boots on the ground and the bus tour provided the Sexton campaign with a terrific opportunity to connect with district voters.
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Our first stop was a pancake breakfast in Willingboro that was a who’s who of NJ progressive politics. Senator Menendez was there (see pic of the Senator with Rich and his team) and so were Congressman Andrews and Assemblyman Herb Conaway.  They were pressing their message to the party faithful to get out an vote. Judging from the response, the politicians were hitting all the right notes. 

From there, the bus tour headed up route 130 and hit every strip mall we could find.  I must confess our efforts were aided in large part to the Eagles having a bye week.  Folks were not clammoring to get home to watch the game, rather they were out shopping with their families and enjoying a sunny, mild fall afternoon.  Anyway, the Eagles’ week off was our gain and we made the most of the opprotunity by connecting with hundreds of voters in the area. (Hopefully the Eagles will make the most of thier time off too, as they look to regroup from a mediocre start.)

I know first hand the benefits of such campaigning.  I personally passed out about 150 pieces of literature and was delighted how eager folks were to chat politics.  Folks are sick of the luusy economy, sick of Iraq, sick of the GOP.  In short, we are ready for change and many regard Rich Sexton is just the man for the job. 

I couldn’t agree more and I am not the only one.  Ocean County Observer observed that Rich is “the most impressive congressional hopeful we have seen in years.  We enthusiastically support Rich Sexton.”  Click the link to read the entire ringing endorsement which also give the nod to Senator Menendez and Carol Gay.   
(image courtesy of Asbury Park activist Kathy Maher)

OC Observer Endorses Menendez, Gay and Sexton

The Ocean County Observer today made its endorsements for this Tuesday’s elections…

Incompetence, arrogance, and a lack of accountability are trademarks of the Bush administration and its backers in Congress. That is why we are parting company with men we have supported before for Congress. They have become lapdogs when we need watchdogs in Washington.

On Menendez/Kean

Menendez knows what it is to be poor. He is the product of Cuban parents who settled in New Jersey. Their son has lived the American dream. When his mettle was tested, he raised his right hand and testified against his political mentor in a corruption trial. That takes guts. That takes a man.

Menendez opposed Bush’s catastrophic decision to invade Iraq.

He has been a fighter for working people, middle-class Americans and those who wish they were.

His opponent was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has been given every advantage, including appointments to the state Assembly and Senate. He has run a despicable campaign of personal destruction.

Rich Sexton: New Jersey’s Sleeper Candidate for Congress

Many of you, perhaps, are completely focused on Menendez soundly defeating Kean Jr. or Linda Stender beating Mike Ferguson for Congress on Tuesday. But your focus on election night also needs to be on New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district and Rich Sexton, arguably the strongest congressional candidate we have out of all our incredible Democratic candidates in N.J.

Rich, one of the national “Fighting Dems,” has been on the campaign trail for months, reaching out to voters who may be inclined to vote for Saxton but who want a change on the way our federal government functions. Rich’s message of fiscal responsibility is resonating in N.J.’s 3rd-district, which includes the swing district of Burlington County which voted for both Kerry and Corzine in 2004 and 2005.  His experience as Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy and the Delaware State Attorney General’s office has made him instantly credible on foreign policy and domestic issues.  Even those endorsements who have gone for his status-quo opponent, Jim Saxton, emphasize how impressive Rich has been in this campaign.

On Thursday night, I attended a rally and dinner for Sexton in Edgewater Park, and Rich received multiple standing ovations from his supporters.  Fellow Democrats, this wasn’t a concession rally: We plan on winning this seat come Tuesday, and never underestimate the power of grassroots politics to instantiate change in Washington.  Voters with whom I’ve spoken on the phone were receptive towards Rich’s anti-Iraq War, pro-Homeland Security, pro-environmental message.

The rest is up to us; any volunteer time, donations, or neighbor-to-neighbor discussions about Rich and his campaign can make the difference on election day.


Where’s Jim??? Saxton AWOL???

So where is Jim Saxton?  Has he recently been to any place that an ordinary citizen could actually talk to him?  The weather has been great, so perhaps a needed rest is necessary.  The rubber stamp arm must need a little breather. 

He was at Medford Leas and Burlington County College in the past 4 or 5 weeks, but I can’t determine if he has made any other public appearances.  I’m sure that there are the fancy fundraisers, where he takes the big checks…but how about something where the average voter could attend? 

Anybody seen him?  Apparently he putting the same effort into campaigning that he did to challenge the Republican leadership on Iraq, wanton spending, gay marriage, flag burning, and corruption. 

Enjoy the time off Jim! 

Saxton Claims that Dems will raise taxes by $2000?

We received a robo call from Mr. Jim Saxton with an “A” yesterday, insisting that ALL republicans vote on November 7 because the Democrats have declared that they will “raise your taxes by $2000” if elected. 

Is Mr. Saxton feeling some heat from Rich Sexton, to start the lying game?  Where did the Democrats declare that?

So far, the NJ3rd has been remarkably clean, but now Jim Saxton has taken to lying to scare the base.  That’s the typical hallmark of a close campaign, when the repubs go negative.

However, the real story is that Jim’s feeling Rich’s breath right on his neck. 

Sexton Campaign gathers momentum, snags huge endorsement

Progressives in NJ-3 have something to celebrate.  Our candidate for Congress, Rich Sexton just picked up an endorsement from the Philadelphia Inquirer

Calling both candidates “good choices” they give the edge to Rich, and for good reason: he’s a better candidate.  The paper also notes:

This campaign has been refreshingly upright and issues-focused. But while Sexton has offered aggressive congressional ethics reform proposals, Saxton cavalierly dismisses recent scandals with a “bad apples in the barrel” shrug.

