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#QOTD: NJ BOE President drops bombshell

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What could top an unprecedented number of people testifying at today’s NJ State Board of Ed meeting? What could top the number of parents who, on a brutally cold January day, pulled their kids out of school so they could accompany them? What could top the overwhelming call for the state to ditch-or at least greatly scale back-PARCC testing?


“We know we can’t force any kid to put their hands on a keyboard.”

QoTD: Democrats in the NJ Legislature

Quote of the Day to CWA’s Legislative & Political Director, Seth Hahn:

For those keeping score at home, the Democrats in the New Jersey legislature had a busy schedule before they went home for the holidays. They muscled through a bill to make it easier to privatize municipal water infrastructure with no public input and fewer regulatory oversights and then they added a provision to a bill that could make it easier for private companies to develop for-profit ventures at Liberty State Park, which overlooks the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. They did not, however, have time to pass a statewide earned sick days measure, and the State Senate couldn’t even find time to give that bill a committee hearing. Cue 2015, where we’re about to get a lot of campaign literature about how they’re all just fighting for the common man and standing up for working families. [emphasis mine]

Bonus QoTD: NJ As A Goodie Bag For The RGA

David Sirota continues to do fantastic work digging away at the conflicts and contributions between the Christie governmental apparatus and the Christie/RGA political arm fundraising efforts. For today’s latest piece about new conflicts, from his new piece, Chris Christie Raised Cash From New Jersey Contractors For Republican Governors Association, we get this Bonus QOTD:

But a conspicuous slice of this money has come from companies that have secured contracts from the Christie administration to perform work in New Jersey. Proponents of tighter campaign finance rules say this is no coincidence. In their telling, Christie is effectively using New Jersey as the goodie bag for companies willing to deliver funds to the association, or RGA, handing out taxpayer-financed state contracts as a reward for those who participate.

That’s your tax dollars at work financing the Christie political arm.

QoTD to Politico: Scott Garrett “among the potential losers”

Quote of the Day goes to Politico, in a piece posted today, Mysteries in the race for the House:

Republicans are also fretting they could fall victim to some upsets. Among the potential losers are New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett and Michigan Rep. Fred Upton, both of whom are accustomed to easy reelection wins in conservative districts. Upton, the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman, launched a late batch of TV ads, an indication that he’s taking his race seriously.

Is this race, close as it is and with so much energy flowing to and from Cho’s Ridgewood HQ, still an uphill climb? Yes, it absolutely is. Garrett is a 6-term incumbent. He’s been carried for years by the fact that his brand of do-nothing governance has been acceptable particularly to voters in CD5’s western territory, heart of NJ’s Tea Party. As the right fringe has taken control of the GOP, Garrett has become complacent. He has been for years. But this year, it’s cost him. Only one key newspaper – in crimson Sussex – endorsed Garrett. Every other – Star-Ledger, The Record, Express-Times, even The Jewish Standard – endorsed Cho, citing his energy and connection with voters against Garrett’s intransigence and dishonesty on Sandy. A retrograde culture warrior who wants to eliminate a woman’s right to choose and not enforce anti-gay hate crimes. Against that is Cho, a “smart and educated centrist,” as Star-Ledger calls him, with a “fresh look at government,” as The Record notes.

Garrett seems to know what’s up, because he’s been called out for ducking debates, perhaps unwilling to put his tired anti-gubmint routine up against the higher-energy Cho, who makes every effort to connect with CD5 voters. It just happened again today. Garrett declined a live video chat with the Ledger. But, working for every vote, Cho showed up.

Below the fold, Roy Cho takes questions in a live chat with statehouse reporters Matt Friedman and Brent Johnson. WATCH:

QoTD: “the only tidbit”

Quote of the Day goes to Matt Katz:

As New Jerseyans by the tens of thousands were hours away from the biggest climate change march in history – in NYC and around the world – Christie was – in your face, science – hobnobbing with GOP money bigshots convened by the Koch brothers who are firmly on the side of wrecking the environment for their almighty dollar.

The dinner was firmly off-limits to the press, so we don’t know much beyond the fact that Christie made food jokes to the party, and how much poundage he’s dropped.

We do know that Christie is capable of letting NJ policy be driven by what serves the Kochs and their ilk, who don’t open their wallets for candidates that put the interests of their states ahead of the interests of guys like the Kochs. Don’t need reporters in the room to know that much.  

QoTD: “An Unemployed Congressional District”

Quote of the Day goes to Bill Hughes, candidate for Congress in CD2 against Frank LoBiondo:

South Jersey is not a Democratic congressional district. South Jersey is not a Republican congressional district. South Jersey is an unemployed congressional district. Atlantic County was just placed last among 372 metropolitan areas in job gains and losses! It is obvious new leadership is needed.

The quote, via his Hughes for Congress Facebook page was responding to the disastrous economic news as area residents bleed casino jobs by the thousands. And it was a call to action for his campaign.

