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NJ Delegation on CAFE (mileage) standards

Nader’s old group, Public Citizen praised the House for increasing funding for the NTSB to help improve mileage (CAFE) standards.  That should give some small comfort to those who have seen Gore’s movie.  Maybe the movie even helped it pass?

House Amendment Devotes Needed Resources to Raising Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

Statement of Joan Claybrook, President, Public Citizen*

Public Citizen applauds the House of Representatives for voting Tuesday night to increase the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) budget to formulate incentives for the auto industry to increase corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards for their vehicles. The amendment to H.R. 5576, offered by Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) and approved with bipartisan support, would increase the budget of NHTSA’s Office of Fuel Economy from $1.3 million to $8 million. We are grateful to Rep. Bean for her initiative in achieving this improvement…

Some NJ Repugs got on board:  Ferguson, Smith, and LoBiondo.  Payne didn’t vote, and all the rest of the Dems voted for it.  The hold outs are:  Frelinghuysen, Garrett and Saxton
If I were campaigning against them, I’d definitely use this vote to fire people up.

Saxton Triggers lockdown in DC

So all hell broke loose in DC today when someone reported shots fired in the Rayburn Parking Garage area.

Tactical teams wearing flak jackets and police sniffer dogs swarmed through several US Congress buildings after an erroneous report of gunfire forced a lockdown of the sprawling Capitol office complex.

This later turned out to be false alarm caused by construction, which apparently was triggered by none other than NJ’s Congressman from the 3rd District, Jim Saxton

“I heard what I thought to be between six and ten shots,” the Republican lawmaker said.

“It sounded exactly like gunfire to me. It was not of a backfire nature. It was the sharp crack as comes out of a weapon.”

So what does a sitting Congressman do when he sets off total panic in the nations capitol?  Does he apologize.  Not exactly…

Saxton, without apologizing for the mayhem his report unleashed, told Fox television that the silver lining in the whole episode was that it gave Capitol Police a chance to shine.

“It showed how prepared the Capitol Hill police are to respond to these kinds of events, and not only the Capitol Police, but the
FBI and the other investigators and scientists who were here trying to discover what happened throughout the day,” he said.

“It was a great testament to a lot of people who were highly trained and very capable of taking care of the situation,” said Saxton.

Oops. I wonder how much they’ll have to borrow from China to pay for this “good practice” because we know they wont how much they love those “targeted” tax cuts.  Yet another reason to support Rich Sexton for Congress

Rich Sexton’s busy Sunday in NJ-3

Nothing would be finer than putting Republican Rep. Jim Saxton out to pasture this November 7th.  In fact, voters in NJ’s 3rd congressional district are finally waking up to the fact that Jim Saxton is (in the words of a mydd reader reader) an anachronism,

“A ghost of politics past,” as it were…..akin to the appendix–a vestigial organ, it sticks around even though it does nothing for us, and it oftentimes becomes infected. The era of political appendices must end! It is utterly ridiculous the extent to which the Democrats have overlooked NJ-03 (and NJ-04) sandwiched between the congressional districts of Rob Andrews and Rush Holt no less. The region is so pregnant with progressive possibilities that it is not only naive to discount it, but downright foolish.

Rep. Saxton still out of touch with voters in NJ-3!

The takeover of terminal operations at some American ports by a Dubai-owned shipping company has generated nearly twenty new bills in Congress. Some are more far-reaching than others, most notably the legistation proposed by my own voice in the House, Rep. Jim Saxton (NJ-3) whose bill is widely regarded as most heavy-handed and would prohibit foreign ownership of any so-called “critical infastructure” in this country. Says Rep. Saxton,

  Americans are less likely to attack the Homeland than perhaps some others are. We know that there’s an ideological divide between some people who live in the eastern, uhhhh, hemisphere and some people who, the rest of us who live in the western, uhhhh, hemisphere. 

Why I support Rich Sexton for Congress (NJ-3)

I am running for Congress because we need strong leadership for a new course in Washington and representation for the citizens of New Jersey’s 3rd District that is more in tune with mainstream America and working class families, not the hard right wing agenda from the Bush-Cheney-DeLay-Saxton team.

  -Democrat Rich Sexton

Why are we in the pits in Cherry Hill NJ? You would be too if your voice in Congress was Republican Jim Saxton. Unfortuately the good people of New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district have repeatedly been let down by Congressman Saxton, whose right-wing politics seem better suited to Texas than here in moderate-to-progressive New Jersey.