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Christie Todd Whitman Even More Down on the GOP

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Governor Christie Todd Whitman was a fairly moderate Republican Governor in New Jersey whose moderation wound up losing her the gig as George W. Bush’s head of the EPA.  After she was pushed out of that job she wrote a book called, “It’s My Party, Too.”

Not so sure she feels this way as this video of an appearance on RNN shows her increasing frustration with the GOP and the radicals running the national party.

via Talking Points Memo

Chris Christie is on the wrong side of history – and the GOP

Seventy-five prominent GOP officials – including former Bush and Reagan cabinet members, former governors, and top consultants Republicans rely on for advice and direction – have signed on to an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down California’s Proposition 8.

Chris Christie’s on the wrong side of history.

Among the signers is California’s Meg Whitman. Chris Christie campaigned for her when she ran for governor there (she lost). They were on the same side on marriage – then. She campaigned on a promise to defend Prop 8. It’s a reversal for her, like many of the signers. [More of them, below the fold].

Gov. Christie Todd Whitman [no relation] is also there. She’s long waged a losing battle to urge her party to stop catering to the far-right. Whitman says she wants government out of marriage, favoring a European model where couples regardless of gender can be legally recognized, with “marriage” left to religion. She dismisses the usual scare tactics:

“I’ve been married 36 years and I’m not worried about a gay couple somehow threatening my marriage.”

Last week, the Obama administration filed a brief calling DOMA unconstitutional.

Amicus briefs don’t always make this much news. But this one represents a seismic social shift. Evolution. Same kind (absent years of abusing gay people with rhetoric and policy) that President Obama recently went through.

But, hey – evolution is evolution. Let libertarians get there because they want government out of their beeswax. Let conservatives get there by recognizing not much is more conservatizing than a neighborhood of married folks. Or maybe they got there by the reality slap that hating on women, gay folks and Spanish-speaking immigrants sucks for business. Whatevs.

Chris Christie is on the wrong side of history.

“Women’s Health Is Being Held Hostage By Ideology and Propaganda”

With the above words Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37) welcomed pink-attired attendees to a rally in front of a Planned Parenthood site in Englewood which no longer has sufficient funds to open on Tuesdays or Saturdays. Family planning and women’s health care are under assault both in the House where Republicans passed a bill to eliminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood and in New Jersey where Governor Christie also opposed its funding. Senator Lautenberg said, “We’re going to make sure Planned Parenthood can continue serving the health care needs of families in New Jersey and across the country.”

Senator Lautenberg went on to say, “Planned Parenthood is under attack by Tea Party Republicans who have put their extremist ideology above women’s health.” A smaller contingent of opponents held a particularly nasty sign which said Planned Parenthood was aiding and abetting underage sex trafficking. Sen. Lautenberg engaged the protesters and quieted them as he asked if they support mammograms, cervical exams and other routine health services the agency provides.  more below…

NPR loves NJ

I am very grateful that I have NPR to keep me company while recovering from a nasty head cold.  I was especially surprised to see how prominently Our Fair State figures in the overall public radio lineup, both locally and nationally.

  • With my tea and yogurt, I listened to Philly member station WHYY's Radio Times which featured our own Rush Holt.  Rep. Holt was on alongside Delaware Congressman Mike Castle giving listeners a Capital Hill update.  So many nuggets, nearly 45m worth.Listen to this show via Real Audio. 
  • Later in the day, ex-Gov. Whitman was on Talk of the Nation (from her home in Florida) discussing the possibility of a 3rd party candidate in the Presidential race.   Of course she spent most of the time distancing herself from her own toxic legacy at EPA, but all in all, her insights are keen enough, especially if you are able to tease the good nuggets out from the whining.  (P.s. it's her party too, and she'll whine if she wants to!)
  • Lastly, there was a great clip — via Marketplace –about the value of NOT developing in New Jersey.  

    How much value you ask? "Turns out, New Jersey's natural assets are worth a lot" says the NJEPA,

    At least $26 billion a year worth of goods and services. And that $26 billion a year is worth about $850 billion in present value terms.

    If you only have a few minutes check out the last clip, it's short.  The others are podcastable, too.

  • Whitman Blames Garrett for Immigration Failure

    If there is anything that demonstrates Republican hypocrisy more than Christie Todd Whitman talking smack about inept leadership, I haven’t seen it yet.  Come on, Christie, you were part of the Bush Administration!  “Failure to address the issues” isn’t just rhetoric down there, it’s a way of life!

    Maybe that’s why she can say things like this:

    Although this issue is  effectively dead in the Congress, the problem itself is not going away – in fact, it may get worse as a result of the government’s inaction.  Our elected leaders cannot and should not give up on this issue.  They owe it  to the citizens and legal immigrants of this country to bring resolution to a difficult issue.  It’s time to put policy-making above politics and address immigration.

    But Christie has no further to look than “her party too”:

    I’m pleased that the Senate amnesty bill failed with a 46-53 vote today.

    Not only is Garrett engaging in exactly the behavior Christie is castigating, but he’s even jumping way out there on the limb to congratulate his Senate comrades.  I wonder how much of his district he ignored while watching this on CSPAN-2…

    Wait – This is Garrett.  He ignores his entire district all the time.  Now everything makes sense.

    Once a Faithful Bushie

    While the politicization of the Department of Justice has been unfolding, it’s good to keep in mind that the DoJ was not the first executive department to be targeted for ideological purges by the Bush Administration.  From Day One, when VP Dick Cheney held his secret meetings with industry leaders to “get their input” on energy policy, the EPA was always Ground Zero for an approach I like to call “Governing by Blind Ideology”.

    Of course, we’ve never been able to prove anything – and by “we”, I mean everyone who has tried to expose the blunt politicization of the EPA – because the VEEP has outmaneuvered everyone at every step.  But his two-step of diminishing returns may be finding its way into the corner with the (perhaps) unwitting help of embattled former EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman.

    According to the Washington Post today, Her’oner is now breaking her long silence over the Hell that was the EPA Administrator’s job under VP Dick Cheney.

    Make the jump with me.