Quote Of The Day: Now that we’ve discussed our wish list…

Other than not paying the bills, the NJGOP doesn’t really seem to want to deal with our budget gap in any meaningful way. Senator Tom Kean went back to the good ole game plan of talking about opposing fees while his Governor proposes them, but in response we have to give the quote of the day to Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer who responded to their world of fantasy and make believe with this: [emphasis mine]

“I would join Sen. Kean in saying I’d like a budget that has no new taxes,” said Assembly Budget Chairman Gary Schaer (D., Passaic). “I’d even go so far as to say we have no income tax, and let’s rebate everyone 100 percent of their property tax. Now, after we’ve discussed our wish list, why don’t we speak about the serious business of the state government: How are you paying for the necessary programs that you want?

I admire the Budget Chairman’s hope that the NJGOP will join him in getting real, but they seem rather content to govern by talking point and straw man while our state gets downgraded instead of dealing with the serious issues we are facing.

Quote of the Day: a “fight for the soul of news gathering”

This morning, as the drama went down in Philadelphia – which made national news – we were both tracking the blow-by-blow via reporter tweets, and emailing/texting with friends of Blue Jersey’s in the Inky newsroom, where distrust of the Norcross ownership went deep among journalists and created a challenge to editorial independence and the ability of their newsroom to function well. I pointed out that Norcross made a killing on the papers, which I bet stung the flailing Star-Ledger and challenges the idea of Norcross as the “loser” today. This is how one of our friends at the Inky responded:

Yes Norcross won $27 million but we’re rid of him. This was a fight for the soul of news gathering in this region. Our editorial talked today talked about how we could not endorse in one of the NJ House races because of our conflict of interest with Norcross’s brother being a candidate. The Inquirer is the largest circulating paper in South Jersey and we couldn’t weigh in on an important House race involving the brother of a boss who was given the seat as if we are no longer living in a democracy. I am ashamed of that. Ignoring the news is just as bad as slanting it. So if $27 million bought these over-worked, highly-committed people here their freedom, it was worth it.

                         – one of our sources in the Inky newsroom, today

This was the editorial today our friend meant, in which the paper failed to take a public position in CD1, where South Jersey Dems under big bro George rushed to endorse little bro Don even as Rob Andrews was speaking the words of his resignation from Congress. But the paper had to ignore that that happened, at least up front. Because that’s the way it goes down there, and the same guy running the politics and owning the means of communication was always a potential problem. The paper’s problems aren’t over, but we’ve got some journalist friends celebrating tonight. Here’s to them.

Photo: New owners Katz & Lenfest talk to staff just after the sale, by Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Angelo Fichera via Twitter.


Quote of the Day comes from Rush Holt, writing at NJ350:

“In my office in West Windsor I display a small, glass-covered display box that a friend made and gave me. Inside is a doll-sized Albert Einstein, recognizable by his bushy moustache and the iconic fly-away white hair.  On the outside in all capital letters it reads: “BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.”  Everyone finds the curio amusing because all know Einstein has become the symbol for the universal wise man.  How did we come to view Einstein with such awe – as far more than an acclaimed physicist, even as someone who could solve any crisis, if only we would break the glass and set him free?


“If he were looking today, would Einstein move here?  Are we eagerly developing the new thinking that will take us into the future?  Some days I want to break the glass in the small display case in my office to see if Einstein’s attitude would flourish still in New Jersey and America.”

The above is just a snippet from a longer piece by Holt, about Albert Einstein and the claim on him by Princeton (in Holt’s CD12), and by New Jersey. For years, he was ours. What drew him here? Would New Jersey still draw him now? Read Holt on that.

Quote of the Day: Chris Christie, General Motors & “Internal Investigations”

Quote of the Day goes to Margaret Carlson, who writes of the “sign of futility” once you decide you’re going to employ lawyers to try and “pre-empt a raft of independent investigations.” Lawyers who work like that have no interest in getting to the bottom of anything, and plenty of interest in telling who hires them anything they want to hear.

Like General Motors just announced its probe into its own deadly ignition switches, while Congress has opened up an investigation of its own. We might as well call that Christieing, and it will probably carry just about as much credibility as our governor’s $1 million exercise in self-exoneration. But Christieing isn’t what I pulled from Carlson.

It’s this: “selfie-examination”. YES. Selfie-examination! Carlson:

Let’s look at the results of the governor’s selfie-investigation. It ended with a conclusion along these lines: “Christie Knew Nothing About George Washington Bridge Closures, Christie’s Lawyers Say.” The only thing to be learned from it is Christie’s strategy to bury his former aide, Bridget Anne Kelly, who is portrayed as unstable, dependent on men for her self-worth, and given to tears after having been spurned by the governor’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien. (This is reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s defense, which was to have his aides leak that Monica Lewinsky was a crazed and disappointed stalker-liar.)