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Memo to the DNC: Calm the f**k down.

Here’s the subject field of an email I got last night from the DNC:

Screen shot from DNC email

Inside was this gigantic poster-like image, which is – no kidding – too large to get all of it into a screenshot, even after shrinking my screen down as far as it goes. First of all, notice who doesn’t make their cut for Republican manly-manly men who wanna mess with Hillary – one Chris Christie. Now, the rest of the graphic – it’s lurking in your Inbox, too – informs you these guyz are gonna do whatever they can to make sure “a Democrat” isn’t the 45th President of the United States. But unless you’re dense, you know they don’t mean “a Democrat”, they mean her.

I get it. No other serious Dem contenders are in the game – yet. Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee – all just mulling. Just like HRC was about 48 hours ago. Ditto Biden. But given the giddiness, the veritable fainting couch moment the DNC is having right now for Hillary Clinton, does anybody really believe any other candidate will get this kind of hoopla? This kind of fanboy/girl wet-lipped anticipation?

The DNC chair, and staff – per DNC bylaws – are supposed to exercise impartiality and evenhandedness between presidential candidates & campaigns during the nominating process (Article 5, Section 4).

We may be too early in the process for Blue Jersey to formally suggest DNC is stacking the deck for Clinton, like NJDSC did in 2008. But it’s not too early to point out the danger of jumping the shark, before the shark even wins Iowa. DNC needs to settle down.

Ginormous poster-like DNC graphic, on jump page.

Oh, so THAT’s why Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC dissed Aimee Belgard to plump up Don Norcross

crying-donkeyNow I get it: Why House Majority PAC pulled a quarter-mil or so out from under Aimee Belgard’s competitive race, and forked it over to Don Norcross’ sure thing.

I’m watching 3 races closely; Bonnie Watson Coleman, whose gutsy detailed position statements signal progressive intent, and Roy Cho and Aimee Belgard, who work mighty hard for every vote. At the other end of the merit scale is Norcross, whose candidacy is less about his own work than the good fortune of being somebody’s brother. His campaign has been arranged, and the way smoothed. Nothing against him. I wish him well in Congress. But, come on.

Then, I opened the mass email sent this morning by Nancy Pelosi:

THREE separate polls show Aimee Belgard TIED with her Republican opponent it screams at me in boldface. Aimee’s race is a TOP priority for Democrats.

Let’s review: Pelosi essentially controls HMP, on which her chance of ever being Speaker again rides.  She just pulled about $250k from hardscrabbling Aimee Belgard, whose opponent is a non-local who writes campaign checks to himself in the millions. Then, she writes all of us, begging for money to lift Belgard.

Tear your hair out all you want, but The National Journal has the poop on the quid pro quo. Six donations came in last month from unions and businesses tied to the House of Norcross. They total $270k; IBEW $100k, the law firm repping George Norcross $50k, Carpenters $50k, 3 IBEW locals together $70k.

Carpenters did not even endorse Aimee Belgard in CD3. They endorsed self-financed GOP insurance exec from North Jersey Tom MacArthur.

So. Norcross gets his minions to write big checks to HMP. And they swung about a quarter mil – nearly dollar-for-dollar – away from a competitive race that actually would add to their “Majority.”. And the fact Pelosi’s PAC paid for the ad signals to the Dem universe inside the Beltway that Don Norcross is a Democratic priority, so act accordingly – or else.

Welcome to our world, District of Columbia.

Swarm this poll: Who needs a fundraising email from Gov. Martin O’Malley? We do.

I’m going to suggest you take a sec and tell Gov. Martin O’Malley to send a fundraising email for Barbara Buono. Read on. Or just do it now.

For a while I kept a count of how many emails I got from the DGA – the Democratic Governors Association – about GOP Virginia Gov candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who never met a uterus he didn’t think he could order around vs. emails about Chris Christie, whose crazy is considerably better harnessed. And far more dangerous, given that it’s Christie and not Cucinnelli who wants the White House and has people ready to write the fat checks to propel him there.

I gave up keeping count, and being annoyed that my emails to DGA went unanswered. I have enough stress. But now, here’s a thing. Now, they’re asking. Well, Gov. Martin O’Malley is. O’Malley, the hotshot Maryland governor who was sharply critical of Christie when he was DGA chair (he’s now Finance Chair) is circulating a poll asking which of 3 Gov races he should shoot out a fundraising email for.

