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Quote of the Day: “A political fishing trip”

The Supreme Court today declined to hear arguments seeking to overturn an appeals court ruling to have Governor Corzine release email communications with Carla Katz. They rejected the Republicans efforts saying the e-mails should not be made public. Governor Corzine had this reaction:

I am glad this is all over. I think we had a political fishing trip by folks that has gone on far too long.

Someone forgot to tell Tom Wilson it’s all over though, bceause he’s still out there in the boat:

Wilson said that now that the Governor’s executive privilege point is made, there’s no reason he should not release the emails.  

Give it up already.  With all the difficulties facing the state now, he’s focused on gaining the content of two year old communications. Since it seems he will continue to focus on emails, does this mean he won’t be helping Chris Christie develop an actual budget?

Quote of the Day: “They even send me e-mails”

Charles Stiles column tells us that Governor Corzine decided to make light of his popularity problems and email issues at the Chamber dinner last Thursday night:

Corzine said he knows the public doesn’t like some of the things he does. People call. People write.

“They even send me e-mails,” he said pausing for a small laugh as the crowd waited for a Carla Katz line. “I’d love to show them to you, but you know what my lawyer said.”

Somewhere, Tom Wilson isn’t laughing.

Updated by Jason:  This was a very close runner up and could have even been the winner:

He said Senate President Dick Codey, who fills in as governor when he’s out of state, gave him a suitcase for Christmas. Corzine said he brought it with him to Washington, and would love to fill it with $4 billion in cash from the federal government before he goes home, a reference to the scale of the budget gap he faces.

“I thought at first it was a bad idea to bring a suitcase full of cash back to New Jersey. Then I remembered the lawman who would be most concerned with it decided to skip the train,” Corzine said.

Have no fear though, Christie had a staffer magically appear.

Deep Thought

The Star Ledger reports that Governor Corzine paid $362,500 to Rocco Riccio, a former state employee and the brother-in-law of Carla Katz to avoid a prolonged court battle:

“A person I once considered a friend made meritless claims regarding what he believed to be a promise to help him secure private sector employment,” Corzine said in response to questions from The Star-Ledger. “He hired a lawyer and threatened to file a lawsuit against me personally to force an accommodation. To avoid a prolonged and costly court battle, and on the advice of my lawyers, a financial settlement of his legal claims was negotiated and agreed to.”

If the goal is to avoid prolonging costly battles, then why not release the Carla Katz emails from 2006? It’s disappointing because there is no doubt we will hear about these situations in the upcoming re-election campaign from the Governor’s opponents.

Deep Thought

Today comes yet another story with Carla Katz talking about those emails once again, saying some of them involved union negotiations.  Cue Tom Wilson screaming while he neglects to mention his own VP email situation.

If Governor Corzine would have just released the emails originally, I can’t imagine it would have been near the issue it is today and that we would even be thinking about it with everything else that has gone on in the state.  

We are still talking about a 2006 contract negotiation as we near the end of 2008 and one of the principals involved no longer even holds her position.   I’m just saying.

Carl Katz email woes purpetuate appearance of conflict

It’s one thing for Carla Katz to intervene as a private citizen.  I heard she convinced the Executive Board of Local 1034 to finance this court action.  If that is the case the members should all call Local 1034, at 609-530-0060, and express their outrage.  If that is the case they should also contact each Executive Board member that agreed to fund intervention in the Tom Wilson lawsuit and share their feelings about their union dues being used in this manner.

The next election for officers and the Executive Board of Local 1034 is in the fall of 2008.  Lucky for Carla, her fellow officers and Board members it isn’t in the fall of 2007.  Plenty of time for damage control for a politico like Carla. 

The last time 1034 had an election, she and her slate were unopposed.  I doubt that will happen in 2008.  That might explain her stated intention to run for re-election when she was interviewed by gossip columnist Cindy Adams of the NY Post.  She must be getting nervous about her re-election chances.