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Current National Popular Vote Whip Count


Sen. Dick Codey (D)
Sen. Joseph Coniglio (D)
Sen. Ray Lesniak (D)
Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D)
Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D)

Sen. Leonard Lance (R)


Asm. Joseph Cryan (D)

Asm. Bill Baroni (R)
Asm. Michael Carroll (R)
Asm. Joseph Pennacchio (R)

An interesting observation from Michael Patrick Carroll

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, via PoliticsNJ:

The President of the United States is the President of the United States, not the president of the people of the United States. The point is, the states mean something.

I get what you’re saying, Assemblyman, but I still disagree.

If it’s the will of the states that interests you more than that of the people, think about this: the majority of our states are overlooked under this broken system. Both parties’ resources and attention are heaped upon a dozen or so swing states. This is because candidates are seeking an Electoral College victory — not a victory of all fifty states (and even less so of the people, if that’s your interest).

So, it would be in the interest of all fifty states — not just the people — to sidestep the Electoral College with National Popular Vote legislation.