The choices?

Virginia – for Terry McAuliffe, running against the aforementioned Cuccinelli, whose detractors call him “The Cooch” and he totally deserves that. Compares a woman’s right to choose to slavery, hates immigration reform, and didn’t want to sign a letter asking Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Maryland – O’Malley’s home state, where his LG Anthony Brown is looking to follow in O’Malley’s top-grade shoes.

And New Jersey, where Barbara Buono is running against Chris Christie. I know I don’t have to make the case to you why O’Malley’s fundraiser email should be for Buono. Screw Virginia. Screw Maryland. Not really.

Just Vote for New Jersey.

DFA’s #UnfriendChristie email

This week, Blue Jersey is helping to spearhead a coordinated message campaign – #UnfriendChristie- to let Mark Zuckerberg know we’re disappointed to see him raising money to re-elect the Governor. Read about it at BuzzFeed and also here, here and here.

Tonight, Democracy for America (DFA) jumped in with this excellent email that just went out to supporters across New Jersey and California – over Jeff Gardner’s signature (Jeff & I are two of the DFA leaders in NJ). DFA really nailed this. And tomorrow, DFA and Credo Action members in California will be outside that Christie fundraiser delivering petitions against Christie.  I’ll start the DFA’s here, and it finishes on the jump page:

A message from your local DFA Volunteer Organizer:


Tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, will be hosting a fundraiser at his Palo Alto home for his “friend” Chris Christie. We think Zuckerberg should know that Gov. Christie is no friend to the LGBT community in New Jersey. Because of his veto and his pressure on Republican colleagues in the legislature not to override it, he is singlehandedly blocking New Jersey from having marriage equality.

That is why we have started a DFA petition asking Zuckerberg to Unfriend Christie.

Governor Christie Changes Election Day Voting Procedures – Email & Fax Voting

This raises so many logistical questions …

Released today, from the Office of Gov. Chris Christie:

Christie Administration Announces E-Mail and Fax Voting Available to New Jerseyans Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Already Available to Military and Overseas Voters, State Opens Electronic Voting System to Make Voting More Accessible to Citizens Displaced by Hurricane Sandy and First Responders Assisting in Recovery Efforts

Trenton, NJ – The New Jersey Department of State has issued a directive today to county elections officials to permit New Jersey registered voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy to vote electronically. This directive also is intended to assist displaced first responders, whose tireless recovery efforts away from home has made voting a challenge.

“This has been an extraordinary storm that has created unthinkable destruction across our state and we know many people have questions about how and where to cast their vote in Tuesday’s election. To help alleviate pressure on polling places, we encourage voters to either use electronic voting or the extended hours at county offices to cast their vote,” said Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. “Despite the widespread damage Hurricane Sandy has caused, New Jersey is committed to working through the enormous obstacles before us to hold an open and transparent election befitting our state and the resiliency of its citizens.”

To vote electronically, displaced voters may submit a mail-in ballot application either by e-mail or fax to their county clerk. Once an application is approved, the clerk will electronically send a ballot to the voter by either fax or e-mail in accordance to the voter’s preference. Voters must return their electronic ballot – by fax or email – no later than November 6, 2012, at 8 p.m.

Voters can download a  mail-in ballot application for their county here. A list of county clerk websites, phone numbers and fax numbers are available here.

Separate directives issued today enable displaced voters and first responders to vote by provisional ballot at a polling place in a county other than the voter’s county of registration. The deadline for county clerks to receive mail-in ballots has been extended to November 19, 2012, for any ballot postmarked on or before November 5, 2012. Mail-in ballots post marked later than November 5 will not be accepted.

County elections officials have also been directed to print a sufficient number of provisional and emergency ballots to accommodate voters.

Voters are encouraged to take advantage of extended office hours at county elections offices to cast their vote early and in-person.  Registered voters can obtain and cast their ballot in-person at their county elections office up until 3 pm Tuesday.  County election offices are to remain open, at a minimum, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm throughout the weekend, until November 5.  Voters that have a mail-in ballot and choose to deliver their ballot to the county elections office in person must present their completed ballot to their county elections office no later than the close of polls on Tuesday.

Information is also available by calling 1-877-NJVOTER.