Any one who can shrug off the Iraq debacle AND pedophiles in their midst — as Jim Saxton does — has a tenuous grasp on mainstream values.  If you ask me, Jim Saxton is a rotten apple too, but that’s just my two cents worth.

A lot of folks consider an upset in NJ-3 a longshot.  To the doubters I say this: go out campaigning with Rich Sexton and watch him connect with voters.  He’s got that special something that tells me that he’s the man to pull off a win in a district ripe for change.  And ripe for an upset, too.

Can you help out with a $5 or $10 contribution?  It seems like a small investment for a democratic majority, don’t you think?

Monday News Roundup, Open thread

  • New Jersey welcomed some heavy hitters from the US Senate to campaign on behalf of their respective party’s Senate candidate here in the state:  John McCain for Junior and Hillary Rodham Clinton for Bob Menendez.  Clinton and McCain are widely viewed as favorites for their party’s presidental nomination in 2008.  Stay tuned for that.
  • With all that’s riding on the outcome of the Senate race, it’s disconcerting that NJ’s the voting system is under scrutiny.  Aparently there’s a whole host of concerns ranging from less-than-competent poll workers, potential voter intimidation and (of course) the paperless electronic voting machines.
  • Speaking of the Senate campaign, the NY Times ran a piece this AM about Junior’s relative lack of real world experience.  It was once said that Junior “had never demonstrated any leadership skills beyond organizing a canoe trip down the length of the Danube River after graduating from Dartmouth.”  Judging from Baby Kean’s paltry legislative record in Trenton, that statement is still operative.
  • Switching to the House races, Viola Thomas-Hughes faces long odds to overcome incumbent Frank LoBiondo, but she insists she’s in it to win it.  Besides said Viola, “Just because someone has served for a long time doesn’t mean that person is unbeatable. While my opponent has been in Congress, we’ve seen tax breaks for the wealthy and no change in the minimum wage at the same time members of Congress are giving themselves a raise… . The poor and the working class are getting left behind.”

    I should add that Congressman Rob Andrews had nothing but kind words for Thomas-Hughes when I interviewed him for a podcast (available later today) noting that she has an articulate and progressive vision for her district.  No word yet if that endorsement from Andrews comes with finanical help, but Andrews is a team player and indicated his willingness to possibly assist Viola’s campaign (and Rich Sexton’s, as well) when we chatted on Friday.

  • On that front, Congressman Frank Pallone has the second biggest campaign warchest in the entire House of Representatives, a jaw dropping $3.1 million.  If my math is correct, Rep. Pallone could donate $100,000 to the DCCC on behalf of NJ candidates Stender, Gay, Sexton, Hughes, Wyka and Aronsohn and he’s still be just about the biggest endowed Congressman in Washington.  The mind reels, I’m sure.  Anyway, here’s what’s at stake for New Jeresy if Congress turns blue.
  • Switching gears, election season also means flu season.  Have you gotten your flu shot yet?  The last thing we need it a bunch of democrats getting sick on election day, so get protected.
  • Sexton takes Bus for Change across 3rd District

    Update!! (Lassiter here) The Bus-for-Change juggernaut made its way over most of nj-3 today.  I met up with Sexton and the gang this morning in Marlton for the kickoff, then again this evening in Cherry Hill for the finale.  I am pleased to report the reception was great.  I am told that the Willingboro stop was probably the highlight, but all in all the reception was warm and engaging.  Folks are ripe for change, it’s obvious. 

    When I asked Rich’s campaign manager Robin Delaloye what were her general impressions of the day, she seemed impressed and encouraged.  She pointed out that when Rich gets a chance to connect with voters, they walk away convinced of his message and ready to vote for him and she’s right.  I watched it happen time after time all day long. 

    The more time I spend out on the stump with Rich Sexton and his campaign, the more sure I am that this guy was the right stuff to score the win in NJ-3. Update! 

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis morning, Rich Sexton began his Bus for Change tour across the 3rd Congressional District to speak with voters about the need for setting our country on a new course.  These pictures are from the Marlton stop.

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usToday, Sexton was joined by Burlington County Surrogate Candidate George Kotch and Freeholder candidate Sharon Atkinson on the 1st leg of his old-fashioned “whistle stop” tour with stops throughout Burlington County and Cherry Hill.  They will continue next weekend with stops across Ocean County.  This tour across the district is bringing Rich Sexton’s message of Real Security and Fiscal Responsibility directly to the voters.

    Recently, Sexton has gotten some great coverage and earlier this year he appeared on the Colbert Report. You can also read Sexton’s Op-Ed: WMDs Found – In North Korea which was posted yesterday.

    Stay tuned as Jay Lassiter will have more from the Cherry Hill stop later..Update! 

    NJ-3 magical mystery tour

    Are you in South Jersey and wondering what to do to contribute to the democratic cause? Come join Rich Sexton on a Bus for Change tour of NJ-3 today!!  The Bus took off aboout an hour ago and is headed all over the district and will roll on till about 8pm.  Joining Rich are two fine progressive candidates for local office spots: Freeholder Candidate, Sharon Atkinson and Surrogate candidate, George T. Kotch.

    The tour goes all day, so check out the itenary and come out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while pitching in for a Democratic Majority. The election is two weeks away.  Are you doing you part?

    I’m off to join the gang in Marlton as soon as I post this, and I’ll be posting updates (with cool pics) later on.

    We need a change in course and Rich Sexton is the man to lead in NJ’s 3rd Congressional District, but he needs your help!