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Gannett to buy The Record

Media consolidation continues in New Jersey; looks like Gannett, the media conglomerate that owns USA Today as well as Asbury Park Press (APP) and several other newspapers across NJ, will buy up The Record. It has been a fiercely independent news outlet, and privately owned….
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Chris Christie Gets His War Hawk On

In this morning’s News Roundup we catch Chris Christie’s self-righteous outrage about this Daily News cover story, which he called “liberal” (oh no!), “reprehensible” and degrading to the “power of prayer,” accusing the Daily News of “trying to eliminate the Second…
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The Star-Ledger Editorial Board Continues To Make Stuff Up

Cross-posted from Jersey Jazzman. UPDATE: Trust me, you need to read what Bob Braun, who spent decades at the Star-Ledger, has to say about all this.

I don’t care if you are a news reporter or an opinion columnist: if you write for a newspaper, your first priority is getting your facts correct.

And yet, once again, the Star-Ledger’s editorial board just makes stuff up:

Especially in larger districts like Newark, which lose hundreds of students each year and therefore need fewer teachers, seniority is a major impediment to a school’s ability to hang on to the best people.

We see the repercussions every time a standout teacher gets a pink slip – like the “Teacher of the Year” for the Sacramento City Unified School District, or New Jersey’s own Christina Passwater, an award-winning literacy teacher at Whittier Elementary School in Camden. [emphasis mine]

Is it true? Was an award-winning teacher really let go by the Camden City Public Schools? When I first read this, it didn’t smell right; claims that seniority ends the careers of dedicated teachers quite often turn out to be exaggerated when you start looking at the facts.

So I did what Tom Moran, head of the S-L’s Editorial Board, should have done before he put this into print: I checked out the truth of the claim.

It took maybe a total of 15 minutes of my time. I emailed the offices of the NJEA (of which I am a member) and asked if they could find out if Passwater was still teaching in Camden. A few back-and-forths later, I learned the truth:

Christina Passwater is currently teaching in Camden, and is looking forward to teaching there again next year. The Star-Ledger editorial page got her story completely wrong.  

Star-Ledger’s stripped-down newsroom, saddest photo ever

We’ve had our differences with Star-Ledger editorial page editor Tom Moran. But this isn’t about that. We’ve sometimes excoriated the Ledger and sometimes lifted it up. It’s deserved both. But it’s not about that. We’ve bemoaned the celebritizing of politics, at the same time urging the jingle in your pocket should be spent on the live crinkle of the dead tree Ledger, as a statement of faith in the power of uncovering that it’s capable of. But this isn’t even about that, either. Damn it all, this is a sad photograph.

Posted by Moran on Facebook a little while ago and captioned:

Star-ledger newsroom, where pulitzers were won, being dismantled.

Star-Ledger Newsroom, Newark, dismantled